The Wire Season 5 Episode 5 Review

Yepp, a little bit late I know. But I’ve finally got the time to type up my impressions of episode 5 (just in time for tonights episode 6, can’t wait!).

For the first time during the course of this show, I’m starting to doubt McNulty. I admin I thought him and Freamon were doing the right thing, but with the twist and turns of this episode their means doesn’t seem to justify their motives. Is it all starting spiralling out of control? It was however pure joy to watch the confusion in the room when mcnulty and the young journo (never remember his name…) where lying their asses off about the phone calls.

And even with the success of a wire tap, it seem that the Greeks are a lot more sofisticated than the average dealers using secure channels on their phones and such.

And Omar, what a mess he got himself in. Hope I gets out on top, but from the looks of it that won’t happen.



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10 responses to “The Wire Season 5 Episode 5 Review

  1. steve

    lengthy negative review of season 5 (not sure if there are any spoilers, as i haven’t read the whole thing yet):

  2. steve

    “In the show’s fifth season, that anger has gotten the better of him. Much of his rage is focused on the media and the dwindling fortunes of newspapers. For the first time, though, his frustrations start to muck not just with the believability of his characters but with the rules of the peculiar social order he’s invented. One of the central arguments of The Wire has been that, despite various political and economic upheavals, despite all the futility in its world, characters stay relatively constant. Omar never points his shotgun at a citizen; Bubbles remains genial, self-sacrificing, and concerned with fair play regardless of whether he’s using; Freamon, who rode a soul-crushing job on the pawnshop detail for 13 years before earning a position worth his intelligence, takes his time and would rather fuss over dollhouse furniture than get involved in BPD administrative squabbles.

    Simon has done serious damage to this premise this year in an effort to make his case against corporate media by giving money—or its lack—such character-morphing power. Money has always been short in The Wire—the angry God who made Simon’s Baltimore may well have first intoned “You’ll just have to do more with less” instead of “Let there be light.” But this time around financial concerns are strangely disproportionate, a wrecking ball that arbitrarily reshapes character. HBO has thus far only made seven of the season’s 10 episodes available to reviewers, and Simon may yet right the ship. But it’s thudding to a close, stuck in a stereotypically TV-like world it’s heroically avoided until now.”

  3. steve

    ok, i just finished it, anyone w/o problems with season 5 should only read it if you want to get pissed off.

    i agree with lots but not all of it.

  4. Nicole

    I dont agree about Omar…I think he will get out of this one and complete the vendetta. I hope your theory isn’t true. I absolutely could not stand it if Omar was killed off the show. Prop Joe was bad enough for me.

    As far as the end of this show–apparently Marlo is using the phone to log into a computer–my thoughts were that he was possibly checking his accounts overseas. Silly Marlo.

    McNulty–gah! What a mess this man is. I cringe. It does look like things could be spiraling out of control for him–not only his professional life but his personal too.

    Thanks for the link, Steve. From what you posted it looks like an interesting read. I wonder why only 7 of the 10 shows have been made available to reviewers—-writers strike? I will return with some comments.

    Anxiously awaiting tonight’s saga and welcome back, admin!

  5. 215

    Well everybody’s entitled to their own opinion so here’s mine… I’ve been a wire fan since DAY ONE.. And over the season’s I believe the wire shows how each market in life that suppose to protect us either fails us or is set up to fail us….. From the police (protect and serve), the docks (import and export), politics(corrupt), the school system(in which the kids don’t learn shit and still pass) and finally the newspaper (false stories and lies to get the community up in arms) There was a person who says that season 5 sucked and corny and drawn out and like I said everyone has their own opinion but to me if you have to say that then you don’t get it now and I hope you will later…. Wire focus on all outlets that’s suppose to protect us from or learn from the drug game, murder game, or whatever criminal aspect that plague us these days…. The news people we see or read SOMETIMES are lies, bullshit, or just plan stupid (tired of hearing about spears or winehouse if those bitches wanna kill themselves go head I just don’t wanna see it or hear about it every 30 mins fucking addicts) So in closing look closely at what happens on the wire try not to be one track minded and just pay attention to the action pay attention to everything in detail because the action may be good but the reason behind those actions is even GREATER and I’ll bet you’ll never say that this season sucks you will finally get it.. The Press are the ones that really SUCK

  6. *THE BEAR*

    One thing I remember most about this episode right now is Cutty comin’ back!

    Yeah! One less person in a must-return-before-the-show-ends-character-list.

    Now it’s only Poot, Bunny, Prez, Namond and Randy.

    And the scene with two big time liars McNulty and Templeton was hilarious!

    Incredibly amazing episode, I always start shivering when I hear ‘When you walk through the garden’ thing, damn!

  7. slim charles

    im waiting to see namond bunny colvin and poot this shit is crazy…..i personally think this is one of the best seasons yet i wasnt too big on the whole media thing at first but its cool now that there starting to become more involved wif da story..bubbles is clean im just not used to it….i miss seeing him nod off and drool all over his pants as he finishes up pumping a nice red top into his bloodstream…..wouldnt it be tight if bodie came back from the dead as a zombie got his corner back and then ate the brains of marlo chris and snoop to become the ultimate gangster and rule the streets of bmore with a dead zombie fist……jk……….well here are my predictions……marlo will get knocked locked and booked……..chris will die and snoop will go to jail or v.v……mcnutty as bubbles calls him is gonna go to jail or commit suicide….shakima tacobumpin greggs willget back wif her bitch or become more of a muvva ……and i also predict there will be a season 6……i dont know what to think about omar….i bet he sticks it in carcettis butt

  8. Mary

    I am disappointed in this season too, but I blame that all on HBO cutting back on the number of episodes. This show needs those two or three extra hours, and I have no idea why HBO would agree to a fifth season of the Wire and then cut back on the hours. Ridiculous decision, and I think The Wire’s ratings are down because of it.

    I am so obsessed with this show though, and I will continue to watch every episode!

  9. teresa

    I enjoyed every season of the wire. i do hope they are going to come up with more seasons tho

  10. a

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