The Wire Season 5 Episode 1 in Review

I bet you did the same thing as me this weekend – watching the first episode of the wire season 5.I loved the opening scene, bunk in fine form interrogating a seemingly clueless small time gangster, and later using a copying machine as a lie detector – instant classic.  It was also great to see McNulty early on in the episode, I missed him in the later seasons but now he seem to be back where he belongs, in the spotlight and late night binge drinking sessions.

Another bright point was the journo crew at the Baltimore Sun which seem to be just as much of a  motley crew as the gangsters and police.

It was great to see so many familiar faces in one single episode – McNulty, Bunk, Kima, Herc, Marlo, Prop Joe, Bubs, Carter, Carcetti, Chris, Snoop, Michael, Dukie (boy, he’s grown) and lots more. 

I just realized how much I missed these characters, and how happy I am that they are back J

How do you rate the first episode of season 5?



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8 responses to “The Wire Season 5 Episode 1 in Review

  1. Mal

    It was nice – the main points which got me were just how much Dukie has grown (especially in comparison to Michael, who barely seems to have changed), and the journalist scenes. It’s obvious that the first ep or 2 will involve the setting up of these characters, and while there was some fairly unsubtle (for the wire) set up stuff – The ambitious youngster, the moral editor, the less interested owner – it bodes well for the future.

    That said, while there were a few great scenes, it definitely seemed to be setting the scene rather than developing plot in and of itself. I loved the re-appearance of Sergei/Boris, and what looks to be an upcoming struggle between Marlo & Prop Joe.

    I must admit i’ve managed to get ep2 from the intarwebz, and without giving anything away, the re-appearance of another old character, and what may be the beginning of McNulty’s undoing, certainly blow away anything in ep1.

  2. Kalle

    It should obviously be pointed out, so that no one misses it, that the copying machine scene was basically a repetition and an homage to a very similar scene in that great, earlier Baltimore/David Simon show, “Homicide: Life on the Street”. But yeah, it’s a gag worth repeating and definitely a joy to see.

  3. Ju-ju

    Very strong season premier. Remember, it’s the first episode. Many of my friends and family tuned in for the first time and were satisfied.

    This season is going to be explosive. I cant wait to see what other characters show up next week.

  4. mobioevo

    What do you mean it is a homage to the show Homicide? It is from David Simon’s BOOK Homicide: A Year On the Killing Streets, which is a work of journalism and is true in its entirety. The Baltimore homicide detectives would use this trick to try to get the suspect to talk. Most of the things in The Wire are taken from real life and can be found in David Simon’s two books, Homicide and The Corner.

  5. Kalle

    mobioevo: Damn, you’re right, I’m sorry… forgot that part was in the book as well (it’s been a while since I read it). That also makes more sense given the “How many years you figure we’ve been doing this same shit?” “Twenty, at least.”-dialogue, considering it’s now been twenty years since the book. My bad.

  6. Jeff

    Did you notice the last piece of audio in the episode was a phone ringing, then a voice saying “Homicide” ?

    Great homage to Homicide!

    I will miss this show when it is gone…

  7. You just knew Daniels was wrong to believe all that “it’s a new day in Baltimore” shit.

  8. *THE BEAR*

    Amazing episode.

    But in this fifth season there is a slight problem – over the 5 years of the show more and more cast members have joined it and there simply are too many of them to show. Naturally, some of them will be forgotten.

    For instance, my heart bleeds for there won’t be much of Bunny, Cutty, Prez, Namond, Poot in these remaining episodes if they will ever be shown at all. But hey, there’s always a bright side, after watching this premiere the new edition of newsroom dawgs appears to fit perfectly, especially this main man Gus Haynes who’s probably going to me the lead emotional protagonist, just like D’Angelo in first season, Frank Sobotka in second, Bunny in third and the kid quartet in fourth.

    Anyway, I can’t wait for more of Omar!

    Where is this legend of Bowlmore? He stalks in the shadows and people always shout ‘Omar comin’ when he shows up. He is the Robin Hood of 21st century, he is Omar! 😀

    Anyway, I probably had too many beers watching the premiere.

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