The Wire Prequels – Young Omar and Proposition Joe and When McNulty met Bunk

Today the Wire Season 5 will air on HBO, and we’ll celebrate with a few golden clips.

The Wire Season 5 DVD boxes will apparently have some unique content on them, prequel material where you’ll see the gangsters growing up. It’s awesome to see how Omar only played people in the game from day one, and prop joe beeing a slick business man even as a kid.

Another great prequel moment is when McNulty met Bunk. Check it out!

Young Omar

Young Proposition Joe

McNulty and Bunk meet



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12 responses to “The Wire Prequels – Young Omar and Proposition Joe and When McNulty met Bunk

  1. benno

    was this stuff ever aired on tv, or has it hit yt through sneaky ways?

  2. I think it was on HBO on demand.

  3. Harry Poitier

    I guess youtube shut those videos down.

    Too bad.

  4. ah.. such a shame, they were brilliant

  5. Guys greetz from >iceland >I dl´d all 5 seasons and I wonder is there more coming out still? or are we cancelled? Saw torrentz on programs 106-112 i n a torrent inRussia.. ><<<<<<but the bandwidth was so sloooooooooooooow I gave up after a week of nothing ( 50-8bbs )… S wise me up on this was the 5th seson teh funeral or can we hope ?

    Im a college of mr barksdales men in Amsterdam so I know that this is very realistic and no romanticize or preachin…. Hats off to the Wires crew and to your club!!!

  6. All seasons are to be found at the pirate bay org and mininova org
    Best wishes
    Fritz N

  7. curiousbadger

    bit of a random question but i was wandering if any1 knows why in season 5 the guy in the morg swaps omars details round with another dead guy i really dont get it and its buging the shit outa me

    • The guy in the morgue just put the right name on the right body. The Old white guy had Omar’s name tag and he had the old guy’s name tag. Did anyone notice when they flash on Rawls in the gay bar when Lamar goes into the gay bar looking for Omar for Brother Mouzone? I wonder what that is all about????

      • soitgoes

        I noticed that when i was watching it but I don’t think they ever explained why Rawls was in the gay bar. One is left to assume the obvious though…..

  8. Kelly Renner

    I’m sitting down to watch the “Brooklyn’s Finest”
    DVD and WeeBay and Omar are in the movie! I don’t think I’ll ever tire of watching “The Wire”. I haven’t checked out the new HBO show
    Treme by the writers of The Wire. Have you seen it? I watched “The Corner”
    and that was okay, but not as good . Do you know they teach a class in college based on The Wire and it’s story.

  9. hey can anyone tell me what’s the music at the end of the Omar prequel? Thanks

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