Entourage vs The Wire – How can you even compare?

This is the first post in while that is actually written during proper ‘mcnultish’ circumstances – I’ve had a few beers and just need to rant a little. I stumbled upon the website ‘the entourage f*cking fan club‘ which certainly does share a few similarities with this humble fan(tastic) blog 😉

To be perfectly honest, I’m a great fan of the HBO show entourage and really like the characters who live in it (especially Ari Gold). But the big question is – how can you even compare these two great shows and their main men? Jimmy McNulty in one corner, and Ari Gold in the other? Man, it would be a total nock-out for McNulty.

Ari might be one funny mother f*cker in comedy land but Mcnulty is the real deal who delivers both great comedy and thoughtful drama .Just have a look at Season 2 where McNulty goes under cover at a brothel and ends up having a threesome just because he didn’t want to bust his cover, how can you even compete with that (wanted to provide a youtube flick here, but too much nudity for those guys…)?

Ari’s abusive rants at his poor pa doesn’t even come close.

Ka-paow! Any other The Wire and Entourage fans here? What’s your thoughts?

 Jimmy McNulty vs Ari Gold



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3 responses to “Entourage vs The Wire – How can you even compare?

  1. *THE BEAR*

    Now if you started to compare hit TV characters with each other, the best possible rival, the one, who could compete with McNulty equally and share the same charisma and determination, is probably Tony Soprano from “THE SOPRANOS”.

    Hell, could you imagine THOSE two stubborn as hell toughies facing each other in a fight? Not physical, but emotion-power like. Now that would be a helluva comparison.

  2. I think Stringer Bell VS Tony Soprano fits better, personally. Stringer, easily.

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