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Michael K. Williams of the Wire new Movie gets slagged off

While the Omar Little character in the Wire was a massive success that got actor Michael K. Williams a massive fan following, his latest movie isn’t as lucky.
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Omar of The Wire – Michael K. Williams – The Philantropist

Michael K. Williams, or better known as Omar Little among the Wire fans, is keeping busy with a new project in life after the Wire. He plays Dax of the new eight part drama The Philantripist. The show also stars Neve Campbell and James Purefoy (from HBO Rome fame).

The story revolves around a billionaire globetrotting philantropist helping those in need.

Check out the full story and some behind the scene footage at NBC Philantropist website.

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The Wire – Where are they now?

The Telegraph has an interesting article on the Wire cast and what they are up to now that the show has finished.

Last time i spotted my personal favourite “McNulty” was in Frank Millers 300.


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The Wire Lost Episodes – Marlo vs Omar

Here’s the second part of Pete Handelman’s brilliant homage to the Wire, great stuff 🙂





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The Wire – White Chocolate Episode

This is the most fun fan homage to The Wire I’ve seen yet and telling by the ratings on youtube I’m not the only one to think so. Thanks to creator Pete Handelman who posted a link in the comments. Loved you’re Bunk and Omar characters ! Look forward to episode 2 🙂




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The Wire Season 5 Episode 7 Review

Clay Davis is one slick smooth talker. Damn, he got ’em all wrapped around his little finger. Sheeeeiiit. Don’t really like that man.

McNulty’s trying to do good with his new resources, but I’m still fairly confident that he will f*ck up soon. The writing’s on the wall unfortunately. With the homeless people getting faces and families, it’s all getting too personal.

Same thing with Omar. Good to see him giving Michael a bit of scare, but I’m still pretty sure he will make a misstake soon – it’s just too personal for him. And that limp leg doesn’t really help either…

Bunk seem to be about to crack soon, don’t think he’ll rat on McNulty or Freamon, but he’s pretty pissed off. Also liked the scene when he’s interrogating Michael. Hope he gets to Chris and Snoop soon.

btw, did you notice that Dominic West (playing McNulty) directed this episode? How cool is that!

I’ll leave you today with a brilliant edit of Clay Davis – sheeeeeeeeeiiiiiit!


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The Wire Season 5 Episode 5 Review

Yepp, a little bit late I know. But I’ve finally got the time to type up my impressions of episode 5 (just in time for tonights episode 6, can’t wait!).

For the first time during the course of this show, I’m starting to doubt McNulty. I admin I thought him and Freamon were doing the right thing, but with the twist and turns of this episode their means doesn’t seem to justify their motives. Is it all starting spiralling out of control? It was however pure joy to watch the confusion in the room when mcnulty and the young journo (never remember his name…) where lying their asses off about the phone calls.

And even with the success of a wire tap, it seem that the Greeks are a lot more sofisticated than the average dealers using secure channels on their phones and such.

And Omar, what a mess he got himself in. Hope I gets out on top, but from the looks of it that won’t happen.


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