Who the f*ck is George Pelecanos, and what’s he doing on the Wire?

Little known to the wider audience perhaps, George Pelecanos is a DC based writer who also became producer of the show.

20081020140153_1pelecanosI’m yet to read any of his own novels, but according to the latest issue of Stop Smiling, his style seem quite similar to that of David Simon and Edward Burns; the gritty reality of the hustler. There doesn’t seem to be an excerpt online, but you can buy the magazine for a cheap $8.

Apparently the article authour and myself share the same faviourite scene, from season 2 when McNulty on purpouse drives his own car into a bridge two times after a night on the binge. So thankyou Pelecanos for writing that brilliant scene. Check it out below.



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5 responses to “Who the f*ck is George Pelecanos, and what’s he doing on the Wire?

  1. Wow… first of all, I’m not good at english xD Misa don’t speaka engleesh!

    I’ve just finished, right now, the first season of The Wire… 6 hours watching the last 7 chapters of that season, and I must to say… F*CK! That sh*t is f*cking good! THE WIRE IS F*CKING DRUG! XD You wanna watch more and more! I’m right now downloading the 2nd season, and 3rd, and 4th! And 5th! XD! The scene that you selected, is… perfect! And is only one of a bunch of perfect scenes! McNulty is a natural-born-cop!

    I’m a wire-addict right now… πŸ˜€

  2. You’re absolutely right, it is a drug πŸ™‚ worst thing is going cold turkey after season five though…. recommend then that you watch the miniseries the corner.

  3. gonzomedia

    you think he did that on purpose?? not missed his turn twice??

  4. haha, now that you’re saying that. I’ve always just assumed that he did, because he’s a drunk wanker who’s just bored; like a sad suicide attempt or something πŸ˜‰

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