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The Wire Prequels – Young Omar and Proposition Joe and When McNulty met Bunk

Today the Wire Season 5 will air on HBO, and we’ll celebrate with a few golden clips.

The Wire Season 5 DVD boxes will apparently have some unique content on them, prequel material where you’ll see the gangsters growing up. It’s awesome to see how Omar only played people in the game from day one, and prop joe beeing a slick business man even as a kid.

Another great prequel moment is when McNulty met Bunk. Check it out!

Young Omar

Young Proposition Joe

McNulty and Bunk meet



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Snoop Dogg in The Wire Season 5 – Good or Bad?

Snoop Dogg in The Wire Season 5?The rumour that rapper Snoop Dogg is to play a part in The Wire Season 5 has sparked some fury among fans of the show.

The big question is in what form Snoop would appear; playing him self, being a regular on the show or just a short cameo role? In the case of the latter, the blog Hasbrowns and Toast has a few funny suggestions on how this could play out:

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The Secrets of The Wire Season 5 – Dirty Money and Private Eyes?!

Carcetti Getting Dirty?!While I’m eagerly awaiting the next and final season 5 of the Wire, I don’t really want to know beforehand about any plot twists. But on the other hand, it’s still very tempting to read all the gossip floating around the web on this topic. So, if you don’t want to risk getting the future plot spoiled, you might wanna stop reading here…

According to Japadamus, below are the main plot events for the Wire season 5:

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