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Spoiler Warning Season 4! 

So, I’m there already. I’ve watched all four seasons of The Wire. So now what? What am I suppose to do until HBO has produced the next and final Season 5? I guess I could do a list of things i like and disslike with the show so far, so here goes:

Me like

  • The fact that the producers aren’t afraid of killing of popular characters, makes it unpredictable and authentic
  • The way previous minor characters are brought to the front row

Me don’t like

  • McNulty getting a life, he’s hardly to be seen in season 4 (although I’m sure he’ll come back in the last season)
  • They killed Bodie! (sorry for the spoiler, but I’m not the only one upset)
  • Chris & Snoop, psychopath killers


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  1. Lbrady3611

    Do you know when season 5 is set to be released?

  2. mcnulty

    My best guess is end of year/early 2008.

  3. Rob

    What’s not to like about Snoop? That first scene in season 4 in the hardware store is one of my favourites.

  4. mcnulty

    Well, being a psychopathic killer is not a good thing in my book. But otherwise, hey, snoop’s probably a real nice fellow

  5. Castor23

    yeah Snoop is quality

    “Damn! You didn’t even wait to get him the f*****g house!”

    haha, great line…

  6. Castor23

    Also, Mcnulty; Snoop is a chick…

  7. mcnulty

    Casto, yeah I realized that through a comment elsewhere. But she’s definitely got some big balls…

  8. Mike G

    No, no, no. the Wire’s main strength is the interplay between the characters and the fact that they are more than just a few simple character traits played out over the series (i.e. Sipowitz in NYPD Blue is moralistic; Pembleton in Homicide is the moralistic one; Mackey in The Shield is the risk-taking never-say-die bad cop with a good heart). All the characters in the Wire are good because they do not pretend to be on one side of the good/bad line. They do what they do because they can justify it to themselves. Avon, Stringer, Bodie sell drugs, but try and look after there own. McNulty goes over the head of the bosses in order to do the right thing; Omar robs the lowest of the low. They all do good and bad things, but not because they are inherently evil, but because they can find a justification for it. Its the circumstances they are in, the insitutions (street, politics, police, schools) which dictate how they operate, the interplay between the shows stars (both people and the insitutions) that make it the best TV programme ever made. I really hope that David Simon takes this type of programming on to another level. It is truly spectacular. And McNulty needed to be broken down in order to come back for the final season. Incidentally, the 2nd season is seen by many Wire fans as the poorest, but try and think about its relevance. spiros is back, and Major Crimes are put a major case on Stanfield’s crew. I predict that Nicky Sobotka will make a reappearance as a stellar witness, Chris will have a major problem with Avon and Weebey at Jessop after being convicted of vacant murders, prop Joe’s profiteering in the package Omar sold back to him at 20c on the $ (which Prop Joe told the co-op was 30c on the $) will cause him, Cheese and Slim Charles some prbolems; the ring that Michael has around his neck is also a sleeper. He took it from the cop who took it from Omar who took it from Marlow who took it from the shop keeper who blamed the murder of the delivery woman on Omar. Omar won’t be too happy about that and may come into contact with Michael through his stick up work. All in all, it all looks to be a great final season. Maybe Rawls will be outed as gay too. That has been sleeping since Season 3. Carcetti?!?! Hmmm. Don’t know what will happen with him. Trying to keep up with the writers on the Wire is just too damn difficult.

    Kepp it up guys. The Wire is sensational.

  9. Thanks for your comment Mike, very thorough
    I’m abolutely with you on this – the main strength of the show are the characters and how the play together, and that it’s not as black and white as we are usually served. I guess that’s also why I personally grew so found of the character mcnulty, that he has so many apparent flaws that i disslike (drink driving, infidelity), but still I really like him as he has so many good traits; it makes him human… for better or for worse.

  10. WMD

    I reckon I could actually cry at how good this show is. Just finished series 4 after watching from series 1 over the course of a month. Series 5 is gonna be amazing – although I really hope it’s not more of the same horrible shit for Bubbles. The show being what it is, however (i.e. ultra realistic), undoubtedly means that there isn’t really a way out for him. I’m in the UK – can you believe that it’s only shown on a crappy freeview channel that nobody EVER watches. It’s a scandal. Anyway, enjoy the 5th series, as I’m sure we all will.

    “I hear the WMD is the bomb.” – best line ever.

  11. Mike G

    WMD. I’m in the UK too. I first found The Wire whilst living in Shanghai. I was looking for some fake DVD’s to watch and after living there for 1 year, was fed up with films. Didn’t have any English language channels or anything.

    Anyway, I just bought the first two seasons (this was 2005) as they only cost $4 (£2.50) for each box set. The first season blew me away, but the second didn’t impress as much until I watched it again when returning to the UK. I am convinced that the 2nd season will come back to the fore in the final season.

    WMD. I also can’t understand why its only shown on FXUK. Channel 4/More 4 should definitely pick this up. It perfectly fits More 4’s intellectual profile. The Guardian has printed several articles about how good this programme is.

    I doubt I’ll ever see anything which comes close to this again. I’ve tried looking at other similarly acclaimed series. The Corner (HBO) was excellent, but even classics like OZ, Homicide don’t come close, while The Shield, NYPD Blue etc are poor in comparison.

    I just hope that the production team go on to make something else as good as this, though I doubt its possible to make anyhting better.

  12. Butch Stanford

    Damn, can you tell me one other series that have the depth of character developement that The Wire has?! They dont spend even 3 minutes on a character by his/herself. Instead, they utilize the hour to tell you a story and you get the feel for certain characters.

    The ambitions of characters like Herc want to be a sargeant, Daniels to Commisioner, Stringer to legitimate hustler, Ziggy to actually not be a fuck up. Everybody tries to grow in this series. Some make it, some dont(bodie) and some like Mcnulty, Avon, Zobotka just want to stay the same. Everybody does dirt, but everybody has a conscience like Omar, Prez to a degree, Carver too. And all throughout they have the best plot and best story on t.v. PERIOD.

    I can’t wait for season 4 to come out on dvd just as much as i cant wait for season 5 to come out.


    Omar doesnt make it. Too many deeds for his own good and he’s looking for salvation as it is so he’s too weak in the head to play hardball with the real fierce killers that are there now.. Marlo wont lose. Chris and Snoop will be locked up/ death row but the youngins of the crew will just step up with Michael being the new killer on the block. Prop Joe is gonna be running scared when Marlo finds out he’s been fuckin with the money. Remember? “30 on the dollar” i think. He bought it back for “20 on the dollar” i think. So he still made a profit.

    The awesome thing about this show is that things in the first season come back in the following. Remember bodie not knowing about pawns on the chestboard and Deangelo schooling him? Then in this past season 4 Mcnulty filling in the blank for Bodie when he says he’s the little shit on the chess board? Well look at season 2. Arguably the worst season right? Wrong, the seasons are even and intertwining. Season 2 was a set up. The greek is back in season 5 and so will be the docks.

    The wire has everything you’d ever want. Cops, Streets, Politics, Black, White, Rich, Poor, Blue-collared, White-collared. Love, hate, envy, jealousy, alcoholism, drug-abuse, community.

    Thats what its really all about. A community wasteland.

    haha, ok, im done sucking the wire’s dick but i gotta say, who’s your favorite character? If I’d have to say, its probably Kima cuz on the job, she comes correct 100% of the time. Off the job she’s having trouble with her ex-girlfriend/baby mama, (however you want to call their relationship)but she’s just an awesome chick.


  13. Bunk Fan

    There is an interview with Andre Royo on youtube where he gives away a major plot point in season 5


    The return of the Barksdales in season 5!!!

    I cant freaking wait ……….

  14. dEE LEE

    I’m so hyped about the new season. Bought me Season 1 and 3 on Ebay. The main reason why The Wire is so well made is because of the harsh reality. I live in Brooklyn and you come by my neighborhood, more or less, it’s pretty much the same except for the vacant houses. Just look at the projects in Queensbridge. Its crazy but that’s life for ya. I also believe the Barksdale’s will be back. Sucks Weebay’ll still be locked up. I think in the end, Michael will know right from wrong and wind up killing Marlo himself. As for Kevin, he’s gonna grow up real fast and be a hardass himself. Herc is gonna be pissed off at Bubbles and in the end, the cops are gonna prevail getting all the dealers, from marlo, to the greek, to prop joe, but still, like any other urban city, another dealer will rise. Also believe Omar and Barksdale’ll team up to make things in the streets right again. One with rules. One with morals and honor.

    In the HBO website, “David Simon said that season five will be about the media and consumers of media. The theme will be about “what stories get told and what don’t and why it is that things stay the same.” Journalism modeled after The Baltimore Sun will be a major focus. Profits and the decrease in the number of reporters will be an issue along with the end of aspiration for news quality.[2] In the same interview, Simon indicated that no theme seemed substantial enough to warrant a sixth season, except possibly the large influx of Hispanics and Central Americans into Baltimore. Simon said that no writer on the show spoke Spanish or had any intimate knowledge of the Baltimore Hispanic/Central American population, thus the field work would be too cumbersome.”

    It would be amazing to have a The Wire in New York….. Imagine that……..

  15. So you like the fact that they aren’t afraid to knock off popular characters but hate the fact that they knocked off Bodie? Sounds like a contradiction to me. ;x

    And yes, I’m dying for the next season too.

  16. lakair

    I luv this show i wish they would add an extra season or 2 after season 5 airs

  17. Michael

    I think this show is great, I’ve been a fan since the first episode I seen, I like how the creators portray the characters too. However season 5, is going to be based on the media more than the political points its been running through for the past two seasons. But its also going to get back to some season 1 & 2 ways. Setting the detail to work on Marlo Stanfield’s crew the way they worked on the Barksdale crew. And also Mcnulty is going to be in more episodes I heard. and one more question, is season on DVD yet???

  18. yaddamean

    how could you not like snoop or chris?? they gangsta

  19. Michael

    I agree with Butch Stanford on most of his points, but how could u say Frank Sobotka tried to remain the same? He was using the money made with The Greek to help out his own union. Remember when he sent the poor yuppies to the bar for “a shot, and a beer Delores”? I think season 2 was the best one yet, but hopefully season 5 tops it.

  20. DC BOY

    I want season 5 to incorporate more with The DC scene. I’m from DC and Baltimore is only 45 mins away. and alot of Dc people dont get along with Bmore cats. i havent realy seen to much of that so far except when bodie get sent to boys village in the first season(its realy like taht, Ive been there).

  21. Michael

    String also hired that guy from DC to take care of his problem with D’angelo in Jessup.

  22. Derek

    I hate that they killed Bodie. He’s my favorite character because he held it down from day one. How can you not like Chris and Snoop? They are nuts!!! Bring on season 5. I hate to see it end. My favorite show of all time.

  23. vicious

    snoop is a girl u clowns lol!!

  24. Butch Stanford

    Well like i said Michael, everybody does dirt but I dont think Sobotka was trying to get bigger. He was trying to stay the same. The docks were failing and with the new technology(remember that episode with that business offering to make the job “easier” and more organized?) jobs would be eliminated. I dont think Sobotka was looking at the technology in disgust because of it making it harder for shipments to dissapear. I think he was more disgusted that it would mean less jobs for his men. He loved his docks and his union and i dont think he would have made a deal with the devil( the greek) if he didnt have to. He was more trying to protect what he had by any means.

  25. big P

    i think what makes the wire great and different from other shows is the pure fact like youll wathc a show and the main character goes flat broke and then the next episode itll all be back to normal theres no sense that anything matters, but in the wire they draw from things that happend like 3 seasons ago. Like when they started to find out the dangelo wasnt a suicide, people who missed season 2 would have no clue wuts going on. Also like when bodie died , im sure all of us felt a huge connection to bodie and didint want him to die i loved him and altho i was upset it gives ther viewer a connecton and makes the viewer feel the harsh realities of steet life. I think season 5 will be a shocker, for those of you who saw season 3 know that if stringer didint rat out avon marlow would have went down right then they had him beat. I feel what marlow doesnt have is connections, avon has brother mouzone and others and altho marlow has number and ammunition i think avon is smarter and has better connections.

  26. lipstickavenger

    i think michael is gonne TAKE OVER this season..he’s gonna run shit.



  28. Michael

    I think in season 5, Marlo will try to steal Prop Joe’s connect with the greeks, just because of how they ended the 4th season. I also agree with those ppl who said Michael is going to take over. Especially since marlo gave Michael, Bodie’s corner. maybe that was symbolic to michael filling bodies shoes.

  29. no

    michaels a pussy avons taking over u dumb cunts

  30. Michael

    Avons taking over from his cell? Its gonna be hard without, Webay, Stinkum, Bird and Bodie, isnt it?

  31. no

    andre royo who playsbubbles on the show allright tipped off on you tube that avon comes back and in season 3 he didint have webay stinkum and bird. and bodie isnt muscle so it was no biggie. Plus avon knows brother mouzone the deadliest killer and if u watchred season 3 he tells me you alwasy have a line to new york.

  32. Michael

    Damn, I never seen the youtube video with Royo. I didnt mean bodie was muscle either, I just ment that it wouldnt be easy to fill his shoes. did it say anything else about season 5? Like who Avon was gonna be working with? or anything different?

  33. Paul Thomas

    The Wire best show ever, if anyone is interested that show “The Killing Point” has some great cameos by Bodie, Omar, Avons Sister, and that White Junkie kid that od’s.

  34. Mikey Z

    The complexity and depth of The Wire makes it probably the finest show HBO has ever produced. I have seen every episode since the very first and it almost brings me to tears hearing that season 5 will be the last. Born and raised in the Bronx and now raising a family in South Florida, I try to explain to my family how REAL the intensity of the Wire is !! I have known many Bodies and Weebay’s from back in the day and let me tell you, nothing on TV can compare. Watching Stringer fall was definitely a disappointment for me but it just shows the harsh reality of the street . I can only hope that the Barksdale crew takes out that punk bitch Marlo in a big way. He is a true example of the typical gangsta out there today. No code, no honor. Anyway, i’m sure we can all agree that Lester is the biggest PIMP on the show!!!

  35. Michael

    What station does “The killing point” come on? Ive also seen Bodie in an episode of “The Sopranos”. When Christophers friend hired outside help to jack a truck from another crew. Omar was also in an episode. He let Jackie Aprile Jr. crash at his house when he was hiding from Tonys guys. AND!! Lester isnt the biggest pimp, POOT’s the BIGGEST PIMP!! clearly. lol

  36. Jules

    By far, the best show ever.! Love it! Can’t wait for season 5. The Soprano’s doesn’t come close(and I am a Sopranafficionado)

  37. Jules

    I might actually do Wire Nights at a local lounge. That is how much I love this show.

  38. Ebay

    I just finished reading Everything Bad Is Good For You (2005, Riverhead Books available on and elsewhere) by Steven Johnson (Emergence, Mind Wide Open, Interface Culture). Really, what Johnson has to say (and I recommend this as a good read to all of you), is what matters is COMPLEXITY. Despite all the cynicism about contemporary culture, goes his theory, COMPLEXITY is becoming more and more a required characteristic to intertwine into all levels of media entertainment. He needs to watch the The Wire. He gets it almost right when he compares old school TV plot lines like Dragnet as unilinear to The Sopranos multiple concurrent overlapping stories. The only problem with Johnson’s idea is that The Wire makes The Sopranos a more obviously unbelievable depiction of multiple caricatures.

    The Wire, on the other hand, actually FEELS authentic. I used to live, for ten years, near the projects on lower Fillmore Street in San Francisco. All this stuff went down at my stoop, an unfortunate eddy pool in the fluid game on that block. The shit there rolled just a little downhill from the corner and stuck on my doorstop. Many nights, I (a chronic insomniac) witnessed, to my horror, the level of unchecked bullshit going on all night. In fact, any nook and cranny, any storefront, doorway, transom sill and tire well served as a stash spot for packages and fiends.

    I absolutely love the show because it makes sense of all that chaos. I now can sort of understand the humanity of it. The angles (like Deadwood) are always becoming more and more clear. This type of programming is so stimulating that we can all admit to our own healthy addiction to it…

  39. Ebay

    Oh, also, has anyone watched The Machinist? I am curious about the connections to The Wire.

    At least two of the character actors (DeAngelo and the assistant to Carcetti) are in it.

    Also, there is a similar high caliber of mystery and quality…

  40. brotha muzone

    I wonder if its going to come out that randy wagstaff and cheese wagstaff are related

  41. sethtb

    The best part of the show is that it is made in a way where no one is neither innocent nor guilty. The cops do dirt, and the criminals are breaking the law, but it’s the only thing they know. The criminals also do things like fund gyms for children and some try to become legit. The series is so good and so far ahead of it’s time that the pop culture doesn’t even touch it.

  42. sethtb

    I forgot to mention that lakair is write this series does not need to end anytime soon.

  43. I hadn’t thought of Muzone aiding Avon. I think Marlo should get offed in the first episode though. Maybe even the first scene. If he dies in the finale though…it should pan out from a close up to his body and fade to black, kinda like the opening scene in season 1.

  44. Lucienda

    they really should add an extra season it keeps on getting better and better

  45. Justice

    I like Avon’s character but if Avon is such a gangsta, why I never seen him bust a gun in one episode. He just had money to pay off people to do his dirt for him. Just like Marlo punk ass, He got Chris and Snoop killin everyone and their moma but the only time i saw him pick up a gun is when he killed the girl in season 3 for setting him up. I want to see Avon get out and kill Marlo his self. I want Omar dead atleast Chris and Snoop killing him because he last too many seasons already and quite frankly he cant kill anyone else cause of the promise he made with Bunk. And I want Chris and Snoop dumb asses locked up or dead too. I think Michael is going to shape up. He might straighten out after he gets too deep in the game and want to do right for his brother.

  46. antt

    did anyone “cheat” last season and download the leaked episodes? i know i did and was pissed that i did. i have finished the season by the time the real episode 5 came out. hopefully it wont get leaked this go round, but part of me wants it to.

  47. cornerboy

    While waiting for S5, check out “The Corner” which is based on David Simon’s book of the same name.

  48. Shyleen


  49. Bob Loblaw

    Season 5 is currently slated to air starting in January 2008.

    I heard that this morning directly from David Simon’s assistant when I was at the Wire’s “garage sale.” They were selling off all of the set pieces on the former soundstage in Maryland. They have finished shooting, and the episodes are in post-production now. There was a great article about the series wrap in the Washington Post a month or so ago, and an even better one about the actress who plays Snoop sometime during the last year, also in the Washington Post.

  50. THEY KILLED BODIE! What The Fucking Shieettt!
    I Was about to cry when they killed him. Why Bodie HUH!?!?!? Kill Marlo, Snoop, IDC!

    I Dont think ima watch the 5th season… Its about the media and eww. ='[
    Bodie Was the hardest fcking person on that show. =[

    Arg it fucking pisses me off!

  51. dw

    man when is the new season coming out and i cant wait to see who is gonna be the top dog because marlo has gotta fall off

  52. trademarc

    Season 5 will be killa. I believe all the predictions we come up with have been thought of by the writers of this show. Some will be accurate and also there will be some unexpected stuff. One thing that is inevitable is that a lot of key characters will get bodied.
    The wire definitely the No. 1 show HBO has ever created. The Sopranos a close second.

    Food for thought– Maybe they will be a “The wire” movie.

  53. Derms

    The Wire is the GOAT show ever. I will listen to arguments for about three other shows max, but there really is no contest. I have let numerous friends and acquaintances borrow Seasons 1 – 3, and ever time I tell them it will change their life. And not one of them has told me I lied to them about the show. Season Four needs to hurry up and come out on DVD. I am fienin’ like Bubs.

  54. Liam

    Wikipedia says that the 4th season will come out on DVD around December 8th. The Wire is the best show ever so fuck the emmy awards and fuck Hollywood for ignoring the show.

  55. Sheet Head

    In which episode did kima cheat?

  56. Rich

    Episode 3.12, cant remember if it was before or after they arrested Avon in the safehouse

  57. Rich

    Also, Season 4 is available for preorder from, will ship December 4, only $38.99

  58. SimonC

    There is a great invention in series 5.

  59. Come on S5

    A good Churchman is always up in everyones Shiiit, thats how we do.

    Class watched s1 – s4 in 3 weeks, most amazing show ive seen period.

  60. a1

    The Wire season 5 is finally approaching…’s a few things that I think could happen

    1)The Greeks are definately coming back. Marlo had the dude who killed boadie follow the greek after the meeting with prop joe and co-op.

    2)Everyone is forgetting that slim charles was Avons #1 soldier. If avon comes back who knows what could happen with that story I believe Avon could get offed quick cuz only prop joe deals with the greeks…for now

    3)omar is omar that dude gon get in some crazy shit cant even begin to think whats gonna happen with him

    4) obviously mike n dukie have their spot pumpin…but theres gonna be a good story line with michael and marlo….marlo downplays mike all of season 4 and michael is really only close with chris cuz of what he did for mike

    5)who gives a fuck about mcnulty dude is gay hes back with that whole click of cops he gonnna do some serious investigating….

    6)what about poot?….he ran from chris n snoop n boadie got clipped he’s gonna pop up somewhere

    7)randy….they really have only one way to go with this….a snitch is a snitch he aint joinin up with mike n dukie he either dead or they gonna follow his ass around group home to foster care etc…

    8)omars one weakness is butchy someone finds out he runs with omar who knows omar could get set up

    9)what happens to herc?….we never find out should be interesting

    10) Whats gonna happen with bubs?

    11)if this is truly the last season then all the bad guys gonna be caught or dead and its gonna fade out with them cops trying to find someone else meaning the war on drugs will never end just the charecters they follow around

  61. Butch Stanford

    Good point Brother Muzone. I didnt realize Cheese and Randy shared the last name of Wagstaff. Chances are however that they won’t link them even if they are related. Randy said he only had his foster mother. Besides, he’s a snitch and Cheese is a gangsta, he wouldn’t melt for a lil cousin in a city where everybody is related somehow. Randy and Cheese would have to be long lost brothers in the same room with someone saying RANDY’s last name out loud. Chances of that are slim.

    Season 4 dvd comes out the first week of December. Its the hottest season yet. I’m coppin that one that day.

    Season 5 airs January 6. Its a Sunday nite. I wont be missing it. I dont think it will be as hot as season 4 or as smart as season 2 & 3 but it will be a great finishing season.

    Sheet Head, Kima cheated the last episode of seaon 3 i think. Not to be too immature and college testosterone drivin but Kima and that girl…shiiiieet, that was some dope lez action.

    O, and Justice. Your a moron. Im guessing your about 13 years old? Why the hell would you expect Marlo and ESPECIALLY AVON to pick up a gun? They aint no gangsta? They did their time dummy. They even explain it in the episodes. Mcnulty even says it when they start the raids on Stringer and Avon. “Swat has all these guns drawn, these two probably havent touched a gun in years.”

    The leaders of these crews, justice, ran the streets when they were small. Now they are big and they can’t and dont want to be moved. They can’t move that much weight(keys upon keys) and that much money(millions) and know all about what goes on in their crew and streets(murders) and then kill a man and spend life in prison or a gas chamber. Avon, Marlo, Prop Joe, etc all they do is tell their right hand man what the deal is and everyone else handles it. Its chess not checkers nigga. Look at the government. Do you see the general marching with an A.K. in his hand? You know he’s the one in charge but he ain’t getting anywhere near the battlefield.

    In the streets, it aint much different. Less discipline if anything. Marlo shot that girl and Avon was with his crew to drop Marlo in that SUV. Remember? Chris swung by and blasted the window and dude sitting next to Avon in the back?

    They are still G’s but they are leaders . The head of the snake. Can’t be cut off or else the whole thing dies. But they arent disciplined which is every thugs downfall.

    I just wasted time writing this but its all good. No more dumb questions please

  62. Bunk

    It is coming back January 6th!!!!!!!!!

  63. Jules

    I think that Omar and Chris are going to have a showdown.

  64. Jules

    I too wanted to point out that THE SHIELD bites in comparison to The Wire.

  65. Jules

    I think Lester Freamon, and least I hope, will marry that stripper he was dating–or at least have some kind of a personal life.

  66. Jules

    Favourite character is Omar. Simply because he knows everything

  67. Jules

    Unlike other shows, The WIRE could convincingly have a spin off show that would work. Maybe move it to another city.

  68. Jules

    RANDY will come back strong and probably kill a helluva lotta people. He has a lot of hate in him from the fire and the police dropping him off in the boy’s home to get his ass beat on a daily basis. Plus, Randy was the smartest in that crew.

  69. Jules

    Melvin Williams, who plays the Deacon on The Wire was profiled on that BET show-American Gangster—he was a real gangster.

  70. Jules

    Season 5 Preview

  71. Jose

    THE WIRE is hands down, the best show EVER aired on television. REAL. Word.

    ‘Just discovered your site, and appreciate you plugging it and supporting it.

    Favorite character: Omar and Bubs, then McNulty…but all characters truly brilliant.
    My wife’s fav: McNulty.

  72. Butch Stanford

    Jules, I don’t have to but I will because I’m bored. You deserve a big, “calm down.” Randy coming back strong? Yeah right. Randy isn’t coming back to hard body anybody in the sense that you think.

    The dude is a low-self esteem, innocent raped, CHILD. If he were to kill anybody it would be himself and anybody in his way at school, Columbine style. The kid has nothing. No backing of any kind. And he was never the smartest in the group. Pissing in bags to ward off another gang? Goddamn BeBe kid. Dookie has smarts. Michael’s the one however with the brain(look at math class), the power and the ruthlessness to use both for whatever he wants. Namond’s the show-off, pussy boy dumbass. But Randy, he’s better off runing a toys-r -us in Orange County.

    None of those kids cept Michael is meant for the game. And frankly, with only 10 episodes remaining, they have no time to follow that up.

  73. bran

    How is the secong season weak, are you kidding?
    Al those characters, Sobotka, The Greek, Spiros, they were amazing. All of the seasons have been incredible. If I were to critisize for a second, The third season had some downfalls. Although episode 6 was one of the most incredible episodes ever, a few of the episodes were a little silly and cliched. For a moment I thought they had gotten new writers. but the season picked up again and ended on high note.

  74. Buch Stanford

    Yeah, I have to agree Bran. All the seasons are great. Hamsterdam in season 3 for me wasn’t too believable even though it did happen.

    Thats the thing though that makes The Wire so great and why Hamsterdam didn’t work for me. Everything in The Wire except Hamsterdam happens in EVERY city. Hamsterdam only happened in Baltimore. So unless your from there reminiscing about legalized drugs it doesn’t relate or connect.

    The Wire makes you drive through the city at night and think about everything that is going down right in front of your eyes that you can’t see. So I understand why Hamsterdam wasn’t the high point of the show but I understand that it happened in Baltimore and it is a very historic part of their modern history.

  75. Justice

    Fuck you Butch, it’s just “My” perspective on things, if u dont like it kiss my ass! P.S. Get a Life too instead of being The Wire pole rider!

  76. Mal

    Butch, regarding the Hamsterdam thing, obviously Amsterdam itself has done it, but I also know plenty of cities have their areas where shit goes on, the cops know, and everyone knows they know, but they let it pass for whatever reason. Ok, Hamsterdam was a bit more than that, but I didn’t find it too unbelievable.

    Personally I found season 4 a little harder to get into, purely because as they brought in all these new characters in the schoolkids, I was wanting to chase up the plots from season 3. It was only when they started to intertwine that I got more interested.

  77. Butch Stanford

    Justice, your perspective sucks. And you came back too so your turn to slide down the pole.

    Yeah Mal, shit happens everywhere but like in Amsterdam its legal. This in Baltimore wasn’t legal at all but an illegal operation set up by the cops that got completely out of hand. Nowhere in the U.S. had/has a situation comparable to Baltimore. So maybe not unbeleivable but a lil harder to digest?

    There was a lot more characters to know but thats how its been in each season. That first season you got to know D. D only made it through, what, half the second season? Then Stringer for 2 full. They work people in and out like crazy. This season will be the same with the media theme.

    dunno if anyone saw this but check out young omar and season 5 teasers.

  78. Justice

    I only came back to fuck with u Bitch Stanford and like I said before I dont care what you about say, ur still a pole rider!

  79. Bunk Fan

    I just watched the first 7 episodes of season 5 and I wanted to say that its everything we as fans of the show were hoping for! The new characters from the newsroom fit right into the show …. I just wish that they would have introduced them in earlier seasons.
    I wont give any spoilers away, but I will say that its right up there with the best episodes!!!

  80. Savino

    I will pay for the Season 5 DVD’s…Please name your price…

  81. Savino

    The Barksdale’s Takeover

    Roc Roc, Puddin, Perry, Gerard, Shamrock, Poot, Savino, Bird(wee-bey took the murder of Gant to free Bird), Slim Charles(possibly), and others that were incarcerated with 1-3’s from season 1-3…Oh yeah and Avon…

  82. Bunk Fan

    I only have the first seven episodes, but I’m afraid that I cant sell you the dvd’s.

  83. Bitch Stanford

    Haha, that was good. I’m going to use it^. But i gotta ask Justice, why am I a pole-rider? Cuz as far as I’m concerned everybody in here is, including you…this is a fan site remember…?

    Well, if your calling me the biggest pole-rider I glady accept seeing that the title doesn’t bother me. It’s a good show right? I personally can’t find anything wrong with it. Thats why I’m here. I applaud the show and share ideas with other people about it. You on the other hand are good at making up bullshit to complain about. Avon not busting a gun? Tell me you didnt think that one through please. Cuz if you did, I feel bad for everyone who tried to push you through school. Their attempts failed miserably. I guess you can’t teach common sense.


    The Wire Pole Rider,
    Fuckin around with Fools, Clowns and Justice’s since 2007

  84. Savino

    Well, what program are you apart of that gives you the opportunity to receive unreleased material…?

  85. Bunk Fan

    Savino, send me your email address

  86. Marlo

    I hate Herc, guy is just a liar all he does is bitch hes not a real police either just a bitch who dont do shit for anyone

  87. broker11212

    I just seen episode 51 and 52 the 5 season have been leaked in Harlem. So far more than just good. The media storyline fits right in. All i will say is that it looks like Micheal got more than he bargained for. Im gonna miss the Wire.

  88. You want it one way...

    Savino… Bunk Fan…

    when i read that Bunk Fan had the stash and Savino might be coppin… it was like hearing a “pandemic!” cyber holler…

    yeah yeah, i know it’s lame but it’s my first time posting so let’s just all get on with this mother fuckers… shall we?

    anyways.. i dont care about ruining my dinner cuz i grubbed on some candy… i need my fix…

    email is

    work with me y’all…

    btw the wire is fucking raw… with all this protesting and project demolition going on in N.O… i’m sure Simon’s new series might have some recurring themes as his previous work…

    fuck i’m babbling…

    yo.. before we get into season 5, what are y’alls favorite scenes so far… here go mine…

    1) the eighteen year old in the box with Colvin and the “chucky cheese faced mother fucker” who’d fuck the ass of the man shut whom harmed one of his sisters

    2) McNulty in the opening scene of the series talking about “snot boogie”

    3) Herc reading Marlo’s lips off the video feed and telling Sydnor not to “go all Freamon” on him

    4) Omar missing his hit on Barksdale AFTER he said “if you come at the king, you best not miss”

    5) Sydnor subpoenaing Davis… “the Sphinx Club?!”

    aight… in conclusion… everyone on here is fuckin as cool as Lester Smooth in my book… we all give props to this show in our own way… let’s not get all corner boyish when reading another’s perspective.. or let’s.. i dont give a fuck.. this is my first and only post…

    merry christmas and happy new yurrrrrrrrrp!

  89. Ace

    Yo any body got any shows of the wire 5? Email me at

  90. Marlo

    How could season 5 leak in Harlem, thats so ridiculous

    hook me up w/ some episodes

  91. Bug

    Please, if anyone has the re-up for season 5, email me at I’ve been itching for the last 2 months, I seriously can’t wait another minute. Please!!!!!

  92. C.Partlow

    Yo sumbody hook me up wit them wire season 5 episodes…….

  93. chuckie cheese mfer

    If you could i wouldnt makin takin a sneak peek

  94. Jay

    season 5 is released do bullshit, it just cant be downloaded anywhere but i watched it at my friend house on bootleg

  95. ddot

    please send me any leaked ep from the wire season 5

  96. ddot

    my email address is thank you

  97. JOE S.

    if anyone has new wire episodes please send them to me at
    thank you

  98. djtrey

    can I get some season 5 please

  99. djtrey

    can I get season 5 please

  100. Bug

    Yo, just saw the first episode last night on On-Demand. If anyone reading this still has it, I suggest you check it out or find some dude who does. As for the episode itself, thought it seemed really rushed and too “all over the map”, even for The Wire’s sake. Nice to see old faces (that look older), but just seems everything changed too fast. I wonder if HBO’s decision to cut this season from 13 to 10 episodes is really going to factor into the quality of the show .

  101. A woman obsessed with The Wire

    I saw the episode on demand today. As to not give anything away. Bug, I will agree with you but we have to remember the season starts a yr later. It’s almost like a flashback of the way the past yr has gone. Articles I have read have all said the srigs, cops, schools, politicians etc all tie in beautifully at the end. That is the problem people have today w/ true drama shows. Everybody watches too much reality tv and they want instant gratification. These next 10 weeks are going to be grueling waiting to see how it ends. My feeling is stuff is definitely going to go down between Prop Joe and Marlo. Marlo wants to rule baltimore. My opinion, they say the world could come to an end and all that would be left is cockroaches. Yeah, cockroaches and Omar.

  102. Gilbert Wham

    eps 1, 2, 5, 6 & 7 were on the Pirate Bay (and nowhere else) up until last night, but they all appear to have been pulled, as they’re not there anymore, and the uploader’s account seems to have disappeared as well…

  103. Jimmy

    Episodes 1, 2, 5, 6 & 7 all availabile on torrent sites (e.g. as of now. No sign of episodes 3 & 4 tho! Anyone have them?

    Watched 1 & 2 (strong!)

  104. Bug

    Woman, the more The Wire ‘takes its sweetass time’, the more I enjoy it. Don’t get me wrong, I think episode 1 was solid (like all the Wire’s premiere’s) but I’m talking more about the rest of the season moving at this same speed.

    Fortunately, episode 2 is more of that beauty we’re all accustomed to, with long shots, character focus and even a few silent scenes. If you haven’t seen it already, you’re in for a real treat.

    I’m still scratching my head over the last 5 minutes….

  105. A woman obsessed with The Wire

    Bug, don’t give anything away. On Demand has only put the first episode on. And b/c I watched it on On Demand I wasnt able to see a preview for the second episode. How did you already see the second episode. I loved the last scene at the end of the first episode. “the protocal son” haha that was a great line.

  106. A woman obsessed with The Wire

    To the two classyless men who referenced that I like to suck it, show some respect for women. My mother always told me to never put dirty things in my mouth. So either way that would leave you two out.

    I’m on here to talk about The Wire. If you have nothing of true intellect to discuss, don’t say anything at all. I know some of the words typed may have gone over your heads. Go on to look them up.

  107. You want it one way...

    woman, if you love the wire… then i love you…


    /ˈprɒdɪgəl/ Pronunciation Key – Show Spelled Pronunciation[prod-i-guhl] Pronunciation Key – Show IPA Pronunciation

    1. wastefully or recklessly extravagant: prodigal expenditure.
    2. giving or yielding profusely; lavish (usually fol. by of or with): prodigal of smiles; prodigal with money.
    3. lavishly abundant; profuse: nature’s prodigal resources.
    4. a person who spends, or has spent, his or her money or substance with wasteful extravagance; spendthrift.

  108. bcastle21

    anyone here know how to get eps 3 and 4 from season 5? can you send me an email of a link at least?

    thanks a bunch

  109. Bobby Lee Swagger

    Can someone send me any season 5 episodes. I can’t just watch an episode a sunday at a time!!!!! Thanx!!!!!

  110. Bobby Lee Swagger

    Can someone send me any season 5 episodes. I can’t just watch an episode a sunday at a time!!!!! Thanx!!!!!

  111. AC87

    My favorite Omar quote (SPOILERS FROM SEASON 5)

    [After Shooting Stanfield Soldier and taking Drug money]

    Omar: Money a little late today…[lights a cloth on fire in SUV’s Gas Tank]

    Omar: That buckshot in your leg should help you some when you explain yourself to Marlo.
    As for them other two, they going wish I peppered them with this.

    [Car explodes behind Omar]

    Omar: Now you make sure you tell ‘ol Marlo I burned the money, Cause it ain’t about that paper.
    It’s about me hurting his people, and messing with his world. You tell that boy, he ain’t
    man enough to come down to the street with Omar. You tell him that!

  112. bcastle21

    can someone please contact me about eps 3 and 4? at least where to d/l them?

  113. AC87

    Only episodes available to download are episodes 1,2,5,6,7. Stupid shit right.

  114. bcastle21

    yeah why no 3 and 4?…i refuse to skip ahead but having the eps 5,6,7 on my hd is killing me!

  115. Shatima e

    I need episode 3 & 4!!! Where is it?!?!!

  116. mobioevo

    Episodes 3 and 4 probably were not leaked. If you are still looking for the other leaked ones then go to Pirate Bay or another torrent site. It would be ridiculous to email an episode of the wire to someone. I refuse to skip ahead and watch the episodes that are leaked unless they are all leaked at the same time. I’m going to stop looking at anything to do with the wire online since so many people seem to want to spoil it for others. I had Season 4 spoiled by an article by Stephen King and I’m not about to let anyone else ruin the last season of my favorite show.

  117. Bodie4Life

    season 5 is missin bodie for real streets rnt the same w/o the hoodie and the spit still shook up about his death in season 4, kat was real and a soldier for sure

    episode 2 is gonna be the shit i could feel it, avon is back well at least by the way the preview went

  118. Wire Fan by SO 4

    Bodie had to die with Marlo on the rise; and he sealed his fate when he took an opposition to
    Marlo’s business practices. I hated to see him go as well, but we all know that’s what makes the Wire so intriguing. We never know when a characters is going…kind of like real life…
    On another note:
    It really took me some time, (and I had plenty of it) to get over the loss of my weekly Wire fix after SO4. For me it was like no football after the bowl. Apparently football fans really withdrawal. Now this year long cliffhanger is finally at an end and I’m in no rush to see it. I want never again to get that hooked on tv…

  119. Michael

    Where can I find the first 7 episodes of season 5 online?

  120. Maxibee

    Looking for episode 8, 9, 10, 11

    Help me out please

  121. SheenO

    can i watch em online anybody now any sites

  122. Michael

    R.I.P. Proposition Joe. Cheese is a backstabbing scumbag. Who was that guy that shit himself when Snoop and Chris turned him over to cheese? anyone recognize Johnny 50 swigging on the liquor underneath the bridge? Seems like they forced him and Avon back into the show. Cant complain though.

  123. rdelaney

    I don’t have hbo so haven’t seen any of season 5 yet, but I saw them filming late last year on my block (ya, my house is in a per-ty ruff hood. Looking forward to seeing my house in an episode. I’m new and stopped reading the blogs when people began writing what was going on in s5 – want to see all that on my own.
    I did read someone (can’t find it now) about hamsterdam being in a “historic” part of b-more. Hell, you wouldn’t believe what a shithole some parts are…there are blocks like what was depicted – blocked, boarded and bricked up buildings one next to another. It is sad. And if anyone was to have a hamsterdam, it’d be B-more. Looking forward to catching up all the amazing action and more great reading from this blog.

  124. tre


  125. Jack Bauer

    Is this the greatest f*****g TV series of all time or what?? I don’t think I could possibly add anything to what has already been mentioned above. I don’t think we will see the likes of such epic scale drama again in our lifetimes.

    Its a tragedy that the series has not played on mainstream TV in the UK. Who the f***k decides on the scheduling at the mainstream channels? They should be shot in the balls.

  126. D'Angelo - Jus' sayin'

    Just saw 8/12 as the season 5 release. Hot damn!

    Grew up in and around B’more.

    The show is the shit, yo!

    Damn shame it’s finished.

  127. JW86

    random question here..anyone know the song playin background in season 1 ep13 the finale when bodie is on the phone and looks up at the towers?? its a long shot but its really been buggin me.

  128. Michael

    Id like to say R.I.P to this website, I havent been on in about 9 months, but it seems pretty much finished. It’s a shame too, because I dont have to many friends who watched the series like I did, an I liked talking about and reading other peoples opinions of it. so if anyone would like to contact me Im at…

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