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Omar is the most popular character of the Wire

I’ve been running a poll on this site for a while now, asking the simple question – “Who’s your The Wire favourite?”.

At the moment nearly 2500 people have voted and here are the results
Omar gets a head with almost 40% of the votes (978 votes)
Second spot goes to Stringer with 9.7%
closely followed by Bodie (8.33%) and McNulty (8.05%).

What’s particularly interesting to me is that “the baddies” are by far more popular than any of the cop characters.

ps. I’m a bit dissapointed that one of my favourites – Bubbles – are even further down the poll at 5.65% of the votes.

Who’s your favourite the Wire character?



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The Wire – Where are they now?

The Telegraph has an interesting article on the Wire cast and what they are up to now that the show has finished.

Last time i spotted my personal favourite “McNulty” was in Frank Millers 300.


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The Wire Fever hits the UK

With the announcement that BBC2 is going to air all five seasons of The Wire, everyone is quick to jump on the bandwagon and tell their praise. The show is scheduled for 1120pm, and will be on every night for the next 12 weeks.


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Top Ten The Wire Substitutes

If you’re in need of the wire rehab after finishing the five series, here’s a quick fix for you. Head over to Blu-Ray Film and get some counseling through their the wire top ten list of movies and series to take you through the cold turkey.

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Who the f*ck is George Pelecanos, and what’s he doing on the Wire?

Little known to the wider audience perhaps, George Pelecanos is a DC based writer who also became producer of the show.

20081020140153_1pelecanosI’m yet to read any of his own novels, but according to the latest issue of Stop Smiling, his style seem quite similar to that of David Simon and Edward Burns; the gritty reality of the hustler. There doesn’t seem to be an excerpt online, but you can buy the magazine for a cheap $8.

Apparently the article authour and myself share the same faviourite scene, from season 2 when McNulty on purpouse drives his own car into a bridge two times after a night on the binge. So thankyou Pelecanos for writing that brilliant scene. Check it out below.


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David Simon and Ed Burns Presents – Generation Kill

Generation KillPerhaps not completely the Wire related, but still noteworthy of this humble blog. The Wire creators David Simon and Ed Burns have been busy working as writers (both) and producer (Simon) of a new TV mini-series called Generation Kill.

According to the tiny information on IMDB, the show will be about a marine’s experience during the American-lead assault on Baghdad in 2003.

The movie is based on the book of the same name by Evan Wright, which got quite good reviews.

…showing the unsettling combination of feeble and vicious resistance put up by the Iraqi army, the Fedayeen militiamen and their Syrian allies against American forces bulldozing through towns and cities and into Baghdad.
– Publisher Weekly

And if there’s one thing that those guys have proved to the audience before, it’s that they will show us the war as authentic as possible – without the usual Hollywood dust added to make it more exciting and easier to comprehend.


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The Wire for Real – Journalists and Street talk

Columnist Brian Lowry at Variety writes that the Wire is the one show on television that finally got the journalistic craft right. I’m not surprised at all, as the wire creator David Simon for many years was a crime reporter at the Baltimore Sun and I think the wires strength lies in it’s strive for authenticity.

Another fine example of this is all the slang in the show, which might at first deter a few people from watching, but once you get the hang of it makes it just so much more believable. Check out the following clip on the wire street talk.

In the words of actor Al Brown (Stanislaus Valcheck):

“I have never worked with a script that was in English that had a glossary” 


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