The Wire for Real – Journalists and Street talk

Columnist Brian Lowry at Variety writes that the Wire is the one show on television that finally got the journalistic craft right. I’m not surprised at all, as the wire creator David Simon for many years was a crime reporter at the Baltimore Sun and I think the wires strength lies in it’s strive for authenticity.

Another fine example of this is all the slang in the show, which might at first deter a few people from watching, but once you get the hang of it makes it just so much more believable. Check out the following clip on the wire street talk.

In the words of actor Al Brown (Stanislaus Valcheck):

“I have never worked with a script that was in English that had a glossary” 



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2 responses to “The Wire for Real – Journalists and Street talk

  1. Mal

    Great video – i’ve been watching all the podcasts and they’re really insightful. The variety article is a bit annoying though – I figured the media wasn’t going to be shown in the best light, but I didn’t need it spelling out for me…

  2. joey

    love the show,4th season the best so far!!!

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