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Omar is the most popular character of the Wire

I’ve been running a poll on this site for a while now, asking the simple question – “Who’s your The Wire favourite?”.

At the moment nearly 2500 people have voted and here are the results
Omar gets a head with almost 40% of the votes (978 votes)
Second spot goes to Stringer with 9.7%
closely followed by Bodie (8.33%) and McNulty (8.05%).

What’s particularly interesting to me is that “the baddies” are by far more popular than any of the cop characters.

ps. I’m a bit dissapointed that one of my favourites – Bubbles – are even further down the poll at 5.65% of the votes.

Who’s your favourite the Wire character?



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The Wire as a Comic Book?

The artist Dennis Culve has created som amazing illustrations of the Wire characters. Check out the full set on his flickr stream.

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The Wire – Where are they now?

The Telegraph has an interesting article on the Wire cast and what they are up to now that the show has finished.

Last time i spotted my personal favourite “McNulty” was in Frank Millers 300.


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The Secrets of The Wire Season 5 – Dirty Money and Private Eyes?!

Carcetti Getting Dirty?!While I’m eagerly awaiting the next and final season 5 of the Wire, I don’t really want to know beforehand about any plot twists. But on the other hand, it’s still very tempting to read all the gossip floating around the web on this topic. So, if you don’t want to risk getting the future plot spoiled, you might wanna stop reading here…

According to Japadamus, below are the main plot events for the Wire season 5:

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Bodie – The Realest G to Run a Corner

Spoiler Warning Season 4!

Bodie Broadus of Barksdale’s crew has a firm following of fans. As a member of facebook, I recently joined the group Murdaland: forever home of Bodie Broadus, the realest G to run a corner. As of writing the group has attracted 321 members. So if you’re a Bodie fan, join in.

About the group:
From a loyal member of the Barksdale crew to an independent running his own corner, Bodie was a real G. He followed orders from above like a true soldier and never backed down even when he knew the hit was coming.

This group is here to represent the realest character on The Wire: the realest show on TV, not just HBO.

And below’s a clip of his last chat with mcnulty, and ultimate fight for his corner with Chris and Snoop, and fatal shot by O-Dog (no, it wasn’t Mike)

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Chris and Snoop, Bodie or McNulty – Who’s the coolest mother f*cker of the Wire?

So, from the comments in my previous post and surfing around the great old web, I’ve learnt that a lot of people really like the characters Chris and Snoop. It sort of shocked me as they are in my opinion just bad people. Their fun comments would have made them more appealing in a standard Hollywood production like Bad Boys, or whatever, but in a show such as the Wire they still come out like real fuck-ups that should be jailed for life. Any how, It made me think about who’s the most popular character in the wire.

My list:

  1. McNulty, beacuse he’s an original hero with a lot of shit on his hands but still has a good heart.
  2. Bunk, because he’s a great police (you have to pronounce that Baltimore style), and likes another shot straight after throwing up
  3. Bubbles, living the hard life with great style and being a true entrepreneur
  4. Bodie, one cool dude that didn’t bend for no one
  5. Omar, although a murderous soul he does have a code to only kill people in the game…
  6. Stringer, thought he was a really cool dude in the first two seasons, wanting to take the game to a whole new level of organisation – profit over honor and such.. Although I think he lost it at the end
  7. Kima, although liked her better in the first 3 seasons

And for the bottom scrap, there’s Chris and Snoop. Just check out this video collage.


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The Wire Season 5 DVD – Best Prices



The Wire the Complete fifth season on DVD – $38.99 at Amazon ! Own the final season of the wire.





Spoiler Warning Season 4! 

So, I’m there already. I’ve watched all four seasons of The Wire. So now what? What am I suppose to do until HBO has produced the next and final Season 5? I guess I could do a list of things i like and disslike with the show so far, so here goes:

Me like

  • The fact that the producers aren’t afraid of killing of popular characters, makes it unpredictable and authentic
  • The way previous minor characters are brought to the front row

Me don’t like

  • McNulty getting a life, he’s hardly to be seen in season 4 (although I’m sure he’ll come back in the last season)
  • They killed Bodie! (sorry for the spoiler, but I’m not the only one upset)
  • Chris & Snoop, psychopath killers


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