Generation Kill – First Impression

Haven’t written anything in ages, or at least since the wire season 5 ended. Look forward to the DVD box 🙂 but anyways, what I wanted to write was just a short first impression note on another show by David Simon and Ed Burns, Generation Kill. 

I’ve only watched the very first episode and just like the wire I assume it will take a couple of episode before it sucks you right in. Also like the wire it has the same realistic feel to it (although I don’t know if the creators are as familiar with the war in the dessert as they’re with the war on the streets).

IMDB users so far are rating the show an impressive 9.0 (compared to the wire 9.7), but suspect this might shoot up once the show catching main stream glory.

What’s your verdict so far? Please don’t post any spoilers as I’ve yet to watch the first seven episodes.



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4 responses to “Generation Kill – First Impression

  1. Yet another awesome series. But I have to say one thing, don’t expect ‘Band Of Brothers’. It’s much more D&M.

    I ended up having dreams of being the Scribe.

    Check Out for a review of each episode. Very chillaxed site 😉

  2. watched the first episode of generation kill last night, I enjoyed it. As expected ultra-realistic, great script. Good to see James Ransone back, since I thought, he was one of the strongest characters in Season 2. Can’t wait for the rest.

  3. Nicholas Galvin

    James Ransone is fantastic. His portrayal of Ziggy should be lauded, but like the other great actors in this inventive series, he is sadly neglected.

  4. I thought that fans of The Wire and David Simon would want to know that Simon will be appearing in Hartford, CT on November 21st. Here’s the link with information about the event:

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