The Wire – Where are they now?

The Telegraph has an interesting article on the Wire cast and what they are up to now that the show has finished.

Last time i spotted my personal favourite “McNulty” was in Frank Millers 300.



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12 responses to “The Wire – Where are they now?

  1. raygreen100


    I am a fan of The Wire, and am struggling to identify the title of a piece of music which appears in Episode 12 of Series 1, about 12 minutes in, when Shardene is getting ready in Orlando’s club (she has the hidden microphone in her hair). It would be classified as ‘dance’ music, and is playing downstairs in the club, but subtly turns from diegetic to non-diegetic soundtrack.

    Could anyone please help me identify this fantastic piece of music?

    It does not appear on the soundtrack CD.

    Any help / advice would be very much appreciated!


    Ray Green

    • Dan

      I think its Mos Def, called ‘Ms. Fat Booty’, or possibly ‘Love’. Both from the album Black On Both Sides.

      I could be completely wrong but i remember a few of his tracks were used in series 1.

  2. Laura M

    I am interested in sharing some content with you regarding a new project of Michael K. Williams’. Please contact me at my email address if you are interested in receiving some assets for your site.


  3. I just met Dominic West at a festival and can report that he was very nice:

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  5. I can tell you, that Chad L. Coleman (Cutty), is doing a mini-series in Scandinavia, called “Buzz Aldrin, what happened in all the confusion” – That’s at least the title of the book, from the series is being adapted from.

    There is an interview with him, up at @

  6. Tracy

    Michael Kenneth Williams (Omar) is back on HBO. He’s starring in the new Martin Scorsese series for HBO called Boardwalk Empire.

    • Dawn Maloney

      Love this program. So complex and so close to the heart. Lets me put together some historical events and my grandparents.

  7. Lance

    Brian Anthony Wilson (Det. Vernon Holly) is performing onstage in Philadelphia, PA through December. It’s a political comedy called This Is The Week That Is. Found it here-

  8. We recently cast Hassan Johnson (Weebay) in a crime-drama miniseries we made for YouTube (he’s on the other side of the law this time). He was a pleasure to work with:

  9. Dawn Maloney

    I just finish season 4 of “The Wire,” and started weeping about these kids. I used to teach Middle School and understood everything in the show about the state testing It made no difference. The politics and higher-ups aren’t concerned about individuals only stats. I did my bit, but government doesn’t understand what “Mr. Prez,” has learned. It is all about relationships and I cry for those kids (I know it is a fictional drama) but there were some kids inschools like those in the story. The more they try to push. “No child Left Behind,”. The
    More they are left behind like Michael. What can I do? The Wire really set up the problems, but what do we do?

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