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The Wire – Where are they now?

The Telegraph has an interesting article on the Wire cast and what they are up to now that the show has finished.

Last time i spotted my personal favourite “McNulty” was in Frank Millers 300.



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The Wire Lost Episodes – Marlo vs Omar

Here’s the second part of Pete Handelman’s brilliant homage to the Wire, great stuff 🙂





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The Wire – White Chocolate Episode

This is the most fun fan homage to The Wire I’ve seen yet and telling by the ratings on youtube I’m not the only one to think so. Thanks to creator Pete Handelman who posted a link in the comments. Loved you’re Bunk and Omar characters ! Look forward to episode 2 🙂




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The Wire Season 5 Episode 6 Review

This is a late and quick post

McNulty seem to be digging himself further and further down the hole of lies he’s created. And poor bunk ain’t getting the resources he need to work real cases…

Omar is on the war-path, but I’m thinking he’s too keen and angry and might make a fatal misstake soon. Marlo on the other hand also seem to be getting to damn greedy and self-confident for his own good – maybe someone else from the cop-op will take him down (although i doubt it as he’s the connect with the good stuff…).

What did you make of the wire season 5 episode 6?


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The Wire Season 5 Episode 4 Review

Damn, Marlo is one cold gangster. Looking at his face, not even a raised eye brow, when Prop Joe gets the bullet. I really hope Omar will get back hard on Marlo, he’s just getting to damn cocky for my taste. I’m sure he will… And while he’s at it, please do the Greeks also, some creepy people.

McNulty and Freamon are really working the case, it’s kind of creepy seeing them messing around at the crime scene. Well, it’s for the greater good at least. I wonder if Bunk will ever come around.

Also in the news room (haven’t really gotten into this so much yet), things are at the boiling point. Dreams of the Washingon Post got squashed and some of the senior staff appeared as even bigger asses as before (if even possible!)

And on the note on McNulty, man he’s one screwed up anti-hero. Looks like his family life is about to go down the drain, but who’s surprised? Not me… Let McNulty be McNulty 😉

In city hall things are also about to reach boiling point, Carcetti struggling with the numbers and Rhonda making (not so anymore) mighty men sweat. Sheeeeeit! And oh, Burrell made a decision…

Think this was one of the strongest episodes of the Season so far. What do you think?


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The Wire Season 5 Episode 3 Review

Things are truly starting to heat up on the wire season 5.

Stop reading if you haven’t seen episode 3 yet.

A few favourite moments from the episode:

  • McNulty trying to get an agents attention talking about ‘the red ribbon’ – great because it was so over the top comedial, but still works for the Wire as we all know that there really are people that thick
  • Prop Joe commenting how hard it is going to be to civilize Marlo (who doesn’t really grasp the concept of having money on the bank, where you can’t see or touch it).
  •  ‘Omar is coming” I’m pretty sure he will make quite an impression in Baltimore soon. RIP Butchie.
  • The Greeks are back in action

What’s your favourite moments from the wire episode 3?


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The Wire Season 5 Episode 2 Review

Whereas episode 1 set the scene for the final season, episode 2 really kicked things off.

The common theme seem to be to ‘stretch things’. The up and coming journo who’s trying to hard, stretching the truth for a good story. The unlikely joint venture between westside gangsters Marlo and Avon. And what about the ending – McNulty really stretching the limits. How is Bunk gonna handle this? Will McNulty himself be able to cope with it?

I can’t wait for episode 3. What’s your verdict?


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