David Simon and Ed Burns Presents – Generation Kill

Generation KillPerhaps not completely the Wire related, but still noteworthy of this humble blog. The Wire creators David Simon and Ed Burns have been busy working as writers (both) and producer (Simon) of a new TV mini-series called Generation Kill.

According to the tiny information on IMDB, the show will be about a marine’s experience during the American-lead assault on Baghdad in 2003.

The movie is based on the book of the same name by Evan Wright, which got quite good reviews.

…showing the unsettling combination of feeble and vicious resistance put up by the Iraqi army, the Fedayeen militiamen and their Syrian allies against American forces bulldozing through towns and cities and into Baghdad.
– Publisher Weekly

And if there’s one thing that those guys have proved to the audience before, it’s that they will show us the war as authentic as possible – without the usual Hollywood dust added to make it more exciting and easier to comprehend.



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9 responses to “David Simon and Ed Burns Presents – Generation Kill

  1. johnnythewire

    Question what is the song name and band on the HBO Generation Kill trailer?

  2. Tomas Groom

    “Shuffle your feet” by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

  3. marina

    there is a song from linkin park in one of the tv trailers, can anyone give me the name of it?

  4. Chris

    Who is singing the rap song in the back ground when the two dudes are chilling with the poges?

  5. Scott

    Does anyone know the song from the Generation kill trailer. Something like “So happy Oh I’m oh so happy hat it happened this way”

  6. Scott

    Adam Kling – The Happy Song

  7. adam kling

    the song is actually called “happy this way” written by a. kling and h. dlugasch try myspace.com//557791045

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  9. Incredibly well executed piece of writing!

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