The Wire Season 5 Episode 3 Review

Things are truly starting to heat up on the wire season 5.

Stop reading if you haven’t seen episode 3 yet.

A few favourite moments from the episode:

  • McNulty trying to get an agents attention talking about ‘the red ribbon’ – great because it was so over the top comedial, but still works for the Wire as we all know that there really are people that thick
  • Prop Joe commenting how hard it is going to be to civilize Marlo (who doesn’t really grasp the concept of having money on the bank, where you can’t see or touch it).
  •  ‘Omar is coming” I’m pretty sure he will make quite an impression in Baltimore soon. RIP Butchie.
  • The Greeks are back in action

What’s your favourite moments from the wire episode 3?



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9 responses to “The Wire Season 5 Episode 3 Review

  1. trademarc

    Marlo is gonna end up f****ing himself. He is very street smart but lacks business sense. McNulty is one determined MF, but I can’t blame though, how you put 22 murders under the table like its nothing. He will end up cracking the case or F****ing the whole department or both. Either Chris or Snoop is gonna get bodied in the next few upcoming episodes I can feel it. Michael is starting to realize what he did and now he is regretting it. I expected to see some very interesting things from him.
    My favorite quote from next weeks previews;
    “Sweet Jesus, Ima work them!!” -Omar Little

  2. B-MORE

    man that scene wit butchie was sad i have to say i felt bad for him big time

  3. omar

    sweet jesus ima work them over


  4. nhoop59

    I hate Marlo so much!

  5. nhoop59

    My favorite moment from episode 3 was McNutty being caught in the act with the woman on the hood of a car by another police officer. He just flashes his badge and goes back to the business lol!

  6. cornerboy

    banker dude waiting impatiently to testify before the grand jury “I’m a vice president of a major financial insitution”, the response “who isn’t?”, love it.

  7. * THE BEAR *

    A great episode!

    It was pretty gruesome when Butchie – an old, blind man was relentlessly tortured and killed, this I think is by far the brutest deed mastered by Marlo.
    The man’s a devil!
    Now, I wouldn’t be surprised if next orders for Snoop and Chris were to slay the entire co-op and Prop Joe\Slim Charles on top and take over the drug trade. Marlo’s only goal is to be the one King of Baltimore, no matter what it takes. And he hasn’t failed yet!

    But now, It’s Omar comin’!!
    Hell, I’ve been waiting for this sooo long! Yet this time Omar won’t be robbin’ some money stashes, it’s Marlo and the Butchie’s murderers who will feel the heat. Eye for an eye!

    And one though struck me, maybe there will be one more serial killer in Baltimore, the one who hunts Marlo’s people with a big-ass shotgun. What happened to Stinger when he had Omar’s boy tortured/killed? Death with a buckshot in a chest! Marlo should better have some crazy-ass bodyguards!

    And McNulty runnin’ downhill not alone now? Lester, you are one crazy sonuvabitch!

    THE WIRE is getting so intense, you forget about everything around you while you watch it!

    My phone rang, I was starving! Fuck it, not a second off screen, don’t want to miss a second of this masterpiece.

    Simply ’cause all the details matter.

    Took a shot of vodka when the credits rolled, McNultish style!!

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