The Wire Fever hits the UK

With the announcement that BBC2 is going to air all five seasons of The Wire, everyone is quick to jump on the bandwagon and tell their praise. The show is scheduled for 1120pm, and will be on every night for the next 12 weeks.



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6 responses to “The Wire Fever hits the UK

  1. Yo. Be talkin to my homie String last night. Be sayin, you wanna watch the fuckin Wire, yo. Show be comin to UK TV Tuesday night, BBC2. Shit be tight.

    String say to me, yo, B. You see what time it on? Start half eleven, that shit don’t finish till half-twelve, yo. An’ I gots ta be up quarter pas’ six nex’ morning, to go oversee shipment on the new package. Feel me?

    See, I know what that nigga be sayin, yo. Been there myself, damn near ev’ry week. Each time there be some movie on terrestrial TV that be the shit – Spinal Tap, Funny Games, Rosemary’s Motherfuckin Baby – wack-ass schedulin fools stick it on at half past one in the goddamn morning. But see, I gots a motherfuckin drug empire to run here, nigga. Can’t stay up no later than eleven on a school night. For real.

    When you look at the weak-ass shit they be stickin on prime time, make you want to run crazy-wild on they scheduler’s ass, feel me? Now, The Apprentice, that shit be tight. Harry Hill’s TV Burp, he be one funny-ass nigga. But all that other shit they be callin da bomb and givin’ all that prime time televisual real estate?

    Gavin and Stacey? Nigga, please. Done laughed more when Omar held up my stash house an’ took off with two million dollars of my new package. That shit be weak, yo. An’ that fat-ass dark hair Welsh bitch get on my motherfuckin nerves.

    Little Britain? Them the two least funniest motherfuckers in Britain, mos def. Fat-ass motherfucker say ‘I’m the only gay in the village.’ Skinny-ass motherfucker say ‘I’m a lay-deee.’ That catchphrase shit wearin thin ten motherfuckin years ago, feel me? League of Gentlemen niggas must be buggin whenever they see that shit, did that same idea a million times better, did it first and made way less cash. An’ if that David Walliams ain’t no cock-smokin motherfucker, motherfucker want to sue his creepy-ass face for slander.

    And don’ even get me started on the so called dark-ass psychological shit they stick on prime time. Like Wire In The Blood with that wack-ass fool Robson Green. Lame-ass motherfuckers always find some chopped up body with some gruesome shit been done to it – some gory-ass detail that jus’ be there to make motherfuckers in the audience go ‘eeeeew.’ Like its dick done been carved into the shape of a pretzel, or its tongue been pulled out with kitchen tongs and stuck up its ass. And always turns out there some wack-ass reason why the psycho doin this shit, like the psycho got dressed up as a baby girl when he a shorty. So it look all intelligent an’ psychological an’ shit, an’ not like weak-ass gratuitous torture porn at all – feel me?

    Be like what happen when I took my special needs nephew to go see Seven – then ask his sorry ass to describe the story two weeks later.

    For real.

    And that go double for motherfuckin Messiah. Mus’ be a Messiah 11 lined up soon. Ain’t seen no religiously inspired serial killers and creepy-ass-lookin’ churches occupyin’ prime time real estate for like nine month now.

    Demons – that be prime time too. Holy motherfuckin Christ, that shit be weak. Philip Glenister’s accent be wack. Script be wack. Director be so motherfuckin stupid, he got this blind ho walkin round with no guide dog, no stick, on her own, goin up and down unexpected staircases in unfamiliar buildin’s an she never go fallin ass over tit. She always look right at people faces when they talk, too. Show be a motherfuckin embarrassment, and they stick that shit on prime time.

    And don’ even mention Lark Rise to motherfuckin Candleford. Whimsical-ass motherfuckers from a gentler motherfuckin age can stick they post office right up they ass, yo?

    This shit be wack – feel me? Ain’t nothin’ but crap on TV all year round, an’ the best show ever made gonna get five or six viewers. I ever find that scheduler, gonna bus’ a cap in his ass, yo.

    Gots ta git. Upper east side niggas be stealin my ride.

    Holla at’cha,

    A x

  2. njolinjo86

    How are you mate. Big fan of your blog and huge fan of the wire.

    I have been reading alot of top 10 lists on the web and can not believe that this show hasnt been top 3 material.

    Anyway, I have my own blog

    Keep it up mate


  3. juliette – that’s a fucking classic. best blog comment evva!

  4. McNulty – thanks very much!! please check out my entire blog some time, at

    J x

  5. Wahoo…! Jd and coke is da shiznit! On a bloody night bus somewhere in London. Not quiet Baltimore, but fuck life’s good. And that’s this weeks random rant.

  6. Mcnulty would’ve been proud I’m sure..

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