Omar is the most popular character of the Wire

I’ve been running a poll on this site for a while now, asking the simple question – “Who’s your The Wire favourite?”.

At the moment nearly 2500 people have voted and here are the results
Omar gets a head with almost 40% of the votes (978 votes)
Second spot goes to Stringer with 9.7%
closely followed by Bodie (8.33%) and McNulty (8.05%).

What’s particularly interesting to me is that “the baddies” are by far more popular than any of the cop characters.

ps. I’m a bit dissapointed that one of my favourites – Bubbles – are even further down the poll at 5.65% of the votes.

Who’s your favourite the Wire character?


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The Wire makes topic at Law and Society Conference?

I stumbled upon an interesting blog post about law professors that argue that shows like the Wire are bringing the justice system out of the shadows. Apparently they organised a panel conversation on the topic, with the show’s creator, David Simon attending.

When a show can have this impact, it surely deserves the title of “greatest show ever made”.


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The Wire as a Comic Book?

The artist Dennis Culve has created som amazing illustrations of the Wire characters. Check out the full set on his flickr stream.

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Michael K. Williams of the Wire new Movie gets slagged off

While the Omar Little character in the Wire was a massive success that got actor Michael K. Williams a massive fan following, his latest movie isn’t as lucky.
Read the full review

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Idris Elba of the Wire take on Morgan Freeman role

British actor Idris Elba, famed for his brilliant role as drug Kingpin Stringer bell, is to play a psyhochologist in an upcoming movie – Cross. The Freeman connection is that Morgan Freeman played the titular role of dr Cross in two previous films of the murder mystery series.


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The Avon Barksdale Story out on DVD in March

Wow. I didn’t even know about this, but apparently there’s a movie  about druglord Avon Barksdale of the Wire. The movie will hit the stores in March. I’m not too sure about the quality of the movie though, have a look and share your thoughts.


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The Wire Unleashed in Aussie Land

The Aussies have got bitten by the Wire bug, badly. Season 1 has just started on Australian ABC2 and is getting some fans. You definitely need to check out the video review on the link below as the characters presenting the show is absolutely hilarious.

Thanks to our aussie friends of f* for the tip.


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