The Wire Season 5 Preview

The Wire Season 5 is getting closer! Check out the preview below.

Thanks to Jules who dropped a comment about this.



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4 responses to “The Wire Season 5 Preview

  1. Man, I cant barely wait!

  2. *THE BEAR*

    Damn, Did you see, – some cops were beating the shit out of each other! I don’t remember this in previous seasons.

    And McNulty is off the hook? Nice…

    Right now, after this video I am high already, don’t need to go to Hamsterdam get a ‘Spider bag’! 🙂

  3. nhoop59


  4. Butch Stanford

    From that clip it looks like The Wire has come full circle. Mcnulty doesn’t trust the people above him so he goes rogue and draws attention to what he cares about like he did in season 1 by going to the judge and press about a witness getting shot. This time however, as they say, its more the press side of things. Well done. Can’t wait.

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