The Wire Season 5 Episode 7 Review

Clay Davis is one slick smooth talker. Damn, he got ’em all wrapped around his little finger. Sheeeeiiit. Don’t really like that man.

McNulty’s trying to do good with his new resources, but I’m still fairly confident that he will f*ck up soon. The writing’s on the wall unfortunately. With the homeless people getting faces and families, it’s all getting too personal.

Same thing with Omar. Good to see him giving Michael a bit of scare, but I’m still pretty sure he will make a misstake soon – it’s just too personal for him. And that limp leg doesn’t really help either…

Bunk seem to be about to crack soon, don’t think he’ll rat on McNulty or Freamon, but he’s pretty pissed off. Also liked the scene when he’s interrogating Michael. Hope he gets to Chris and Snoop soon.

btw, did you notice that Dominic West (playing McNulty) directed this episode? How cool is that!

I’ll leave you today with a brilliant edit of Clay Davis – sheeeeeeeeeiiiiiit!



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25 responses to “The Wire Season 5 Episode 7 Review

  1. nhoop59


  2. Yo, episode 8 was leaked and like so many of us I downloaded and watched it…. THE KILL OFF OMAR !!
    Why have they done this?
    Where are they going with this?
    Someone please help me understand…the rest of this season is just going to suck now!

  3. they killed off omar this is some bull@#!* why watch it dude was the show in my eyes. they better clean the ending up it s gonna have to be good or all 5 season were a waste of film!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get it together………….

  4. nehooper59

    Nice way to spoil it for people who haven’t watched yet Bigbee. The unexpected writing off of main characters is what makes The Wire so great. And now someone won’t enjoy the surprise. So Thank you BigBee for being a spoiler!

  5. Some people might say that this season is on par with the previous 4 seasons…i say bullshit. Many of the episodes dont have any relevance to the ending or the present. So much irrelevant detail was presented in episodes 2-6. Many of those episodes could have been summed up in a sentence. I think the good story lines have been put out to pasture and the bad ones have been emphasized. For example; you have an ongoing war between marlo and the co-op but the most that storyline gets is a few mins in episodes 5 and 6. Prop joe dying should have been one of the focal points of this season…however it turned out to be a small side story. the after effects should have been the main story line in subsequent episodes. instead you have mcnulty and the news reporter lying. that stuff is interesting but not for 4 plus episodes. Finally, omar getting shot by a low level guy in marlo’s crew???? are you kidding me? that little bitch shot marlo???? a showdown between marlo and omar could have been a classic battle, instead it turned into a microcosm of season 5…lots and lots of build up but no payoff.

  6. B-MORE


  7. Screw you nehooper59
    you and everyone else see this eposide tonight. so eat me!!
    A lot of people like to know what’s going to happen before others so don’t be such a whiner!:(

  8. vinman


    You really can’t comprehend that posting a major spoiler on a messageboard dedicated to the wire fans is a big deal. And spoiling Omars death for fans way to go. Just because you know whats gonna happen doesn’t mean you have to be an idiot and spoil it

  9. tyeala3

    You talk about Omar what about My girl Snoop

  10. B-MORE


  11. steve

    i too had the season/series spoiled by visiting the hbo message boards.

    i went, interested in discussing my favorite show, and the week’s developments….ooops, that was stoopid.

    hey spoilers/ziggy, put your dick away and shut up. let the rest of us enjoy the series as it unfolds.

    and that youtube clip is brilliant!!!! 🙂

  12. steve

    also, i must recant, these last few episodes have almost made up for the early ones.

  13. nhoop59

    I’m thinking of starting a Life After the Wire support group, just for the sake of my sanity. My obsession is on the next level, and I need help with what I should do after The Wire….

  14. marcsteinerblog

    As the airdate for the last episode of The Wire approaches, Marc Steiner and the Center for Emerging Media are doing a new series of interviews on The Wire. There’s going to be a new one added to their site every day this week. The first interview, with Ed Burns, is already up! The site is
    To go right to the Ed Burns interview, go here:

  15. sheeeiiiiiiiit

    You know what? You motherf**kers are as*holes. Do you think you’re the only ones who watch this show? Do you think the show only exists for your sorry-assed tiny existence? Guess what? I live in Europe and I f***king love this goddamned show. It’s the best show on TV, and it’s better than any film in ages. And y’know what? There are thousands like me and we ain’t on the same schedule as y’all. Because of the f**ked up ways TV gets distributed across the globe, we get this show a lot later than y’all. So thanks for letting me know about Prop Joe. Thanks for letting me know about Omar. And thanks – especially – for not having the motherf**king god-given courtesy for writing “spoiler” before spoiling it for the rest of us. But that wouln’t occur to you bitches, would it?

  16. reallywirey

    Well Sheeeiiiiiiiit, if you don’t want to look at any spoilers, it seems to me you shouldn’t read a post titled The Wire Season 5 Episode 7 review. By the way, Michael kills Snoop in episode 9.

  17. Rom

    I sa wfinal episode, but not gona spoil here

  18. webey719

    im gonna have to say the death of omar was not how i expected but i did expect his death…….no one goes around doing what he did to live to talk about it as long as he did………it just didnt have to be kenard i was happy to see him getting arrested at the end of the last episode….and omars spirit living on by michael that was a good part to add…also cheese gettin his head blown the fuck off by slim was classic….chris and webey sittin in jail togeter was cool…dookie becomming a heroine addict was sad….bubbles and his sis sittin together was cool good for fim for gettin clean…ol girl became a judge fuckin whats that states attorney bitches name oh yeah pearlman….mcnutty as bubbles called him or mcnulty resighned…greggs was a big ol bitch for snitchin him out….well all in all i was a little upset with the wire at the begining of this season but it was a good one after all im sad its gone but good things dont last long………R.I.P BODIE

  19. After tonight’s finale of THE WIRE go to leave your mark, speak your mind and pay tribute to the show that changes the way America views the game.

  20. wow! the finale has been aired!! i have a couple of seasons to catch up on.

    The Wire, along with LOST and Entourage were all the perfect TV diet.


  21. Hey,

    Just wanted to let you know that AOL Television voted McNulty as one of their “Top 20 TV Cops”! Here’s the info:

    It’d be cool if you posted it!



  22. Rick

    anyone know the name of the song in epp 7 wen omar comes out with his crutch, grabs the gun from the tire of the car and hold em all up?

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