The Secrets of The Wire Season 5 – Dirty Money and Private Eyes?!

Carcetti Getting Dirty?!While I’m eagerly awaiting the next and final season 5 of the Wire, I don’t really want to know beforehand about any plot twists. But on the other hand, it’s still very tempting to read all the gossip floating around the web on this topic. So, if you don’t want to risk getting the future plot spoiled, you might wanna stop reading here…

According to Japadamus, below are the main plot events for the Wire season 5:

Avon Barksdale gets out of prison and retakes the throne. A turf war ensues between Marlo and Avon.
Dukie becomes “hard” like Bodie and ends up getting killed by a stick up boy.
Omar is killed by Michael.
McNaulty is kicked out the police department. He becomes a private detective.
Prop Joe gets killed by Marlo.
Carcetti gets dirty from campaign money. He stops his reforms.

Believable? I would say just as much as anything else on the net, but the plot sounds pretty interesting. The post author says he got this info from a well informed the wire devotee, but I guess we won’t know for sure until next year…

What do you think? Will Avon be the king again? Will McNulty get the sack and become a private eye? Please share your thoughts.



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67 responses to “The Secrets of The Wire Season 5 – Dirty Money and Private Eyes?!

  1. G

    Sounds plausible, but I hope to God Michael does not kill Omar, and I hope Avon kills Marlo finally. I also do not see McNulty getting kicked out of the police department. He’s done some crazy shit to piss people off before and still he remained, what more could he possibly do?

  2. Hadgu^2

    Yeah, those events seem likely, just not all of them together. Omar did comment that Michael was just some kid when he was doing surveillance on Marlo & crew (that’s how that gunslinger died in “The Wild Bunch”). Avon v Marlo again? Doubt it. I think Major Crimes takes down Marlo’s crew cuz the dept. is gonna give them everything they need to make the murders go away. The schools are gonna get hit REAL hard by Carcetti. McNulty fired? Probably at the request of the same Mayor who bailed out on the schools. Naimond will do good. Maybe Prez will do something for Dukie. Randy and Michael are finished. Sad to see. Not even a 40 degree day.


  3. jbeeze

    randy is cheese’s son!

  4. Yuri Zanow

    I read that recently that Wood Harris (the guy who plays Avon) was back in Baltimore for a single day of shooting, which would be his only work on season five. That is way too little if he is going to be a major character.

    I think the emphasis is going to return to the Greeks for a couple of reasons. One is a Baltimore Sun article about the person who does the costumes. It mentioned that she was buying linen suits for a mysterious character, which pretty much fits the Greek himself to a T. Secondly, I’ve read and heard from friends of mine who live down there that they’ve been shooting in Highlandtown a lot, which is the Greek section of Baltimore.
    The story so far has had two seasons each for Avon and Marlo’s crews. I wouldn’t be surprised if Marlo wraps up quickly (Freemon found the bodies after all) and the final season puts the focus on the Greeks again.

  5. Mike G

    The relevance of the 2nd season is still unclear. However, if you look at how the 4th season ended, its clear that the Greeks are back as suppliers to the Co-op. I strongly feel that the second season will reveal its pertinence in Season 5 with the following as possibilities: Marlo Stanfield is now in direct contact with Vondas, who is known to the MAjor Crimes Squad; Major Crimes are putting a huge case together on Chris & Snoop for the vacant murders, and also on Marlo Stanfield; this could lead Major Crimes back onto The Greeks; Nicky Sobotka is under Federal protection and is keen to give evidence against The Greeks; Chris will almost inevitably end up in Jessop, where he will come into contact with Barksdale, Weebey, Poot etc; The ring which Michael now owns has been doing the rounds (Marlo, Omar, Policeman, Michael Lee) and is bound to come back to Omar’s hands through his stick up games.

    Could go on all night specualting and haven’t even got onto the political angle yet. Also will be interesting to see the press in this new season. Apparently Clark Johnson will play a role (Meldrick Lewis form Homicide) at The Baltimore Sun. Will be good to see him again.

    apparently The Wire was conceived as a 5 season 60+ hour teleplay, so expect everything to be wrapped up neatly (although Simon and Burns will definitely leave a bitter taste for fans). I doubt McNulty will end up satisfied. Would like to see Sydnor have a greater role this time round.

    I just love The Wire so much. But it has ruined my relatiosnhip with my TV. Everything else just seems total and utter bull**** now.

  6. Steve A

    The reason for Wood Harris to be in Baltimore just for a short period of time could be that he had a “major” roll in the b-movie 4-life ( ).

    So there´s still a chance that Aon will be a major player in season 5.

  7. Roli

    Does anyone have a date that the fifth season will air???

  8. Mark

    I don’t buy into the fact that Avon will even be mentioned in season 5 – with all the current character story lines from season 4 along with the new characters (most likely journalists and people who work for the Baltimore sun) I just don’t see how there is room. Also, I think that when Bodie is killed it is a direct indication that Avon’s crew is done, he was the last remaining soldier-it’s a very realistic take on the nature of street/drug gangs: one crew has its moment to rule- but inevitably they are all either killed or put in prison, then comes the next crew, then the next, and so on…..and plus I also am pretty sure that Avon got a longer sentence this time – they mention conspiracy to commit murder when he is arrested in season 3-that’s all

  9. Shugg-Westend Tdot

    its clearly obvious that dukie will work for micheal and randy is going to turn hard..he doesn’t seem afraid; he threw the first punch when he was bout to get rushed at the group home..i wanna see what happens with micheal and seems they are going to have a confrontation all because of the ring.. nay is jus or not if mcnaulty becomes a private eye or not it just seems like he is going to crack the case…jus because this is the last season and the two last major cases which he was bout to crack some’in went wrong at the end; stringer bell dies and bodie dies as it jus seems like he is gonna crack the case unless sum’one kills marlo. then there wouldn’t be no point of the case. i wanna know what nays mom does since her son became a bitch now…i’m glad they didn’t make prez show his real emotions to dukie…that nigga creeps me out…bring back more lesbian scenes…fuck the government…thats what they be really doing…wha did that big thing zenobia say on season 4 epi.6 “we got our thing, but its just part of the big thing.”…shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit senator clay davis where u at..

    hey on season 4 epi.9 at the end when when micheal is coming to meet marlo…is it lloyd banks the guy who walks him in…toy soldier
    peace signing out shugg-westend tdot representa

  10. well i love the wire and i think that everything from all the seasons are going to tie togather i think micheal is going to be the man ……prop joe is going to die …………………snoop and chris gonna go down then marlow gonna go down but i dont think he will i think that someone is going to kill omar but marlo will get to him before micheal do randy i dont think he really will be on the show dookie yeah he is going to become the man but i hope he dosent get killed i think that avon will get out of jail and start fucking with dark dude with the braids that was fucking with prop joe…….because in the old season they was cool and that was his yung bull…………..also i think nay is going to get killed on some accicent type shit

  11. MC

    I think all thoughts brought are great and have some weight to them but this is what i think. I think the Greeks will be back, Seasons 2 with them left a open door and don’t be surprised it Nicholas is with them in some way.. Avon will be back even if its in the last 4 episodes of the season(wood harris had a 5 season deal so I herd) Marlo Might get locked up and be int he same jail as Avon for all we know. But i hear Avon actually gets out, hell remember he got out in season 3. from what I understand expect the media to be a big part of this season or addressed just because of how the dvds of last season leaked out. From every season there are things u can say will have to resolve themselves if they got 12 episodes there is just enough time to touch most of them. if they get more than 12 great. Hell I say get them 24 episodes or give them a movie.

  12. fred

    since i know personally poot (trey) and wee bey (hassaan) I can say they are sworn to secrecy but they did assure me that it will be alot of twists, i believe omar will bite it, they did hint that, and trey has a bigger role soo avon may be lurking, stay strong everyone

  13. i hope they don’t kill omar, but chris and snoop has gots to get got. they killed to many innocent folk. bodie was that last straw.

  14. Hats off to the greatest, and at the very least, most intricate show in television history. I simply had no choice but to read the supposed rumors concerning season 5. I have now watched every season of The Wire, and have watched season 4 twice.

    My hopes are that Avon returns in a prominent role as he once again “gains the throne,” however I do not see this as very plausible. He has been federal for years now and his crew is gone minus Wee-Bay. Stringer was the man behind that powerhouse, and with the Greeks coming back into the picture I just don’t see the resources being available for Avon to be king again. What suplier would mess with a depleted crew, especially one fresh out? The Greeks have to come back into play heavily. Season 2 was easily the least entertaining, and really hasn’t made a whole lot of connections to what has been going on since. More has to be in place…

    Marlo will eventually be got, as will Snoop and Chris, but I think that’s rather obvious. Proposition Joe has played far too many sides to come out unscathed as well. While Michael is an interesting case, he is too unstable and will most likely end up dead, though he certainly will put a few major names under his belt before he fades out. Dookie will be a tragic figure, and should get got eventually also. I really hope Omar comes out. He is probably my favorite character.

    I don’t know what will happen with all the younguns. Who knows. It’s nice to see the crime unit back together. No way they don’t wrap up Marlo’s organization after coming up short, essentially, on the Barksdale case. As to what will happen with the politicians? I don’t really care. My interests are mostly at street-level. The proposed media-angle should be interesting, I have no idea how this will play out…

    *Waits, but not patiently, for season 5…*

    Good work HBO!

  15. stick up Davey boi

    in reguards to Hadgu^2’s comment

    June 13th, 2007 at 6:45 am

    Yeah, those events seem likely, just not all of them together. Omar did comment that Michael was just some kid when he was doing surveillance on Marlo & crew (that’s how that gunslinger died in “The Wild Bunch”).

    this makes a lot of sense when considering Omar’s wild west gunslinger essence. everyone runs at the sight of his long duster as well as his sergio leone-esk showdown between brother mouzone (train in the background and everything). check it out.

  16. slim

    Avon will be back to beef with Marlo. Michael and Dukie will be a new version of Stringer and Avon. Michael will kill Omar and Avon will kill Marlo but Michael and Dukie will take over where Marlo left off. Mcnulty will also be killed. Thats my story and im sticking to it. I’ll get back at yall when im right and the season is over.

  17. bidie

    i’d like to see avon come back, but considering his jail time, it’s very unlikely.

    Michael is hard and will undoubtedly be the new wee-bey

    carcetti becoming dirt sounds about right. It seems extremely likely that omar will die. As i understand it, his character was originally going to be short lived, so it seems about right to bring his story to an end.

  18. Big B

    The Wire is a great show, very entertaining and i love to watch it.

    I believe Carcetti is gonna get dirty cuz remember in season 3 when he cheats on his wife and gets the cop guy to snitch about the mayor and how to city is fucked up. U can just tell that Carcetti is dirty

    Marlo is gonna have to move fast. They dont have him yet, but michael is gonna have to step up without snoop or chris in custody wit 2o something bodies on em. Plus we gonna see how much money marlo really has (Barksdale crew was in the 10 millions)

    IDK about avon. If they bring him back it would obviously mean straight up war, but that is to much like the sopranos u kno.

    Omar. Omar. Omar. Omar is gonna be the biggest story. Wut is he gonna do. He sold back the herron for like 20 cents to the dollar. I think Omar is gonna get confronted by the Greeks. Why cuz he stole their herron. Plus everyone is really against him.

    OOO. Remember how they showed clay davis and stringer bell in season 3 talkin bout the development. Well that is gonna unfold. Like, Clay davis, and the big cop chief guy, they both gonna be important cuz they might be directly involved wit the Barksdale crew or maybe even Marlo.

    So in the end. Michael and dukie left to run Westside. Carcetti runs for governer and then he gets caught. Marlo idk yet. New day co op might kill marlo cuz chris and snoop cant protect him. (C’mon i kno marlo has otha goons put who as cold hearted, stone faced killa like snoop and chris). Mcnulty will get the case solved, with chris and snoop at least, idk bout marlo. (Ever noticed they never went after prop joe that hard? Like in season 3 they were like “if we get joe, we get stringer” I always wonder y they never caught that fat man) Kima is gonna end up marrying carver. Randy is gonna be adopted by them.

    idk thats it. Any suggestions

  19. dukie_fan_club

    Well Kima is a lesbo so thats not going to happen. I think most of the other predictions are prob slam dunks except McNulty getting kicked out of the police force. I think thats impossible

  20. marc

    Michael and Dookie aint’ becoming the next thing. Expect to see more of white Baltimore. Newspaper reporters and all.

    Media meets politics, more Carcetti, more dirty campaign money.

    Police don’t go away, and Marlo, his day in the Sun may not be over.

  21. Something really twisted needs to happen. I think Burrell will rat Daniels out filtering to the press whatever is on his past. The plot about Carcetti becoming dirty is very possible as The Wire really tries to show real life…:-). Omar will die or somehow leave the streets. I will be probably killed by a cop, rather than Michael. Or maybe he will end up in Jessup and done there. Marlo won’t be of major importance in the plot neither Avon. There will be a different perspective where the old characters will have less to say. Some minor characters will be on the top this time. I dreamt one time that Herc became suicidal and tried to killed MArlo as revenge…hahaha…

  22. Ericanicole

    A lot of your predictions are accurate but I also have my own thoughts. Like Michael and Duquan, I originally felt they would be the next kings against Namond and Randy. McNulty is going to find some kind of way to get Avon out of jail to help with the investigation. Maybe this is why he gets kicked off the force because Michael kills Avon. Idk about Omar but him, michael, avon, and marlo are definitely going to show down being that avon got him and the muslim to kill stringer. And does anyone remember in season three when the muslim dude sent De’Andre McCullough (the real person from The Corner) inside the gay bar, wasn’t the captain or whoever he is (white guy, balding on top, curses a lot) sitting at the damn bar?! It was him ecause they did a close up on his face. Let’s see what’s up with that. Everything else I’m not sure about but this season will definitely go out with a bang!!!!
    Erica repping Park Heights, B-more. All Day!

  23. Big B

    Michael is Avon in a sense cuz he wild and will kill. Dukie is stringer cuz he smart and nows business. Its like the wire itself. All the things recycle. Barksdale >>>>> Marlo>>>>> then Michael and dukie. Its like nicky barnes. When he finally got arrested they said that their are a 100 more of him in america. The wire is gonna bring up all the dirt. Most cities have dirty officials so i think that burell and clay davis are getting money straight from marlo. I think that snoop and Chris r gonna do something crazy. Remember when stringer wanted clay davis dead??? well lets just say it could happen. I think that the wire will end like this. Drugs will always be here. The newspapers will always be here. The Police department will always be here. Politics will always be here. The war on drugs will never end becuz wars end. The wire will end on the fact that life recycles. AGREE???

  24. a1

    The Wire season 5 is finally here…’s a few things that I think could happen

    1)The Greeks are definately coming back. Marlo had the dude who killed boadie follow the greek after the meeting with prop joe and co-op.

    2)Everyone is forgetting that slim charles was Avons #1 soldier. If avon comes back who knows what could happen with that story I believe Avon could get offed quick cuz only prop joe deals with the greeks…for now

    3)omar is omar that dude gon get in some crazy shit cant even begin to think whats gonna happen with him

    4) obviously mike n dukie have their spot pumpin…but theres gonna be a good story line with michael and marlo….marlo downplays mike all of season 4 and michael is really only close with chris cuz of what he did for mike

    5)who gives a fuck about mcnulty dude is gay hes back with that whole click of cops he gonnna do some serious investigating….

    6)what about poot?….he ran from chris n snoop n boadie got clipped he’s gonna pop up somewhere

    7)randy….they really have only one way to go with this….a snitch is a snitch he aint joinin up with mike n dukie he either dead or they gonna follow his ass around group home to foster care etc…

    8)omars one weakness is butchy someone finds out he runs with omar who knows omar could get set up

    9)what happens to herc?….we never find out should be interesting

    10)if this is truly the last season then all the bad guys gonna be caught or dead and its gonna fade out with them cops trying to find someone else meaning the war on drugs will never end just the charecters they follow around

  25. Alan

    I don’t know for sure if Avon will be back but I know for a fact that the producers on the wire wanted him back for this season. Wood Harris(avon) did a radio interview a few weeks after HBO renewed the wire for this last season, at first he said he cannot confirm or deny if he’d be on but the lady interviewing him was pretty persistent and he eventually admitted it’s between his agent and the producers and said money was the only issue stopping him. I don’t recall the name of the radio show it was some lady named cindy something in NYC but im sure if you look hard enough you can find it on youtube

  26. Focus

    dont no how dey got da info but itz atleast 80% true sounds too much like what the wire would do

  27. druphill

    I think that they should try to include the recent surge of nationally known gangs in bmore, esp. the bloods. They have become a major influence in the city, and to ignore them would not seem to be authentic to the portrayal. I’m not saying that they should center the entire season around them, but only mention or include them, as a testimony to some of the things that really are happening

  28. chris s

    Micheal could never get Omar He is the Wire .I watched every episode from day 1 and omar and avon are the best writing for bad/good guys Vic Mackie comes to mind.

  29. raul

    If Michael kills Omar he’s going to have to answer to America. Turf war between Avon and Marlo? Are you kidding me? Hands Down the neighborhood belongs to Avon. Prop Joe gets what he deserves. Leave Dukie alone!!!!!
    Voice of Philly

  30. uldevito

    I saw an interview at all hip hop .com and Wood Harris said he will be in season 5. I don’t know how big his role would be, considering the realism of the show I find it hard to see him getting out of jail,but you never know . I also seen a clip on youtube{the clip has been removed now} of Omar getting Slim Charles in a bad spot claiming that he killed Blind Butchie, Slim Charles was saying he didnt do it. That leads me to beleive that ,obviously, Butchie is dead and the Greeks probably got that done, one of the last thigs Butchie says is in season 4 is “you can’t take this much and get away with it” or something along those lines. Greatest show ever on television can’t wait for January.

  31. i herd chris goes to jail and barksdale and wee bay get him in the ass

  32. shadowfighter

    eh i saw rawls in the gay bar as well. i wouldn’t be surprised if they never say another word about it and did the scene just to fuck with anyone who noticed.

  33. FIVE

    I actually missed a few episodes in season 4, so I missed the part where Micheal and Omar bump heads.As far as The Barksdale crew, even though all the original soldiers are gone, Avon Barksdale is still a kingpin, with a lot of money,and a lot of clout. So, if Levy does once again, figure out a way to get him out, he can regroup.Remember, Marlo is feared,but not respected.Only thing is I don’t think Avon will be the same without Stringer.Plus his sister is still on his ass about what happen to D’Angelo.So he won’t have her support at all.Whether or not he gets out and becomes a main character again doesn’t matter. His name will still ring on.The Wire without the name Avon Barksdale is like the show Dallas without the name J.R. Ewing!I can see them finally firing McNulty from the force,but y’all know that ain’t gone stop him from doing what he does. Everybody always seems to do exactly what he needs them to do anyway. I to would like to see Kema in more love scense!!!!!LOL!!!!!!I don’t want to speculate to much but I think it will all end with Marlo,Chris and Snoop going down(Chris will be killed by Slim Charles and/or Cheese if they kill Prop Joe. Watch!),and Micheal and his crew will take over the whole shit.And the game lives on!

  34. Block

    “The Wire” is flat out the closest thing to the real streets that you an get on the tube! And like they say art imitates life.With that in mind there are a few manditories in the plot that I hope the writers abide by.1# Chris and Snoop have to die in the most vicious way imaginable! Not just for all the murders themselves because you live buy the rules of the game you play but they became savages and must suffer for the way in which they executed the deeds and exspecially for the ones they didn’t have to do, like the Security Guard that Stepped to Marlo in the store and Bodies murder justice demands that! And even though Marlo deserves a hard death as well, he should be made to suffer a long stretch in the bing with a Big rapist for a cell mate named Bubba! His character is’nt really slick, hard or smart he’s just slimey. Omar I hate! But you gotta respect him he’s a real soldier with his and he moves smooth. For some reason I don’t see him
    getting caught out there by Marlo, Chris or Snoop.Prop Joe and his squad will catch thier due. Trust me that whole organization will go down, probably by snitching “Prop Joe” Watch what he does to the Italians! guranteed, he can’t hold water! seen his kind a million times in protective custody. Randy is about to man up and switch his whole style up he was soft but his life is Hardening him up. Mike reminds me of me when I was his age, “Maximum Potential” fatal flaw! He chose the wrong route for the right reason, lot of heart, too much and he’s going to suffer for it. Namen is going to grow up to be a cop! Dookie is going to get scared straight and fall back from the streets he just doing what he has to to survive and Prez will wind up helping him out. Cutty’s going to turn his life around behind every good Man there a good woman that nurse is just what he needs! Avons going to wind up being the last man standing Mark my words!

  35. gasface

    Man, Prop Joe ain’t involved with any Italians. They’re Greeks.

    Omar ain’t going anywhere.

    Chris and Snoop will probably either go to jail or just keep killing people.

  36. Amarie4911

    Do you really want to know what McNulty does to get fired? It’s a major spoiler. I’m still sitting here with my mouth wide open after read that. McNulty is crazy…that’s all I have to say. Probably as crazy as Chris and Snoop.

  37. Big B

    WOW, did anybody see the official trailer… WOW!!!!

    First off this is gonna happen….

    Marlo and Avon are going to agree to get prop joe, why cuz they both got fucked by him. Marlo is gonna kill cheese first because he fucked up the shipment of the herron. So then prop gonna war but wait slim charles is gonna switch sides quick. Slim knows were joe is at so Avon gonna get his people to take care of that.

  38. HelloWorld

    Jaja Cheese Is A Bitch. He Sells Out Prop. He Gets Killed By Ole’ Boy, DUH.
    And Chris, Has Kids And A Wife. Funny Shit.

  39. McNulty Fakes a homeless serial killer so that he can allot police resources to arrest Marlo thats why he gets kicked out.

  40. MJ

    Remenber in Gladiator when Maximus was “day dreaming” before the first battle scene? How is expression changed from being happy, upon seeing the bird, to angry as he new war was upon him.

    It was a similar scene when Michael returned from the amusement park only to have to confornt the realities of his corner. Happy to be with his boy and little brother, talking with girls and enjoying the rides only to get back to Baltimore and the realities of his life. Deep.

  41. FIVE

    I caught the first two new episodes, and some previews for a few upcomimg. Cheese,I think is going to sell out Prop Joe, giving Marlo what he needs to completely cut him out, and fuck that whole co-op shit up. Then probably kill Cheese after that because, that’s just what Marlo and Chris do. Mean while, Avon is going to attemped to use Marlo to some how get out again, by offering his original line to N.Y., where the westside was being supplied originally. Marlo will realize that he can use Avon for his contacts and exprience in the upcoming war with the co-op. It will be more then Chris and Snoop can handle, and Avon is known for his war tactics and ability to shut other crews down. Marlo and Avon will work together, with a close eye on each other, and will eventually bump heads. Meanwhile, Micheal will realize that he bit off more than he can chew with his new arrangement with Marlo and Chris, and will attempt to get out,but will then realize that there is no way out other then snitchin’, and he won’t do that because of his loyalty to Chris. So he will continue to learn the business, eventually developing his own style in the game.

  42. wirefan

    The first 7 episodes (except #4) are on

  43. Michael_G

    well so far that post is right about two things for all those who doenst have on demand, sorry but for ruining the surprise.. but marlo does kill pro Joe had Chris shot him in the back of the head at pro joe house, cheese was the person who sold pro joe out by telling Marlo that prop joe was involve with his shipment getting tooking by omar.. and the second thing dukie does get hard Michael teaches him how to shoot so..

  44. Alex x Rarefootage

    Spoiler ahead !!!

    }Snoop dies in episode 9
    }Clay Davis Gets off the first time but he still goes down later
    I’ll leave you with that, enjoy the rest of the show.

  45. PapasFritas


    – Snoop Does Die In Ep. 9
    – Dukie Doesnt Get “Hard” Like You Think
    – Chris Goes To Jail. Bunk Gets The Spit That Chris Spat On Mikes Step Dad From His Body.
    – Namond, And Randy Are In This Season For Like 2 Minutes.
    – Mike Doesnt Kill Omar For The Last Fking Time.
    – McNulty And Freeman Get Caught
    These Are 100% True Spoliers. Dont Say I
    Didnt Give You Anything 🙂



    Spoilers Below
    Omar Gets Killed By Kenard In Ep. 10. Also, Marlo Goes To Jail And Avon Has Him Killed. Funny Shit Ever. Im Sorry If This Ruined Anyones Viewing Of The Show. Im Very Sorry.

  47. B-MORE

    theres no way kenard kills omar bro i will believe it when i see it though and if it is true and u can prove it id love to see it

  48. A-TOWN

    Omar gets killed after buying newports soft pack….

  49. cfeeler

    here is what is going to happen (i think). micheal is going to assume the role of brody (my favorite character, and by god when he died; i had about two days of greif). he will end up killing omar, but i can’t predict his future. it will depend upon which brody (the lucky entrampment, or the shot dead in the head, laid out on the street, brody) the wire will come to its fruition, and they will nab marlo. chris and snoop will die at the hands of omar. marlo will die at the hands of avon in jail (or maybe a sopranos seen; where we all guess his fate). that is pretty much it, but the street game is the only reason i watch. the politics and the press (which the young reporter will be caught making up stories) do very little for me. that is it. putting myself out on a limb. i could be completly wrong, though.

  50. Mr know it all

    Carcetti kills Omar, Bodie faked his death and comes back and murks Chris and Snoop, Michael goes back to school, Dukie gets a job at mcdonalds. Macnulty get fired for the Serial killer stunt and becomes a male dancer..This is what I thinkwill happen

  51. Ummy

    I am addicted to the wire. Are you sure that Omar purchased the Newports in episode 9, I thought that it was 8. Does Omar really die? You know he’s like a cat, with 9 lives. Marlo, Snoop and Chris can’t continue to run a muck. I’ve been coming the web for days looking for spoilers. Is there some type of 12 step program to cure this addiction.

  52. A-TOWN

    Yea…Omar has his day.just like he underestimated micheal sitting on the steps he overlooks kenard……Hated It!!!!!..yea he’s smoking bout 2packs aday!

  53. A-TOWN

    Papas fritas…give us more!!!!!

  54. dumb

    they got fake clips out of kenard killing omar, avon with a wire after talking to marlo, snoop plottin on chris, thats because last season everyone bootlegged the end and this season everyone bootlegged episodes 1-7 the last 3 episodes they shot multiple endings and plot twists and nooooboooody has it, if doesn’t have a link or an idea nobody does, slim charles plays a huge role in the last 3 episodes, first cheese kills omar in a gunfight then kenard’s wack ass kills omar, just watch the shit if anyone wants to see that fake clip go to go back a page or two some people have it playing on their screen name

  55. Jimmy D

    I guess all those posts saying that Kenard killing Omar were right. I was really hoping for a showdown between Omar and Marlo.

  56. B-MORE

    spoiler warning:

    McNulty gets caught and commits suicide

  57. PapasFritas

    Lol And Im Back. Do You All Not Believe Me? Ive Seen The Whole Fking Season. Look At My Post Up There And EVERYTHING IS TRUE .
    More Spoilers:
    – Marlo Get Into A Fist Fight, More Like A Biitch Fight.
    – Marlo Has Mike Killed, But Of Course, Mike Has Something Up His Sleeve.
    – Marlo Gets Pissed At Chris, Omfg So Funny
    – Avon And Marlo In Ep. 10. Its To Funny.
    – McNulty Dies, Its Sad.
    – Kima Snitches Like A Biitch.
    – Lol At Odog In ep.9
    – Mike Skips Town And Comes Back In Ep. 10
    – Cheese Kills Rick
    – Then, Slim Kils Cheese

    =] And These are 100% True. And To B-More About Omar NOT Being Killed By Kenard, Go Fk Yourself With A Fork.

  58. aShlEyBoOcAkEz

    papasfritas your right. most of that stuff DID happen.
    how did you see the season?
    because all that shit in your other comment came true
    hit me back.

  59. ihearditfromkip99

    Are you sure McNulty dies? The guy who leaked the Omar/Kenard video said that McNulty lives. So does Marlo. He also said Dookie becomes a crack fiend. The scripts have been posted on IGN. The cops are holding a mock funeral for McNulty’s job because he leaves the department. It’s not a funeral.

  60. marcsteinerblog

    As the airdate for the last episode of The Wire approaches, Marc Steiner and the Center for Emerging Media are doing a new series of interviews on The Wire. There’s going to be a new one added to their site every day this week. The first interview, with Ed Burns, is already up! The site is
    To go right to the Ed Burns interview, go here:

  61. TheWireG.O.A.T

    Spoilers For Ep. 8-10.
    100% True, Enjoy.

    Omar is killed by Kenard

    Kenard is arrested in the by Detective Crutchfield?

    Marlo, Cheese, Chris, and Monk are all arrested in episode 9

    Cheese gets out on a $300,000 bond that he gets from selling Prop Joes house

    Chris’ DNA from Michaels stepdad is his downfall, so he takes the rap for all of the vacants and serves a life sentence where he is buddies with Wee Bay now.

    Marlo thinks that Michael snitched, so orders Snoop to kill him.

    Michael kills Snoop

    Michael drops off Bug to his Aunts house and goes on the run with a bounty on his head.

    Michael becomes the new Omar!

    Marlo gets out scott free, and sells his “business” for $10,000,000 and tries to become a businessman …. not unlike Stringer Bell, but realizes that he is a street thug and gets stabbed in the arm … and then licks his blood!

    McNulty does not kill himself! He retires from the force and they have a faux funeral for his retirement at the bar!

    Sydnor becomes the new McNulty by getting the Judge in his pocket.

    Daniels has to retire and becomes an attorney

    Rhonda Pearlman is now Judge Pearlman!

    Lester Smooth retires and continues to make doll furniture

    Kima Greggs turns in McNulty and Freamon to Col. Daniels!!

    Sgt. Carver becomes Lt. Carver

    Poot is selling shoes

    Bubbles remains clean and finally eats dinner with his sister and niece

    Prez grows a beard

    Herc has a fat mouth

    Landsman gets fatter

    Namond is become politticaly active at school and makes a speech about Aids in Africa

    Dukie becomes a junkie

    Templeton wins a Pullitzer

    Mayor Carcetti becomes Governer Carcetti

    Valchek becomes commisioner!

    Slim Charles kills Cheese!

    Slim Charles is the new King and meets with Spiros and the Greek.

    McNulty rescues the bum that he kidnapped and brings him home.

  62. TheWireG.O.A.T

    If You Want Details On Anything, Please Feel Free To Comment On Which Point Of Info You Would Like Me To Be More Clear On.

    Thanks Guys.

  63. scoopman

    Has anyone realized that Randy and Cheese both have the same last names?. Wagstaff. On the HBO website they say Randy’s father is a drug trafficker on the eastside,HMMM

  64. TheWireG.O.A.T

    Scoopman, That Has Nothing To Do With The Plot. They Never Say Anything About The Two Being Related In Ep 10.

    Sorry Fella 😦

  65. Jimmy D

    I saw the last Episode 10 minutes ago and here’s what happens.

    1. Marlo gets out of jail and makes up with Michael and then the 2 of them move to Iowa and raise sheep together and tend to them.

    2. Cheese changes his name to Provolone to try and evade the police and so Slim can’t find him

    3. Slim leaves the drug game altogether and becomes a senator after Clay Davis is sent to prison.

    4. Avon and Chris get put into the same cell and eventually become lovers.

    5. Dukie gets aids after becoming a herion junkie

    6. Bubbles officially changes his last name Gum

    7. Mcnulty and Freeman kill Kima when they find out she ratted them out. Then the 2 of them take over as the new drug kingpins

    8. Daniels and Ronnie have a 4 way with Herc and Carver.

    These are all 100% true

  66. TheWireG.O.A.T

    Those Are Horribly WRONG Spoilers You Stupid Cunt.
    Dont Believe Stupid Idiots Like Him Above Me.

  67. k

    One of the best HBO series. It got better and better. Why kill it???? Maybe it was a political thing….

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