Bodie – The Realest G to Run a Corner

Spoiler Warning Season 4!

Bodie Broadus of Barksdale’s crew has a firm following of fans. As a member of facebook, I recently joined the group Murdaland: forever home of Bodie Broadus, the realest G to run a corner. As of writing the group has attracted 321 members. So if you’re a Bodie fan, join in.

About the group:
From a loyal member of the Barksdale crew to an independent running his own corner, Bodie was a real G. He followed orders from above like a true soldier and never backed down even when he knew the hit was coming.

This group is here to represent the realest character on The Wire: the realest show on TV, not just HBO.

And below’s a clip of his last chat with mcnulty, and ultimate fight for his corner with Chris and Snoop, and fatal shot by O-Dog (no, it wasn’t Mike)

And this is a clip from the moment from the season 1 when he and Poot had to kill Wallace, one of his own, for snitching.



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7 responses to “Bodie – The Realest G to Run a Corner

  1. Jackie

    Do you think that Wallace was Bodie’s first kill? If so, Stringer does not have the same ethic as Chris, who advises Marlo not to have Michael kill Bodie–since it’s not a good idea to have his “first” be someone he knows. What do you think?

  2. stringer Fred

    I do not remember the episode where Chris mentions that Michael should not take care of Bodie…I really thought it was Mickael…

  3. Pickle

    ah but wallace wasn’t a snitch in the end. so i wouldn’t praise bodie on that one

  4. weezy

    bodie died with his finger on tha trigger

  5. Well,

    Bodie was 16 at the time, and at the point of the series he was never above being the #2 for a crew. And assuming since all the known muscle of the Stanfield Organization weren’t teenagers, I would believe that Wallace was his first kill.

    As for Partlow’s “ethics”, his saying a hitter’s first shouldn’t be someone he knows, I firmly believe that he says this only considering the success of the hit. For some, the more you know the person, the harder it is for the person to be a target. Thus, I think Chris was just making sure the job got done and nothing else.

    And for Wallace, that hit was a justified hit, because Wallace was going to snitch. In a day or less, the police was going to take him to the Grand Jury and that’d be it. Sure, he decided to go back to work, but as a mindful and aware boss, Stringer Bell did what he had to do to protect the organization (or rather himself).

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