The Wire Soundtrack CD and MP3-files

The Wire SoundtrackThis is truly a must have for all the wire fans – the Wire soundtrack. I got my copy a while back a go, and there’s some really good tracks on there, not the least the different version of the lead motive.

The cd has 35 tracks (23 songs and 12 dialogue clips), including several versions of the wire opening theme song and real Baltimore grown artists never before released on a major record label.

The record with the nice long title ‘The Wire: And All the Pieces Matter – Five Years of Music from the Wire: original soundtrack’ is available at Amazon

>> Buy the Wire Soundtrack <<

Update: you can now get some of the songs as downloadable mp3-files from Amazon (link above).



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52 responses to “The Wire Soundtrack CD and MP3-files

  1. * THE BEAR *

    Ordered it on Amazon just now.

    Even from the picture I know it’ll be one helluva CD.

    David Simon, I admire you with my whole heart!

  2. String

    the album is simply badass.

    Has every version of Way Down in the Whole(except the current one by Steve Earl)

    Has every song that is played over the season ending montages: Jesse Winchester-Step by Step,Steve Earl-I Feel Alright,Solomon Burke-Fast Train and Paul Wellers-Walk on Guilded Splinters
    plus “The Fall” by Blake Leyh which is the instrumental played during the credits of each episode.

    35 tracks total

  3. know i promised a full review, and it might get published later, but man – this shit it tight! love the soundtrack!

    • JimA

      I have a SOUNDTRACK question and I hope somebody can answer it. On “One Arrest”, Season One, in a scene in Avon’s back office (timecode 37:20), there’s a great rap song that doesn’t appear to be on the soundtrack album. Can anybody tell me what that song is????


  4. * THE BEAR *

    Holy fucking shit, the album is amazing!

    You can listen to it from the beginning till the end just as if it was a single masterpiece song!

    I mean, there are many prominent short dialogs from the show and then that trademark WHOOOOOSHHHHHHH sound and there goes ‘Way down in the hole’ by some artist, then some other music and the same starts again, dialog and the theme song by another artist! Wonderful!

    I put my computer speakers on max volume, bass beating on full force, walls trembling, but fuck the neighbors, “THE WIRE” is bangin’ in my house!

    10 outta 10, the beast, THE best music CD I’ve ever purchased!

    Plus. I bought “Beyond Hamsterdam” album, that piece is brilliant too!

  5. Ayo

    Great album but no theme song from season 5…

  6. JW86

    Anyone know the song in season 1 episode 13 ‘sentencing’ which is the finale, playin in the background when bodie is on the phone wanting his re-up then looks up at towers?? dont think its on soundtrack!

  7. Roger

    In season 2, “So Fine” was on the radio when Tilghman was in his car. Who sang this version? I haven’t been able to find it.

  8. Ray


    I am a fan of The Wire, and am struggling to identify the title of a piece of music which appears in Episode 12 of Series 1, about 12 minutes in, when Shardene is getting ready in Orlando’s club (she has the hidden microphone in her hair). It would be classified as ‘dance’ music, and is playing downstairs in the club, but subtly turns from diegetic to non-diegetic soundtrack.

    Could anyone please help me identify this fantastic piece of music?

    It does not appear on the soundtrack CD.

    Any help / advice would be very much appreciated!


    Ray Green

  9. Adam

    What the h*ll is the second house track playing @ Cutty’s homecoming party in the 3rd season espisode Hamsterdam – The first track is by DJ Technics – My life Extra. The second…..if you know this then your a legend!

  10. ahd264

    hey, does anyone know the name of the song playing in season 1, episode 6, when deangelo is getting dressed? it sounds like they’re saying ‘respect’

    • shoneon

      hi there ! i just wanna ask if any chance that u know now what u ask before i mean the song from the first season episode6- u know… i really really gonna thank u if u know and tell me 😀

      • jabojay

        song is called respect by Positive Black Soul. PBS is a Senegalese rap formation from the 90’s. The entire CD is a bom.

  11. commonwealth

    Note to all:

    This is a good resource for finding music from season 1 not included in the soundtrack:

    A favorite of mine, Lorem Ipsum – Wax Music Box.


    • Martina

      Thanks for that season one music tip! Season one, episode 6 has some great tracks in it, like the song playing when Avon gets out of his car and goes over to talk to D about Omar — it really says “AVON IS THE KINGPIN” — and I agree that the track playing while D is dressing is fantastic.

    • Shawn Hubbard

      Do you know, or know how I can find the name and artist of the rap track Avon was playing in his SUV while eluding the cops after the basketball game against Proposition Joe’s team for bragging rights for the projects. Occured during the first 3 seasons I believe. Thanks

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  13. the p man

    does anyone know who sings ‘way down in the hole’ in series 1 … it sounds like Bubs ..

    • JimA

      the p man: i just submitted the following question — maybe you know the answer ? thanx

      November 17, 2009 at 9:17 pm
      I have a SOUNDTRACK question and I hope somebody can answer it. On “One Arrest”, Season One, in a scene in Avon’s back office (timecode 37:20), there’s a great rap song that doesn’t appear to be on the soundtrack album. Can anybody tell me what that song is????



  14. passthebong

    Guys, excuse me for my bad english. But can someone help me finding whos song plays in episode 30 (s03e05) when Avon comes to his homecoming party and asks Slim to throw out 2 stoned guys from the club… what is the song … MAAaan im gonna pay anyone whos help me =)
    Please if anyone knows… mail me please.

  15. daniel

    hey, anyone know the song in 1.07 in Stinkums SUV when they pop the runner with the eye patch?

  16. bunt

    in season two when Kima, Carv and Herc are running surveilance on some of the white drug crews near the port, after Herc makes and initial instroduction he shows up to cop one afternoon in a blue car, anyone know the song playing on the corner in this scene? its a hiphop track with cool jazz horns, sounds really 90s/underground

  17. Ian

    The Sharposhooters analyze song……what episode does that paly in?

  18. k

    the song playin in stinkums car is called analyze by the sharpshooters

  19. Rick

    anyone know the name o fhte song in season 5 episode 7 wen omar comes out with his crutch, grabs the gun from the tire of the car and holds em up?

  20. billyclub78

    I’m looking for the name of the song that was playing in Ziggys car in season 2 just after he shot George Glekis. Please help

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  22. Lewish34

    Hi All,

    I have a SOUNDTRACK question and I hope somebody can answer it. Series 3, episode2 McNulty is in Donette flat discussing D’Angelo’s death (timecode 33:42), there’s a great rap song that doesn’t appear to be on the soundtrack album. Can anybody tell me what that song is????

  23. mass01

    anyone know what track is playing season 5 episode 1, [12m.20s] when chris and michael meet just after the police fight on the back lot… coming from chris’s truck

  24. I like the valuable information you provide in your articles. I’ll bookmark your weblog and check again here regularly. I’m quite sure I will learn a lot of new stuff right here! Best of luck for the next!

  25. Jay Barker

    Does anyone know what song Wee Bay is listening to when he picks up Avon in Season 1 Ep. 5 “The Pager?” It’s playing in his car, and it’s someone over an old-school sample. At least it sounds that way.

  26. Just now I ran across the web for exactly these types of info. Be grateful for to your publish that search has to ending right now. You published the post in a clear way. With this, I added your blogs as one of my favorites! Best wishes!

  27. Christoff

    I have a SOUNDTRACK question and I hope somebody can answer it. On “One Arrest”, Season One, in a scene in Avon’s back office (timecode 37:20), there’s a great rap song that doesn’t appear to be on the soundtrack album. Can anybody tell me what that song is? Has anyone found out as of yet?

  28. De'Jonal

    Can anyone help me with finding the name of this track?

    On Episode 6 of Season 3 (“Homecoming”) There is a song playing when McNulty and Greggs are sitting in a bar drinking beer and having a conversation.

  29. Boz

    I need to know the name of the song on the end of the episode 3 season 1, when McNultys friend from FBI drives off from that parking lot or whatever…the song appears on very end of the episode.

  30. rass

    Easy now am looking for the name of the song in Season one ep 2 when mcnulty and bunk are sitting on couch at high rise with D and stringer pulls up in car with a hip hop tune on anyone no what its called?

  31. Jay

    Does anyone know the song playing on Season 3 episode 4 time code 24:53 the background music sounds kind of like 50 cent in da club but it’s not that song… can anyone help?

  32. steve

    s2 ep 1 dealers scene at 52.20 plzzzzzz? is it shaggy?

  33. I used to be suggested this blog by means of my cousin. I’m not positive whether or not this submit is written through him as no one else recognize such detailed about my problem. You’re amazing!
    Thank you!

  34. Thɑnks for finally talkiոg aboսt >The Wire Soundtrack CD and MP3-files | The
    Wire HBO Faո Club <Liked it!

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