The Wire, The End, The City – Cheers!

Five season of the Wire is gone. It’s been one hell of a ride. Big ups and downs.

Have to say that I thought the ending was pretty damn perfect. A little bit sentimental, but not over the top. And even if the show came to and end, the city and streets continue to live its life…

Cheers to you McNulty, Bunk, Daniels, Rhonda, Kima, Herc, Ellis, Lester, Bubbles, Omar, Prez, Burrell, Bodie, Avon, Stringer, Carcetti, Marlo, Chris, Bunny, Cutty, Poot, Snoop, Prop Joe, Duke, Clay Davis, Wee-Bey, D’Angelo, Clarence, Valchek, Monk, Shamrock, Fitz, Sobotka, Gus, Scott, The Greek, Butchie, O-Dog, and the rest of you!

One of my favourite scenes, when McNulty gets profiled 🙂 Pure genious!

What’s your favourite The Wire moments, from any season?



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6 responses to “The Wire, The End, The City – Cheers!

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  2. Hello. I loved this scene too. Definitely one of the best in Season 5. Across all of the seasons, another of my favourites was where Stringer Bell is running the meetings as if it is a normal business and they have to ask the Chair’s permission to speak. I also loved the scene (can’t remember which season now), where Carver and Herc bump into Bodie and Poot when they are all on dates at the cinema.

    I write a blog about crime shows and have linked to this site on there. You may want to have a read of it – I’ve written quite a bit about The Wire.

  3. My favorite scene is when Bunny and the researcher from UMD ask the principal to take 40-50 kids in their alternative classroom and she says “why don’t you start with 10.”

    The exact opposite happened to my colleague. She asked for 10 kids and the principal gave her 20! Season 4 hits home for me because I have met a lot of kids like Namond and Duquan through my work with the Incentive Mentoring Program (htpp:// Luckily, we have had more success than Bunny’s program though. Much love for Bunny though!!

  4. I think my favorite scene was in season one where McNulty and Bunk are revisiting a past crime scene that was botched, and for five minutes nothing comes out of their mouths but “fuck,” “fuckitty, “motherfucker,” and variations thereof. It was brilliant writing, because so much was summed up by using those words as they discovered one more botched piece of detective work after another.

    I always loved when Omar hit the streets and everyone would scatter, yelling his name and how they built his character to become urban legend. I definitely saw parallels in Omar and early Clint Eastwood westerns where he was an outlaw, but he had his own set of guiding principles of right and wrong…the writer’s returned to Omar’s grandmother’s “crown” being shot at, on a Sunday, and it was used to heighten the difference between Omar’s means of achieving victory over Marlow.

    The scene where Snoop accepts her impending death with equanimity and adding in that one tiny element about her hair; showing a very feminine concern at the end…from the least feminine of women.

    I could go on and on. This is why The Wire will remain a classic series over time. Superior cast, writing, locale.

  5. Ayo

    Best scene….to many to choose from but:
    1) McNulty’s funeral (season 5)
    2) Herc, Carver, Bodie…enough said (season 1)
    3) Rawls in the gay bar (season 3)
    4) Omar in court (season 2)
    5) Mcnulty crashing his car (season 2)
    6) Marlo back on the street (season 5)
    7) Slim shoots Cheese (season 5)
    8) Chris beats Michael’s stepdad (season 4)
    9) Bunk burning his clothes (season 1)
    10) Prez punches Valchek (season 2)

  6. Nenemcnutty

    I have so many favs….

    Omar whislting the farmer in the Dell while walking around creeping with a shotgun
    2). Rawls in the gay bar
    3). Jimmy in the whore house and they bust him and he’s getting laid
    4). How that fat homicide lt was always eating sloppy food or looking at titty mags.
    5). HERC!!! When he steals the number but says remind Marlo of my camera
    6). The way snoop talked/walked. She has to be straight off the street right?
    7). Bubbles. What a huge heart. “much
    8). Bunk burning his clothes after cheating
    9). When they thought Lester was a hump and then they realized WTF he’s amazing
    10). Avon/stringer fight.

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