Anwan Glover aka Slim Charles – Life before and after the Wire

What happened to Slim Charles from the Wire? I know.

Stop Smiling Anwan Glover Feature

Stop Smiling Anwan Glover Feature

I’ve spent this morning listening to live recordings of Anwan Glovers go-go band The Backyard Band and it’s pretty damn good. I got the CD from the latest issue of Stop Smiling which has a nice lengthy feature on the Big G.

Apparently just like snoop of the wire, Anwan Glover’s character Slim Charles wasn’t that distant from his own life. In 2004 he got arrested for gun possession, and in 2007 his brother got gunned down a couple of blocks from where they grew up.

Currently living it up in New York, Anwan Glover is sharing his focus between his music and acting career. And after the wire, there’s a high demand for his services.

Here’s a brilliant clip with Slim Charles of the Wire scene stealing presence. Brilliant lines at the end.

“Don’t matter who did what to who at this point, fact is we went to war and now there ain’t no going back. I mean, shit,  it’s what war is you know, once you’re innit, your innit.. If it’s a lie, then we fight on that lie, but we got to fight”



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2 responses to “Anwan Glover aka Slim Charles – Life before and after the Wire

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  2. Benjohn phurius

    I just love slim charles & snoop

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