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Top Ten The Wire Substitutes

If you’re in need of the wire rehab after finishing the five series, here’s a quick fix for you. Head over to Blu-Ray Film and get some counseling through their the wire top ten list of movies and series to take you through the cold turkey.


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Blu-Ray Film UK Blog Launched

If you’re a Blu-Ray Film fan and based in the UK, you might want to check out our new blog aptly named The focus is on reviews of new and old movies as they get released in HD format, in the same style as the McNulty blog; so be prepared for rants and raves about what we like.

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The Wire Prequels – Young Omar and Proposition Joe and When McNulty met Bunk

Today the Wire Season 5 will air on HBO, and we’ll celebrate with a few golden clips.

The Wire Season 5 DVD boxes will apparently have some unique content on them, prequel material where you’ll see the gangsters growing up. It’s awesome to see how Omar only played people in the game from day one, and prop joe beeing a slick business man even as a kid.

Another great prequel moment is when McNulty met Bunk. Check it out!

Young Omar

Young Proposition Joe

McNulty and Bunk meet


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The Wire Season 4 on DVD

The Wire Season 4 DVD…soon that is at least. The latest and penultimate season of the Wire will be released on DVD the 4th of December. At least if you live in the US, here in the UK I have’t seen it listed anywhere. If you know of a UK release date, please drop a comment below.

Updated: The Box is set for UK realease 10th March 2008 according to Thanks to Alex W for the heads up.

Updated 2: The Wire the Complete Fourth Season DVD is now ready to order at Amazon for $48.99 with free shipping, here!


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