The Wire Season 5 Air Date

According to TV Series Finale the Wire Season 5 will start on January 6th! Only a few months to go. Perfect timing to start re-view all previous seasons of the Wire as they should all be available on DVD by then!

Another tidbit from the article is that the final (ever) episode will be 90 minutes long.



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8 responses to “The Wire Season 5 Air Date

  1. i don’t know about you guys, but the one thing i hope season 5 clears up is the question of what was rawls doing in that gay bar in season 3? does it have no significance at all or will something happen to blow it up?

  2. nhoop59

    I don’t remember seeing Rawls at the gay bar…guess I have a good reason to re-watch season 3 (like i needed one!)

  3. egarcia

    I am interested to know what happens to Rawls little secret too. Also, I want to know what happens to my girl, Snoop, Avon, Omar, and Bubbles. There is so much they have to do in order to end this right. They can’t leave us hanging in any way, it won’t be fair. After watching the Seasons, I’ll be dawg-on if I try to pick up a book just to see how the story ends.

  4. ben

    i think showing rawls in the gay bar was more for character development than any plot-related reason.

    it explains some of his behavior at work, and also elicits sympathy from the audience.

  5. what i want to know is is randy and cheese related they both have the same last name. will omar do some thing to mike because he has that ring. there
    are a lot of questions not answered. i wish this wasnt the last season.

  6. Amarie4911

    Am I the only one who is sick and tired of people commenting on the fact that Cheese and Randy has the last name? We get it, stop talking about it.

  7. morgan

    its january 6th!!!!!
    get wit it

  8. morgan

    and kev.. y would omar do something because he has the ring.. marlo is the one who got robbed for it and michael had it on

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