Interview with Ed Burns at Lovefilm

Love film has a published an interview with the Wire author Ed Burns.

LF: How far were any of the characters or cases in The Wire based on real people and situations?

EB: None of them were based on real people and real situations. I knew that world intimately and I did a lot of wire tap cases – with warrants too, I mean legally! – and I know the moves. I spent thousands of hours with all sorts of gunmen and drug dealers. So creating stories is easy because you’re drawing on all that wealth and then layering the details, again, because you’ve seen it.

Check out the full interview at Lovefilm



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3 responses to “Interview with Ed Burns at Lovefilm

  1. I’m a recent fan to “The Wire” (I’m still working through Season 1), and I find it amazing and instructive. Thanks for linking to this interview to Ed Burns. I’ve always wondered about this person in the credits next to David Simon.

  2. Yeah, Ed burns is a pretty cool dude too 🙂

  3. Cyrus Bryant

    I’ve watched season 1 – 5 twice already and I love the way they left it open to be continued. I hope a I a petition of others feeling the same way that they continue forth with this series. Its reality and stuff that goes on everyday and also we can relate to it all over the nation.

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