Omar is the most popular character of the Wire

I’ve been running a poll on this site for a while now, asking the simple question – “Who’s your The Wire favourite?”.

At the moment nearly 2500 people have voted and here are the results
Omar gets a head with almost 40% of the votes (978 votes)
Second spot goes to Stringer with 9.7%
closely followed by Bodie (8.33%) and McNulty (8.05%).

What’s particularly interesting to me is that “the baddies” are by far more popular than any of the cop characters.

ps. I’m a bit dissapointed that one of my favourites – Bubbles – are even further down the poll at 5.65% of the votes.

Who’s your favourite the Wire character?



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19 responses to “Omar is the most popular character of the Wire

  1. CousinWigs

    On your poll you have Cedric”bunny” as a choice for favorite character. Are you combining Daniels/Colvin into one choice or were you confused?

  2. diggla

    It´s Omar – of course as one might wanna ad. Favourite side-characters are Bubbles, Bunny and Cutty

  3. I tried to find a contact email with no success…so I’m just going to put this here, and please delete if it’s inappropriate. We’re having an extended roundtable on the Wire over at my blog, The Hooded Utilitarian. Most recent entry looks at The Wire’s little known beginnings as a Victorian illustrated serial. Please come by if that sounds appealing.

    Thanks, and apologies again if this is the wrong place to put this.

  4. Matt Goldman

    Taratino needs to watch this before he casts the role of DJANGO!

  5. BJH12PLAY

    Omar is my favoriite character also. The character’s raw grit and reality play well against the back drop of Baltimore. His reality holds the show together….

  6. Pete

    I like Omar yeh. But D’Angelo and Nick Sobotka are my favourites. Even though they had comparably short stints in the show. And actually i would have liked to have seen Nicky again.

  7. Bob McCaffrey

    Clay Davis. Period. End of story. Sheeeeit.

  8. S.

    Cedrik is not Bunny but Lt. Daniels. Bunny is Major Colman. Please correct this on your poll.Thanks.

  9. Neddyq

    i loved Omar , Mc Nulty ( what a good drunk actor) , Bunk , Micheal …infact all of them were excellent ….what a team of great actors….loved the show !

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  11. Speaking of Lt. Daniels: check out this hilarious interview clip with Lance Reddick.

    He talks about filming the sex scene at the end of Season 2 as one of the most awkward experiences of his life…

  12. slove

    i like bodie the best. i dont know why, but there’s just something about him i guess despite the fact that he killed wallace, who was also one of my favourites.. anyway, i also like bubbles and bunk.

  13. Lisa

    Good Guys: McNulty & Carver

    Bad Guys: Both Barksdales & the polish Ben Affleck look-alike who works the port

  14. Schleprock

    Two words: Bunk. Moreland. “Just a humble black man with a big dick.”

  15. Jeff Smith

    Disappointed Bubbles didn’t get more votes either! The guy is a dude! have you seen him dancing in this music video?

  16. footballchk

    Omar is based on a real person. His name was Donnie Andrews. He passed away a few years ago. He was married to Fran from “The Corner”. I heard they were introduced to each other by David Simon, who wrote both stories. Don’t know how true it is, though.

  17. footballchk

    Stringer is my favorite character. Correction: i have a healthy obsession with Idris Elba, and his fine self. My favorite character is probably Bodie. Stringer, Omar, and Proposition Joe are my other favorites.

  18. Where do I Begin? Who is my favorite Wire character? My Nulty and Bonk hold it all together. Darling Snoop, God bless you and we wish you the best for the future. The Barksdale family all of them actors and characters we love you. You are all invited for Xmas. Omar you are so handsome. I have to start a new page to list every favorite by name. Impossible for me to name one only. Much success to all

  19. florico

    Bubbles is my favorite character, because he lives among the bad guys but is not one himself. And he has the strength to live on. When his existence is threatened, he poison himself as if he were a wild animal developing strategy against predators. This takes him to the drama of his life: the death of Sherod, but he definitely cannot be hold responsible for it. The fact that the show end in a good way for him tends to put some morale in the story.
    I also like Cutty for willingly becoming a useful guy to the community, despite his criminal paste. That is a good redemption picture.

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