Snoop Dogg in The Wire Season 5 – Good or Bad?

Snoop Dogg in The Wire Season 5?The rumour that rapper Snoop Dogg is to play a part in The Wire Season 5 has sparked some fury among fans of the show.

The big question is in what form Snoop would appear; playing him self, being a regular on the show or just a short cameo role? In the case of the latter, the blog Hasbrowns and Toast has a few funny suggestions on how this could play out:

…give him 1 second. Literally 1 second. Some possibilities:

– A scene where Poot passes out testers and Snoop is running around fighting with Bubs over vials.

– Snoop as the janitor who cleans all the beer cans off the top of the Western.

– Snoop rolling by Snoop-like in the final montage. 1 second. Seriously.

– Snoop as the new guy that Jimmy’s ex is dating.

– Snoop as both the good and bad angel on the other Snoop’s shoulder. This scene would be less than 1 second though, since Killer Snoop doesn’t have angels on her shoulders, just blood. ( Hasbrowns and Toast blog )

This is what the Dogg himself has to say about The Wire

They called me to be a part of [‘Entourage’], I used that as leverage to try and be on ‘The Wire,’ ” he continued with a smile. “You know how I get down. I’m trying to get in the system… …That’s how I was with ‘Entourage,’ that’s how I am with ‘The Wire.’ They ain’t call me yet. They just using my name in there.” MTV

I really hope they scrap the whole idea of having Snoop Dogg in the show as I think it would ruin the show’s authenticity. What do you think – is the Wire big enough for two Snoop’s?



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37 responses to “Snoop Dogg in The Wire Season 5 – Good or Bad?

  1. John

    I think you’re forgetting that the show has already included method man (Cheese, prop joe’s nephew) as a semi regular character. I don’t see how snoop having a small role on the show is any worse than method man. Seriously, how does the show lose authenticity by casting snoop dogg?

  2. That’s true, but what i’m really aiming at is that i think that snoop dogg is too well-known (at least too me), in comparison to the other actors on the show and thus would steal too much thunder… But hey, that’s just me.

  3. G

    He was fine in Training Day and The Wire has a way of taking unpolished actors and using their strengths. Method Man did a really good job as Cheese, so I don’t see Snoop Dogg hurting the show. The creators of the show don’t compromise quality for cameos, and this will be no different.

    I think the people that worry about things like this are the ones that don’t really get the show. It’s not about ratings or the audience, it’s about telling a realistic story about a different part of the country that most don’t see.

    I could think of a lot worse people than Snoop Dogg to be in the show.

  4. Max

    Method Man is one thing. Snoop is a living cartoon. You can’t let go of who he is. There’s no way he’s going to be on. I refuse to believe that. Why would they bother this late in the show’s run?
    What’s next, McNulty partners with the Iron Shiek?

  5. LifeFirst

    They had Method Man AND Sticky Fingaz (Who played Bird)

  6. Mr. L.V Gray

    Snoop would defintely be a bad idea I hope his commercial rappin ass doesn’t ever sniff the set.

  7. Ako

    Snoop has earned some credibility for his role in training day. Depending on the role and the way the creators envision his part, it could play out well. Snoop’s celibrity might give the show the appeal to make it to mainstream. One of the Wire’s strenths has been the story telling and the use of characters in their presence as well as their absence. A perfect example is how the Greek’s importance is emphasized, eventhough he is hardly caught on camera. Another example is the build up to Marlo’s prominence. While he is reluctantly introduced as a rising star, a hustler with an understanding of the game, he gradually transforms into a force to be reckoned with. In the penultimate episode it is illustrated by Proposition Joe’s play. Prop Joe has consistently been one of the more notorious Kingpin’s on the show. He should obviously have a sizeable war chest, being that he has ran his side of the city for at least 4 years, is the driving force behind the co-op and is on top of the distribution pyramid. Yet he chooses to somewhat ditch a conflict with a player, earlier in the season described as a 4 block peddler.
    The Wire will survive Snoop, and if rightfully used, Snoop could help the show make the transition to Emmy favourite and Soprano Nielssen ratings.

  8. jizzle

    leave snoop alone hes gonna be the weed connect 4 micheal and the new breed is gonna take over it aint been the same since season 1 anyway maybe snoop is what we need.

  9. malachi

    but the whole thing is that snoop is west coast, he would get shot like the NY niggas

  10. malachi

    or they could make him kill Snoop, i think chris is gonna kill Omar if omar dies

  11. Allblackmax

    Snoop is a bad idea. Cheese and Bird were believable because of the NY influence seen in the city. Snoop is a west coast dude. No idea how he would fit.

  12. Allblackmax

    One rapper I would like to see on the show is East NY Brooklyn rapper Uncle Murda. If you’ve heard his mixtapes you know why I think so. He’s evidently a big fan of the show as I can recall 2 lines that reference the show.

    One line goes:

    “You seen what happened to Bodie, on The Wire, for talkin to McNulty(they killed him),
    “Look ni@@as be gettin jammed up, like, phuck it, Imma give my man up.” Please Don’t Rat- Uncle Murda

  13. focus

    snoop can’t hurt the show its too good n he’s not that bad

  14. Bird is Fredro Starr

    Bird is played Fredro Starr not by Sticky Fingaz. Kirk Jones is in The Shield

  15. johnblaze

    i think my man s.p. should get a role in the wire. styles is a true dude, keeps it gutter. He’s not just a rapper. like most of the thugs in the show he would be more or less being himself than acting. I actually give props to the writers and casting agents for not sellin out and putting the hottest hip hop acts in the show. Even an appearance by an accomplished rapper/actors like Luda would be corny as hell on the wire. Meth is ill tho as cheese. Snoop dogg would be wack tho, get that left coast bullshit outta here u serious. sp, ghost face, and maybe beans are rap dudes that could pull off the wire and keep it gutter. anyone agree?

  16. *THE BEAR*

    Snoop Dog wound fit brilliantly in a role of some junkie, new friend of Bubble’s, who would catch vials in the streets and get his ass constantly kicked by other fiends. 😀

  17. KC

    Maybe Snoop will play Omar’s brother no heart Anthony.I herd that he is getting out of jail this season,maybe he will join Butchie and Omars crew.

  18. Outlaw369

    Are you kidding me??Snoop would be the perfect fit for The Wire. Why are so many of you hating on Snoop’s acting capabilities? “Training Day”,”Baby Boy”..Method Man is a rapper/actor a pretty good one but his acclaims as an actor are similar to Snoop’s ..They both were in “Soul Plane”. Big G is a go-go rapper and as an actor he couldn’t hold Snoop’s tabocco leaves.

    Snoop could easily play an undercover cop, or catch a 187 on one or body something for or including Marlo..
    Maybe he’s Snoop’s father..Big Snoop
    He could play a role as a Connect from Cali.
    Or he could be a former hustler turned youth counsler giving Dukie ,Michael or even Randy a chance at a decent life.

    Either way Snoop can master a quicc or recurring role on The Wire

  19. bmoresfinest

    speaking from the b-more state of mind, as long as the left coast n!!gga dont come onto the show as some just released OG from the neighborhood. becaus aint no way he can pull of anything but a cali cat. all the movies he has been in all were west coast based. it is a whole different world.

    “if you aint never been to the more
    dont ever come to the more
    cause you wouldnt understand the more
    so stay the f#ck out the more”

  20. I herd monica lewinski has an affair with carcetti

  21. >> Slim

    That would be an instant classic!

  22. black

    This is absolutley NOT true! Production for the Season wrapped up in September and the first show airs the first week of Januray. Felicia “Snoop” Pearson is the ONLY Snoop that will be on The Wire.

  23. E Burns

    This is absolutley NOT true! Production for the Season wrapped up in September and the first show airs the first week of Januray. Felicia “Snoop” Pearson is the ONLY Snoop that will be on The Wire.

  24. Barksdale for Life

    He could definitely pass for Slim Charles’ brother

    It’d be funny if they got Freddie Foxxx to go into Cuttie’s gym and beat his ass in a boxing match

  25. 40

    just like tha other nigga said…snoop got his already dont shit on em…he could play the drug connect from cali…

  26. The real (girl) snoop

    in the word of snoop after a drive by, when they didn’t hit nobody, “fuck those west coast niggas in b-more we aim and hit a nigga-ya heard”

  27. Alicia

    malachi: Umm I get what you’re saying about him being West Cost and then killing him, but the kats from NY are East Cost, just as the B-More Kats are East Cost, so I don’t see the relevance in your state. However, this is a show right? They could put as a B-more kat.

    As for Snoop Dogg being on The Wire. I don’t see a problem with it, if it happens than so be it. If it doesn’t, again, so be it. Either way. I will be watching The Wire.

  28. Alicia

    o.O I mean coast. why the fuck did spell it wrong every single time. How gay lol!

  29. Alicia

    statement* o.O I should check my shit before submitting it, seriously.

    Sorry for any typos

  30. D.C.'s Gangzta

    Snoop Dogg is too fraudulent for The Wire. He needs to stay his ass on that fruity ass show he’s on…F*ck them left as$ nigg@s…DC Uptown 4 life…

  31. Jimmy McNulty

    Sticky Fingaz didn’t play Bird but he was on “The Shield.” I think Snoop should play Omar’s new lover after the Puerto Rican guy gets killed by Chris and Snoop.

  32. ill will

    they should cast beanie sigel in the wire since Philly and B-more cats sound alike

  33. The Provider

    Snoop will kill it regardless
    thats waht he does

    he acts
    he barely raps now
    except on that new tune Bubbbling
    let me find a link

  34. Snoop is the man, still in the game and going strong!!

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  36. Sara

    Didn’t Snoop Dogg already make a cameo in Season 1? If not, then there was one bloke who favour him bad. Have a look at “The Cost”. In the opening scene Bubs is sitting on a bench and a guy walks by and says ‘What’s up Bubs?’ It’s only for a second or so but he look like him.

  37. Marcuo

    in episode 10 of 1st season Snoop appears just at the prologue, just before the credits, when bubs is seated in near a park with mothers walking with their children, a black says “whats up Bubs!” and its him!!!

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