The Wire Losing Viewers – Too Challenging for the mainstream

It’s pretty clear that not everyone has seen the light and understand the greatness of the Wire – by far the greatest show to grace my tv.

According to a recent article, the wire season 5 seem to have alienated viewers (the one’s who can’t follow anything more challenging than the O.C probably…) as it’s rating’s went down about 23 percent compared to the previous season.

Anyways – it’s their loss, not the show – it’ll go on ’till the end anyway, thankfully!



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8 responses to “The Wire Losing Viewers – Too Challenging for the mainstream

  1. Naimon

    It took 7 episodes this season and its just getting exciting but please spin it off soon, this is the reason I have HBO right now.

  2. nhoop59

    We don’t need those fair weather fans anyway!

  3. tcall79

    Its “too challenging” not “to challenging”

  4. Well spotted, I’ve changed it – my life feels so much more complete now 😉 kiddin’!

  5. DaveCo

    Y’know it’s all in the game but I hope the execs at HBO don’t try to read too much into this – aside from football there’s a writer’s strike which has people less committed to television, an annual increase in downloading and the downward spike is probably a natural response to an upward spike of new viewers from the beginning of the season who weren’t ready to jump into the shows 60th episode without the first 59 as exposition.

  6. Jimmy D

    I don’t know why this seasons ratings dropped compared to others but overall I think it went unnoticed for a while is because there are bunch of people who just don’t understand alot of the dialect that’s being used. There are idiots that either don’t believe or don’t care about the issues the wire deals with.

  7. cooks brut 142

    I’m not a writer but I sure could’ ve thought about having a better plot than a gay homeless serial killer. That shit was wack. That was McNulty’s sick ass. Who would’ve thought? What happened to my fine ex con boxer and the ex cop teacher who was trying to help Mike? Did you forget about the shit you wrote? I didn’t. How can you just drop these characters? Don’t you give a shit? Isn’t this supposed to make sense?

  8. dak

    I’ve just gotten into this show this season, being the first time I have had HBO. I’m just depressed that I couldn’t get more people into it before, because even though I didn’t see seasons 1-4, S5 was the best ‘cop’ show I have seen. In the last few weeks I’ve gone through season 1-2 and halfway through 3, this is the best show I have ever seen. Close second is LOST, different type of show, but as far as real shit goes, The Wire is awesome.

    Before I started my under-grad, I volunteered at downtown Houston missionary centers and this show is the epitome of what I (in my limited view) have seen on the street. Kids I knew at 8 years old are now slinging dope to make money, and I don’t blame them. It is a very different type of class structure we have now, and this is the only show I have watched that tries to address the fact that most of these ghetto residents don’t have allot of choices when it comes to their lifestyles.

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