The Wire – World Changing Television?

Latest in the UK media to jump on the Wire bandwagon of praise is blogger James Doaghy of British newspaper The Guardian, who writes:

“Shows like The Wire and Bodies are both entertaining and politically challenging. But if we want more like them, we have to seek them out….Watching it, it struck me what a passionate, angry, politically acute show it still is….the writers, producers and actors all believe that the show is not just worthy but necessary. How often do you get that these days?”  

I couldn’t agree more. I actually don’t watch a lot of television, but once in a while there is thankfully some well-produced and thoughtful shows, such as the wire, which makes it worth wile sticking around. Also some interesting comments accompany the blog post, such as the idea that one of the big strenghts is that the Wire managed to reinvent itself with each season – from the streets, to the docks, the schools, the town hall and now the news room. Yepp, more praise to the wire 🙂



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3 responses to “The Wire – World Changing Television?

  1. Nightcrawler

    i just watched episode 2 season 5. back to business. snoop and chris start to shake things up. and avon is a boss still i gotta say. marlo aint gettin nothin w/o gettin his taste. marlo finnaly gets to sergi and avon and marlo squash beef. if you got comcast you can see next weeks episode early

  2. slow train coming

    that second episode left me staring at the screen with my mouth wide open. for real. wtf is mcnulty gonna do to himself (and everybody else) this season?! and that unscrupulous attention hungry boy in the press room has already made my stomach turn and my body shiver with disgust…and it’s only episode two. liking gus a lot but knowing simon & burns they will not let me have a simple and straightforward relationship with the character. they never did so i don’t see why they would start in the final season.

  3. After watching Season 1, I definitely got into it.. the only aspect stopping me from watching Season 2 is that every episode is almost movie length. I like my watching my great series like Entourage, LOST, Sopranos in marathon style.. so an hour per episode certainly gives my glute a work out.

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