The Wire Season 5 Episode 4 Review

Damn, Marlo is one cold gangster. Looking at his face, not even a raised eye brow, when Prop Joe gets the bullet. I really hope Omar will get back hard on Marlo, he’s just getting to damn cocky for my taste. I’m sure he will… And while he’s at it, please do the Greeks also, some creepy people.

McNulty and Freamon are really working the case, it’s kind of creepy seeing them messing around at the crime scene. Well, it’s for the greater good at least. I wonder if Bunk will ever come around.

Also in the news room (haven’t really gotten into this so much yet), things are at the boiling point. Dreams of the Washingon Post got squashed and some of the senior staff appeared as even bigger asses as before (if even possible!)

And on the note on McNulty, man he’s one screwed up anti-hero. Looks like his family life is about to go down the drain, but who’s surprised? Not me… Let McNulty be McNulty πŸ˜‰

In city hall things are also about to reach boiling point, Carcetti struggling with the numbers and Rhonda making (not so anymore) mighty men sweat. Sheeeeeit! And oh, Burrell made a decision…

Think this was one of the strongest episodes of the Season so far. What do you think?



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30 responses to “The Wire Season 5 Episode 4 Review

  1. Will

    Easily the best of the season so far, but thats status quo for the series, there is so much base work that goes into the opening episodes that its really not fair to evaluate them on the same level as the rest of the season. I look at the first 2 episodes as primer and borders, with the art coming continually for the next 8-12 episodes.

    watching the episode again, the scene with Joe picking out flowers for Butchie hit the hardest, we wont see anyone do the same for Joe, but I hope someone does. Joe, like Stringer, had to die eventually for his efforts to change The Game, but it was still sad.

  2. nehooper59

    This episode left my heart pounding and my lungs out of breath. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any more suspensful I checked out episode 5. All I can say is the shit has hit the fan! I am waiting im-patiently for episode six.

  3. trademarc

    Wow. I knew Joe was going down this season. He did do Marlow wrong in Season four; Omar sold the stuff back for 10 on the dollar, Joe told Marlow 20. Even though Marlow doesn’t know about that, its kinda like Joe’s bad Karma.
    Its about time that Marlow start suffering. He went a season and some untouched. It only makes sense, look at all the evil he’s done. This is gonna be one hell of a series ending season.

  4. * THE BEAR *

    Some asshole spoiled me about Prop Joe, but still this thing could have been expected. Joe just gave too much for Marlo. In such a Game, with such a diabolical devil-gangster, he just had no chance!

    And some returning characters cheered us up! First, it’s the Greek! Did he come back to Bodymore to be caught? And is that the same cafe they’re using? He shoudn’t get sloppy, that’s for sure.

    Then, it’s Cheryl, Kima’s girl. Boy I would like to see more of Kima, that’s for sure! She’s the hottest out there! Remember the good times, Kima running in the Pit, beating Bodie up? Taking photos from the rooftops? πŸ˜€

    Aaaand the guy from the port, Johnny Fifty! Now he’s a homeless tramp?! Damn! He made quite some money with those cans to the Greeks and stealing cars with Ziggy. How did he blew it all off? Anyway, I suppose money gets away from you so fast, you can’t even notice that, can you?

    Overall, a nice episode, and I can’t wait for our superhero from the shadows Omar comin’ with his shotgun and putting it into someone’s ass!

    Plus, I never lose hope to see Bunny, Poot, Cutty, Randy or Namond for the last time! Since every episode has some returning faces from the past.

  5. bob

    hate to see joe go, but i suppose it was inevitable.

    this was by far the best episode of what to me has been a meager season.

    the newspaper plot is so dated and cliche, and i really think that the mcnulty serial killer fabrication is only there because simon wanted to explore the newsroom and his distaste for what it has become, not because it was the best device for the story the series.

    the street/police scenes should have always taken narrative precedence in my opinion. even in the baltimore of the wire i don’t see how marlo got off so easy with the row house bodies. another solution than the fabrications should’ve been thought of to carry the story to the end.

    mr. simon, you’ve written brilliant books, and created one of the best tv series in history, but i believe you’re blowing it all in the 5th season. 😦

  6. BadisCool

    I’d love to see Michael assume the avenging angel mindset that Omar currently has. Michael is a definitely an Alpha male with a seriously mean disposition when crossed. I believe he now feels like a puppet of the Marlo Organization. This kid’s personality is too strong to play that type of role.

    Michael has to break away. We all know that you can’t just walk away from that lifestyle without a degree of “hassle”.

  7. Nicole

    The only reason it was a good episode for me is b/c OMAR had a bit of face time—he is what makes the show for me.

    I have been waiting for this season to take off–and is this it? I hope so.

    I was so upset about Joe. I cant stand Snoop and Chris, and Marlo–what a moron. I don’t think he will last long. No one with that little sense stays alive with Omar on his butt. I think Snoop and Chris will go first and then sent Marlo into scare mode.

    It has taken me a bit to get into the newsroom story also. Of course, I dont like change in my television shows–so that could be the reason.

    The mayor story is a baffling one to me–did he bite off more than he could chew?

    Michael–I just love this boy. I really hope nothing happens to him. What was the name of that kid who was killed a few seasons back who had all the brothers and sisters? That was horrible.

  8. steve

    wallace (wallace’s murder by poot and bodie was heartbreaking). all the wire fans bemoaned bodie’s demise, but i didn’t . prop joe, omar, and even avon have a code, and that makes them sympathetic characters. bodie, stringer, and marlo did/do whatever it takes to win. albeit marlo is the worst. i hope he gets his in the end, but if he doesn’t fine. the wire doesn’t need justice in the end.

  9. Rizzle

    ok look that buisness with Wallace was the game, chunk it up to it. When you a player in the game you gotta accept all there is to come. Truthfully speaking, I think if Poot was really his homeboy he would have had a real conversation with Wallace and found out that he wasnt built for the game. You cant blame Bodie, he was just a soilder with a lot of heart, but no brains.

    Marlo… Has really changed the game, and he’s gonna get a real spanking for that, soon as Omar get done smashing all his muscle. Marlo wont have a chance. Long time coming I think. What they did to Butchie was heartless. I was so pist at Chris and Snoop. Cheeze is gonna get his too. I think the Co-op gonna turn against Marlo and his cocky attitude.

  10. steve

    regarding bodie, like many of the scumbags that inhabit the show (both sides of the law), he was an enjoyable character. but as you said. a soldier. a pawn.

    and marlo, his rise and continued dominance really requires a severe suspension of disbelief.

    just bitter because the damn thing is ending, and not at the quality i’ve come to expect.

  11. Nicole


    let me tell you where I was jaded by The Wire–last season. I was so disappointed in it. I felt I had just gotten to know the characters again and in a groove and BOOM! The season was over and I knew I had to wait over a year to see the next and final.

    This season thus far is still not my favorite, though that could change.

    I miss the Avon/Stringer days.

  12. MM

    Hey, just wanted to tip you all off to the series of weekly journo exchanges each week on Slate magazine site. Mostly excellent and entertaining, although neither is all that convinced with Simon’s treatment of the newsroom in Season 5. Seems to be being read by a few people – Simon himself posted a response to some of the issues raised in the column a few weeks ago.

  13. Mal

    Just regarding johnny 50 ‘blowing’ all his cash, I believe he went to court along with Horseface and the like – presumably he lost it all then.

  14. nehooper59

    If i see another comment on how “horrible” this season is, I might just go nuts. Everywhere I look online there is somone saying how David Simon’s writing isn’t up to par in the final season, or he didn’t do this or that right. I think this season is not only fantastic, but I TRUELY belive that people will look back on the fifth and final season of The Wire and say that it was a fitting end to the best show to ever grace the idiot box. Now I have seen episode six, and I am convinced this season is going to end in a bang that will shake all of the loyal Wire viewers. David Simon and Ed Burns have never failed us with each of the previous four seasons of The Wire, what makes us so sure they would cut us short on this one?

  15. steve

    nicole, i loved season 4. i was very skeptical when i heard what the season would focus on, but season 4 ended up being my favorite of them all. i found it an immensely touching and riveting exploration of how the streets create an avon, stringer, marlo, and kenard.

    personally i was happy to see stringer and avon go, and to be replaced by the newcomer marlo (as politics go, so do the streets. the old replaced by the new). i continue to enjoy watching marlo, and like any sane person, would relish his demise.

    nehooper, i am a devoted wire fan, hell i am a devoted simon fan. i finally read his book homicide before the beginning of season 5, and it was as excellent as i could have hoped for. all that being said, the baltimore sun plot is a complete and utter journalistic cliche, and it goes beyond the untimely exploration of journalistic fraud…the newsroom scenes reek of simon’s own distaste for the newspaper world, and at that the man is out of touch with the current state of affairs there.

    mcnulty and templeton’s “collaboration” is a forced narrative device, and i know that simon could’ve done better. i’m sorry that he hates what the news world has become, but don’t spoil a brilliant show’s final season just by getting some jabs in at your former bosses.

    still watching and enjoying every week none the less,


  16. Nicole

    Don’t get me wrong, Steve. I of course loved last season (as any Wire season) but I felt dropped like a lead balloon at the end.

    BTW, the book is titled: Homicide authored by David Simon?

    None the less—The Wire is the TV highlight of my week.

    Anxiously waiting the update of this blog so we can discuss…(hint hint)

  17. steve

    homicide. the basis for the tv show of the same name (far inferior to the book).

    the book is brilliant. it follows the homicide dept. of baltimore for a year. here’s a cliche…i couldn’t put it down.

    you’ll find many vignettes that have appeared in the wire. snot boogie, the xerox lie detector, etc. these are all based on the experiences of real baltimore murder pohlice.

  18. B-MORE

    Nicole, It is really hard to find a woman who likes the wire, Im just wondering are u single?

  19. nehooper59

    Even if the use of the newspaper story line is cliche and the Mcnutty serial killer line is a stretch I still believe people should give it a chance to play out. The bar for the Wire’s writing has been set so high by the previous fantastic seasons that people are ripping apart every scene that might seem off. The supposed “dip in quality” is a prime example of why David Simon cannot continue the Wire past the fifth season. He planned for a 5 part story arch and anything more would be clearly (to some people) dilluting the quality of work. I also believe that this “dip in quality” is directly correlated to the brass at HBO forcing Simon’s hand with only providing 10 episodes for the final season. It may be true that Simon is out of touch with the current state of the news room. Yet i think one has to ask if with more episodes would it have been possible to bring in more writers, who were more familiar with the modern aspects of reporting?. Another question is would Simon even want this?
    I don’t feel that the news room storyline is out of place, infact I think it is just fine so far. Simon stated that a reason for portraying the media, was that it was the last familliar avenue they could explore in The Wire. Simon also has stated over and over that The Wire is really a story of Americas failure of a great city. Part of the reason the city has crumbled is that instead of reporting the facts of what is occuring, people in positions of power such as the media were too busy chasing unimportant matters like the feel good story (templeton) or chasing a serial killer that doesn’t exist (McNulty).
    Give it a chance, it will all play out, and most importantly, enjoy the amazing work of visual literature we are witnessing.

  20. Nicole


    You have me blushing. My husband is the one who turned me onto The Wire. I missed the first season and had to buy it on dvd after watching the 2nd season.

  21. Nicole

    I have to force myself to agree that Simon is doing the right thing by ending The Wire after this season. I admire the consciousness of it. There is nothing more depressing than a series that has extended past its original story.

    Steve–I am going to pick up the book this week. Thanks for the recommendation.

  22. cfeeler

    Hey did anyone know that if you have hbo on demand, you can actually watch the new episode on monday or tuesday for some reason. you just go to series and select the wire and you will see the new episode almost a week before it shows on hbo.

  23. Nicole

    Hey, cfeeler—-

    Thanks for rubbing it in to those of us who dont have HBO on Demand. πŸ˜‰

  24. *THE BEAR*

    The webmaster is pretty late to post an article about the new episode.

  25. yepp. this week’s been crazy. have planned for a double bill tomorrow though πŸ™‚

  26. JD

    Just saw this episode and am still in shock. Damn Marlo is pure evil, I hope Omar takes him out hard. I love the way they depict the newsroom. This show shouldn’t just win TV awards, it should win a fricken Pulitzer and even a Nobel!

  27. Rizzle

    lmao! If a person knows where to go you can watch all seven episodes back to back Ive seen all seven episodes and loved every one. I wont spoil it for those who havent seen them all but all I can say is surprise surprise…. You’ll be pulling your hair out for the last 3 episodes to come out….


  29. Chris

    Just watched this episode.

    Marlo is one cold motherfucker

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