The Wire Season 5 Countdown – One Week

Wohoo! Only one more week to go until the first episode of the Wire Season 5 airs on January 6th. Forget about New Years Eve, the real countdown has started. In order to celebrate this, I will post every day until the 6th, so make sure you check in more regularly.Here’s the official trailer, which seriously gives me the chills. McNulty seems to be back at what he does best; real policing and drinking. Shiiiiiiiit!  



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3 responses to “The Wire Season 5 Countdown – One Week

  1. *THE BEAR*

    I’m high!

    Higher in heaven than Bubbles during his glorious times with Johnny! 😀

    Go, McNulty, go, baby!

  2. Poster Nutbag

    did you guys catch that quick shot of avon barksdale? i thought the rumors of him making an appearance in season 5 were just that – rumors.

    i am doing everything within my power to NOT watch the season premier until sunday. i might have to poke my eyes out to be on the safe side and make sure i don’t cheat.

  3. *THE BEAR*

    Exactly, man, I’m very disappointed with the leak of episodes into the net.

    I mean, since I want to live the whole season experience week by week with HBO and with its original site updates, I won’t download the damn leaked episodes…

    And the dire thing is, I can’t actually read all THE WIRE related fan discussions anymore, because they are all full of season 5 spoilers and people without will power to resist and not watch the illegal copies are posting giant comments there…

    Makes me sick…

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