Be a The Wire F*cking Fan Club Guest Blogger!

This is your shot at instant fame (well, sort of)! As you’ve probably noticed the blog hasn’t been as up to date recently. This is due to heavy work load in the ‘real world’ (where I get paid 😉

So, this is your chance to contribute as a guest blogger 🙂 If you’re interested, please just drop a comment below and let me know.



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30 responses to “Be a The Wire F*cking Fan Club Guest Blogger!

  1. Amarie4911

    Would love to do it. As you can see, I waited up until midnight to catch episode 8 and then jumped on the internet to talk about it.

  2. Hi Amarie4911
    Actually can’t see it (no link?) 😉 Would be awesome if you would like to write a review of episode 7 for the blog! Just pen it down and post in the comments and i’ll post as regular blog. Just make sure its unique, so you haven’t published it already on your own site. If it turn out great, I should be able to provide with logins for regular guest bloggers.

  3. kenard hater

    i wish mike would have killed that lil punk kenard so omars gay ass would stil be alive

  4. Naimon

    Kenard should have been smoked last season, why the fuck Micheal got his thieven ass on the corner anyway. I was just bullshiting last week that he was going to get Omar, but I did’nt really mean it. I hate to see Omar go and I see Snoop, The Chris going next. I want to see Slim Charles beat the fuck out of Cheese and then I wanna see Poot blast everybody for Bodie.
    It will even be better if Avon and Wee-Bey get out because Mcnutty got caught with his bullshit and his case get thrown out. Marlo and Herk need to go to fisticuff cuz I ‘d like both of them to get their ass beat. Then see namond and Randy graduate from high scool for a positive note. And Gus can star screwin Alma while Templeton gets fired.
    That the only way it can end.

  5. nehooper59

    To the Administrator of this site:
    You should really consider removing the above comments from this post, its not fair to have a key part of the series revealed a week before its air date even if some people have access.

  6. nehooper59

    that is to say if this is true ^

  7. Jimmy D

    Note to nehooper59:

    Everyone that has HBO should have access to viewing the episodes a week before their air date. I’m not sure in your area, but in mine you can’t have HBO without having onDemand which is where the people can find the episodes a week early.

  8. interesting post thx topless preteen aan

  9. Ana

    Hi, i write from Spain. I´ve just finished the wire fourth season. I love this show. For me, the best was the second season. Frank Sobotka was a terrific character. In Spain, we haven´t watch this show but i try to recommend it to everybody. After The Sopranos the best tv show ever.

  10. lazee


    Who are the women on the Wire and were they as well-rounded as the guys ?The ones I remember are –
    Kima Greggs – poorly played by a new actress. Got fed up of her gesture of rolling her eyes and tutting all the time. One-dimensional.

    Rhonda Pearlman – given a steely edge and an eye for an A1 physique in bagging Daniels. Key scenes – her standoff with Levy and her exasperated chat with Lester Freamon. Got her dream promotion and kept her man.

    Marly Daniels – put career ahead of marriage. Maybe she was implicated in her ex -husband’s shady narcotics unit past.

    Beadie Russell – what was she doing taking McNulty back when he was down on his ass? Could she trust him again ? Could he trust himself ? Glad to see one of the main women juggling with work and kids.

    Snoop – was more androgynous than female. Same soldier mentality as seen in the guys. Loved her humourous ad-libbing lines. You could tell they came out of the blue.

    D’Angelo’s mum – fierce and determined to stay loyal to her family until Stringer’s betrayal caused her to walk away. But not from the money. Would’ve liked to seen her take over the Barksdale empire and slug Marlo or turn philanthropist and open a school for hoppers.

    Wee-Bey’s Missus – as Bodie remarked, he could see why Namond was the way he was. Wouldve liked her to become a bigger player in the game too. She was well feisty. Couldve made her part meatier too.

    Any others worth a mention ?

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  12. 98XjHq Excellent article, I will take note. Many thanks for the story!

  13. michael

    just finished watching it a couple of weeks ago. . .great show!!! thre’s some real quality in that lacks in most shows nowaday! I saw Omar on brooklyns finest the other day. . . just didnt fit the role!

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