The Wire Unleashed in Aussie Land

The Aussies have got bitten by the Wire bug, badly. Season 1 has just started on Australian ABC2 and is getting some fans. You definitely need to check out the video review on the link below as the characters presenting the show is absolutely hilarious.

Thanks to our aussie friends of f* for the tip.



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3 responses to “The Wire Unleashed in Aussie Land

  1. Chris Nichols

    I saw the entire series during a week of vacation I had recently (I don’t reside in the U.S.). Best thing I’ve ever seen on TV. I even had to go check up on some MASH episodes to make sure my head was straight. Is it just me, or is there a “William Shakespeare vs. Christopher Marlowe” angle to this series? With just the obvious “Avon” and “Marlow(e)” names, I could knock it off to coincidence, but it seems to me that there are other allusions that could be identified that derive from these writers’ differences in theme, narrative, message and style. Please, feel free to tell me that I am certifiably full of bullshit with this allusion. I’d be happier that way anyway.

  2. Ty

    Hey yeah…it’s just started on ABC2 but that sure aint the australian premiere..?? i’ve been watching the wire for over 4 years now already..bought and seen every episode. But channel 9 have had it on for several years…nobody i knew ever heard of it though until abc started advertising. Then all of a sudden it was everybody’s favorite show lol .?? Channel 9 just never advertised it…was on at 2:30 am every week

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