Chris and Snoop, Bodie or McNulty – Who’s the coolest mother f*cker of the Wire?

So, from the comments in my previous post and surfing around the great old web, I’ve learnt that a lot of people really like the characters Chris and Snoop. It sort of shocked me as they are in my opinion just bad people. Their fun comments would have made them more appealing in a standard Hollywood production like Bad Boys, or whatever, but in a show such as the Wire they still come out like real fuck-ups that should be jailed for life. Any how, It made me think about who’s the most popular character in the wire.

My list:

  1. McNulty, beacuse he’s an original hero with a lot of shit on his hands but still has a good heart.
  2. Bunk, because he’s a great police (you have to pronounce that Baltimore style), and likes another shot straight after throwing up
  3. Bubbles, living the hard life with great style and being a true entrepreneur
  4. Bodie, one cool dude that didn’t bend for no one
  5. Omar, although a murderous soul he does have a code to only kill people in the game…
  6. Stringer, thought he was a really cool dude in the first two seasons, wanting to take the game to a whole new level of organisation – profit over honor and such.. Although I think he lost it at the end
  7. Kima, although liked her better in the first 3 seasons

And for the bottom scrap, there’s Chris and Snoop. Just check out this video collage.



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52 responses to “Chris and Snoop, Bodie or McNulty – Who’s the coolest mother f*cker of the Wire?

  1. Joe

    How are you gonna have a best character list and leave Stringer off of it. That is just stupid

  2. Damn, I actually ment Stringer Bell but wrote Avon.. Never was a fan of Avon. Stringer it is!

  3. My favorite not on this list is Lester – everytime I see him sanding one of his mini furniture pieces, it kills me…

  4. Stringer is the coolest, but McNulty is a close second.

  5. Never liked Stringer – his presence made the show quality, but I always detested his character. The union between Omar and Brother Moves On was my favorite part of the 4 seasons. Stringer thought he was untouchable, but his own hubris killed him.

    If I’m voting for coolest, I vote for Omar and Brother Moves On among the bad guys, and Jimmy and Col. Daniels among the good guys. Jimmy using his kids to tail Stringer at the market is also one of my favorite scenes.

  6. Sheriff
    Don’t want to be an ass, but assume you mean “Brother Mouzone”?


    Damn, it’s a it’s a joke, yo, don’t you get it? 🙂

  8. DP

    How can anyone Not have Omar at the top of the list.

    “You must have me confused with a man who repeats himself”(to marlo, with 2 guns to his head)



  10. Im Not Her


  11. Marlo's "Lady" Stanfield

    How the hell did my man Marlo didn’t make the top 10 let alone the #1 spot? Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit, Marlo kill all of dem muthfukers! Marlo is the top gun! You hear!

    Lady Stanfield

  12. sethtb

    I can’t decide between my top two characters, Bunk and Omar. My favorite momoents in the series are we they’re interacting (especially the scene where Bunk tells Omar off.) Omar is also very complex. Who’s ever heard of the most feared man in town being gay and refuses to swear.

  13. bobbarr

    Omar, hands down. Every scene he’s in is at a higher level. Haven’t seen Prezbo mentioned, but he’s been steady every season and was awesome in season 4. The dynamic between Herc and Carver is great as well.

  14. mikey182

    Omar. Indeed.

  15. Cadaverous Motherfu&*er

    If we’re talking coolest, then Bunk has to be number one, in my humble opinion. However, I can’t believe that no one’s mentioned Prop Joe! That guy has some of the coolest lines. . .

  16. omar ali khan

    Omar, Prop Joe, Brother Mouzone and Omar’s chicks………

    they are a bit special wouldn’t you say?

  17. antt

    my favorite of all time in no particular order…….


    a list wont do it cuz i like em all.

  18. kue

    Yo how my boi Weebay ain’t mention at all and what about Cutty.

  19. makeda

    i liked bodie the most thats mostly cuz he looks like my best friend thats wut actually got me into the show in the first place but i really do tink chris and snoop r the best they r just so gangsta even though they killed bodie. ironic right?

  20. harline

    I truly love “The Wire” – especially Avon, McNulty, D’Angelo and Stringer. I don’t get HBO, so I’m just catching up with the videos. I’m still on season 3 and lovin’ it. I feel that I should go back and rewatch all the episodes to get a better handle on who’s who. Where can I buy some “wire” merchandise like sweatshirt, coffee cup, silly stuff like that?

  21. marc

    Don’t give a shit mofos: McNulty, Bodie, Snoop. They’re ready to throw down whenever, and buck all the time.

    Most disciplined: Omar, Brother Mouzone

    Wisest: Lester, Prop Joe

  22. Trevor

    You don’t have to think Snoop and Chris are good people to love their characters. Seriously, two of my favorite characters on the show. Bodie was my favorite, but then they went and killed him off.

  23. michael_sp

    forreal, i dont know how people dont like chris and snoop. snoops probabaly 1 of my favorite characters on the show. to say that you dont like these characters because they are bad people, i mean, most of the characters on the show could be judged as bad people. look at what weebay did to omars boyfriend in the 1st season (wallace feels guilty). And look at what bodie and pook did to wallace, that was their boy. the point i am trying to make is, the wire is full of characters who do what is right in their eyes, what they were taught to do to survive. plus how could you not like snoop, shes gangsta as shit.
    “Damn….. you aitn even wait ta getem in the house”. haha i love dat bitch

  24. >> Michael_sp

    know what you’re saying, but i just thought chris and snoop were a bit freaky. Sure, mcnulty and the gang is also no role models, but they just don’t freak me out.

  25. The Union

    It is incredibly difficult for me to pick a “favorite” character. One of the components that make The Wire a form of shear artistry (among many other components) is the way the show takes time to unravel each characters humanality. It delves into the good and the bad of each character, without judging their overall moral character, just as life goes.

    Did we hate Herk and Carver when they pocketed the money in the stash house in Season 1? Did we hate Kima when she slept with the woman she met in the bar in Season 3? Did we hate Bunk when he went home with the woman, and later attempted to burn his close in her bathroom in Season 1? Did we hate McNulty on the countless occasions of alcoholism and infidelity?

    In the same respect, did we not feel a level of compassion and respect for Frank Sobotka in Season 2, who was taking drug money and using it to attempt to reverse the decline of work for his union membership? Do we not have some level of respect for Omar’s “code”, which dictates that he never turn his gun on a “civilian” not in the game? Did we not all feel a level of heartbreak when DeAngelo’s mother convinced him that it was not in his best interest to “be free” and start over?

    This moral ambiguity is what makes this show real. All of us have moments of greatness when our peers look up to us, whether it be professionally, personally, or academically. For an addict on the corner in West Baltimore, that moment of greatness could be the day they kick the habit and get a minimum wage job. On the reverse end, it could be when a homicide detective, who professionally is on top of the world, realizes his alcholosim is destroying his personal life, and kicks that habit.

    The point is, that The Wire is a fantastic piece of art because it speaks to humanity in a way that no other drama does. None of us are angels, and all of us have done something or somethings that we are not proud of. However, the ebbs and flows of this drama show that we should not be judged as “good” or “evil” based on one event, or a few events, that may occur in our lifes. Quite the oppossite, our moral character must be judged in the context of all the events and intentions that occur over a lifetime, and that judgment must be flexible depending on the situations we were born into.

    In that light, I think the characters of Chris and Snoop have yet to be fully developed, and it may be premature to judge them as “freaky”. Although I can’t pick out an event that shows this level of moral ambiguity for Snoop off the top of my head, I can point to one for Chris. The quote used in michael_sp’s post, “Damn….. you aitn even wait ta getem in the house”, is that exact event. Remember, this was when Chris killed Michael’s stepfather for him, and stepped out of his normally cold and calculating MO when he performed this murder. He lost control, and mercilessly beat this man to death. This event spoke to prior abuse from his own father, and a childhood (much like Michael’s) that led to his sociopathic behavior.

    Not saying that this excuses his behavior, however, it does speak to the moral ambiguity of his character. I think Season 5 may expound upon this character, and possibly Snoop. Remember, Weebay is a stone cold killer, but when it came down to making the best decision for his son, her came through.

  26. Ako Banton

    1 Stringer Bell. Calculating and sacrificing. Treating business like business.

    2 Marlo Stanfield. Young and deceptive, a perfect machiavellist.

    3 Weebay. Just for taking his million year sentence eating a sandwich.

  27. Cimino

    Wee-Bay is my favorite of all-time. 2 scenes sum it up for me. The first is when he takes all the murder raps. He takes on an additional 7 if he can get a second sandwich with extra horseradish sauce..classic.

    2nd is when D’ find a dead girl laying in a bed after a coke fueled party. Wee response? “Knicks fucked up the draft again.” as he watches a recap of the NBA draft unphased by D’s announcement. Just priceless. Wee then tells D’ to roll her up in some carpet and dispose of her.

    Wee is cold-blooded, straight gangster and unintentionally funny as shit.

  28. Jeremy C

    he’s not my favorite character but I think Landsman is at least worth mentioning as a great personality from the show, also loved Nikko from season 2. Omar is number one is my book though – “Oh, Barksdale got to go!!!”

    Also, I hate him but had to mention Clay Davis – “Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit!”

  29. kinanice

    Marlo. I think Jamie Hector is outstanding. He puts a lot of work into his character. From the way the guy walks, dresses, eats, thinks…..every move is calculated so as to look effortless.

    Nothing he does is by accident. I never saw an actor get more done with less words than Mr. Hector. Besides, Marlo is just a bad dude.
    Loves it.


  30. Free Wee-bey

    Then Stringer and Wee-bey (but I must admit I may be biased in that I also find Stringer and Weebey to be fine as hell, lol)…

    Side note: If attractiveness was the purpose of the list I’d have to add Slim Charles too (smile).

    In spirit of Jeremy C’s mention of Clay Davis and “Sheeeeiiiiittt” I would however, like to highlight my all time favorite quote of the wire, which, actually was said by Poot. I still LOL when I think about Stringer using Robert’s Rules of Order and Poot’s response was classic:

    “Does the Chair recognize we ’bout to look like some b%tches” — Poot (Season 3)

    Randy’s call-out to Carver the second to last episode of Season Four is up there too. It still brings tears to my eyes…

    Any other favorites?

  31. Free Wee-bey

    Also, as crazy as it sounds, I too have trouble getting behind Marlo, Chris, and Snoop as they seem to take callousness to a whole other level. In the words of Bunk and Omar “a man has to have a code” and honestly, there characters don’t seem to have one at all.

    I hope my feelings about them are proven wrong in Season 5, as suggested by the Union, but, until then, it’s hard for any of them to rank but so high on my list.

  32. I feel you guys on Wee-bey that scene when he’s taking the charges while eating his sandwhich was classic but i have to say the scene where Omar takes the stand to testify aginist Bird in Season 2 episode 5–A season I always thought was genius– was not only hilarious but another classic Wire moment.

    ” I rips and rob drug dealers..”

    “I got the gun you got the briefcase”

    f-ing classic!! A really great scene.

  33. My List in no real order..

    3.Avon–I loved that scene in season one when he’s playin ball w/ the guys and he’s explainin how he want the crew to come after Omar and his crew. the part where he’s like “. . when they kill a deer or something” the way he says deer is f-ing hilarious..
    4. Bodie
    5. Rauls–he had a lot of crazy funny lines too
    6. Bunk

  34. The Wire’s the GREATEST show in HBO history. I’m truly sad this one’s ending.

  35. The Wire’s the GREATEST show in HBO history thus far. I’m truly sad this one’s ending.

  36. Method Man is also holding it down. He was pretty funny in season 2. especially that scene where he torches Ziggy’s car.

    Im really shocked to see so many people say season 2 was their least favorite. It’s always been within my top 3. The way they tied in the characters and the storyline from season 1 was just genius. The acting was great also.

  37. Tavia

    I think SNOOP is so wonderful her role fits her the best!!!!!! I think she is so sexxy.Keep up the good work baby!!!!!

  38. BLOVE

    I would have to say Daniels for the good guys. Calm level headed, smart and a real politician as a cop. Only cop who can see the good in Mcnulty and give him a chance. If it wasn’t for Daniels Mcnulty would still be on that boat remeber.

    As for the gangsters I like Chris, Marlos Enforcer. The way he carries himself on the show just makes me think he is just too hard. He shows no remorse to his victims. I mean he killed Mikes drunk abusive step father by beating him with his bare hands. Also he doesn’t like people to beg for there lives just take it like a man he says.

  39. Ayo

    MARLO….without a doubt, Marlo Stanfield…. Omar at a close second

  40. Ana

    hi, definitely Stringer Bell. I love this guy. After him, very close, Mcnulty and Omar. Regards from Spain.

  41. Danny

    Omar made the series in my opinion. Bell was a pivotal character too, he was a snake, but I respected the way he went about business. My least favourite was McNulty. He never really got anywhere unless he was getting help from others. All he pretty much did was get wasted and root random chicks he met at diners. He talked a lot of shit but never backed it up in his police work. He annoyed me sometimes in the show with his attitude and the way he took credit for other peoples’ work.

  42. kimbly9

    these r are my favs in order an why…
    1chris: the best general in any army on any block. smart an .
    2snoop: straight up not carin type renegade and when she died she died like a g.
    3wee-bay, 4bodie, and 5slim: they was just hard core soldiers they was always ready to bust on whoever
    6stringer bell: the master planner. this dude was just diabolical…
    7micheal:this kid didnt choose the game it chose him a natral killer/drug dealer
    8donut: THE FUNNIEST KID ON THE WIRE. he was like the shortest of all the little dudes but he would always roll by at a random ass time in the show with ANOTHER new car he just stole, smile, an just drive off and everybody around the block knew him
    9omar: he was tight cus he was a stick up guy everybody either feared him or wanted his head an he just didnt care
    10namond: i felt sorry for namond because he was raised to believe that he had to be a murderous drug dealer like his father(wee-bay) was and he really tried even tho he knew it wasnt in him but he was shunned by his mom. i just know people like him. he was pretty funny tho…

  43. Clint

    Bodie The True Soldier He Always stood tall

  44. zq07

    the list should go as follows
    1. Omar
    2.Weebay/ Bodie

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