So this is it, the only Jimmy McNulty Fan Club. God damn. Shame on you!

McNulty aka dominic westA few minutes a go I did a google search for “McNulty Fan Club” and “The Wire Fan Club” and couldn’t find anything on the first pages that even resembled a fan page. Shit. How can this great show have such a poor f*cking following? I figured I am the chosen one to create this great and very unofficial f*cking fan club. So here goes:

In the honor of Jimmy McNulty I swear to only write posts whilst at least half drunk, generally pissed of about the world, and having a smuck grin on my face.

This will probably not be the greatest page on the net, but at least it will be the first one dedicated to Jimmy McNulty and the Wire.

BunkI’ll probably also mention Bunk a lot as he’s another cool f*cker. A great example is the the episode when McNulty had to get Bunk from a random woman’s house in the middle of the night, and Bunk was sitting in the bathroom firing up his clothes to destroy the evidence of is infidelity – that’s one great mind and great comedy!

What’s so great about McNulty is not that I agree with what he does, but that he’s a f*cking cave man. He doesn’t give a f*ck about norms and he does things you don’t really want a hero to do – he’s just f*cking human, for better and for worse.

ps. dedicated this post to the episode where McNulty and Bunk constantly said f*ck for 5 minutes whilst investigating a crime sceen – that’s great comedy 🙂 Can’t remember which episode though, but it was first season.



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2 responses to “So this is it, the only Jimmy McNulty Fan Club. God damn. Shame on you!

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  2. “The Wire” is one of the most underrated shows ever created. I am making my way through all five seasons for the second time. I’ve really grown to love McNulty. He is one of the best police characters I’ve seen on TV in a long time.

    Did you make the banner on your site? Very good stuff.

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