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The Wire Fever hits the UK

With the announcement that BBC2 is going to air all five seasons of The Wire, everyone is quick to jump on the bandwagon and tell their praise. The show is scheduled for 1120pm, and will be on every night for the next 12 weeks.



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Who the f*ck is George Pelecanos, and what’s he doing on the Wire?

Little known to the wider audience perhaps, George Pelecanos is a DC based writer who also became producer of the show.

20081020140153_1pelecanosI’m yet to read any of his own novels, but according to the latest issue of Stop Smiling, his style seem quite similar to that of David Simon and Edward Burns; the gritty reality of the hustler. There doesn’t seem to be an excerpt online, but you can buy the magazine for a cheap $8.

Apparently the article authour and myself share the same faviourite scene, from season 2 when McNulty on purpouse drives his own car into a bridge two times after a night on the binge. So thankyou Pelecanos for writing that brilliant scene. Check it out below.


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The Wire, The End, The City – Cheers!

Five season of the Wire is gone. It’s been one hell of a ride. Big ups and downs.

Have to say that I thought the ending was pretty damn perfect. A little bit sentimental, but not over the top. And even if the show came to and end, the city and streets continue to live its life…

Cheers to you McNulty, Bunk, Daniels, Rhonda, Kima, Herc, Ellis, Lester, Bubbles, Omar, Prez, Burrell, Bodie, Avon, Stringer, Carcetti, Marlo, Chris, Bunny, Cutty, Poot, Snoop, Prop Joe, Duke, Clay Davis, Wee-Bey, D’Angelo, Clarence, Valchek, Monk, Shamrock, Fitz, Sobotka, Gus, Scott, The Greek, Butchie, O-Dog, and the rest of you!

One of my favourite scenes, when McNulty gets profiled 🙂 Pure genious!

What’s your favourite The Wire moments, from any season?


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The Wire Credit Sequence Disected

Today I stumbled upon an old but interesting blog post about the Wire’s credit sequence. The post discuss how it differs from your average television show credits.

…The Wire’s four credits sequences don’t fit any of these descriptions; the images are taken out of context from the season’s 12 episodes and arranged in a pattern that only makes sense if you watch the show closely. Most significantly, the content changes significantly from season to season

A well written, long and recommended read.

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Entourage vs The Wire – How can you even compare?

This is the first post in while that is actually written during proper ‘mcnultish’ circumstances – I’ve had a few beers and just need to rant a little. I stumbled upon the website ‘the entourage f*cking fan club‘ which certainly does share a few similarities with this humble fan(tastic) blog 😉

To be perfectly honest, I’m a great fan of the HBO show entourage and really like the characters who live in it (especially Ari Gold). But the big question is – how can you even compare these two great shows and their main men? Jimmy McNulty in one corner, and Ari Gold in the other? Man, it would be a total nock-out for McNulty.

Ari might be one funny mother f*cker in comedy land but Mcnulty is the real deal who delivers both great comedy and thoughtful drama .Just have a look at Season 2 where McNulty goes under cover at a brothel and ends up having a threesome just because he didn’t want to bust his cover, how can you even compete with that (wanted to provide a youtube flick here, but too much nudity for those guys…)?

Ari’s abusive rants at his poor pa doesn’t even come close.

Ka-paow! Any other The Wire and Entourage fans here? What’s your thoughts?

 Jimmy McNulty vs Ari Gold


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English Actors in The Wire – Would You Have Guessed?

Did you know that Jimmy McNulty is played by an English actor? Or Stringer Bell? Well, it’s true…

Dominic West, who plays McNulty, was born and raised in Sheffield. According to the book The Wire: Truth Be Told, he got the role of McNulty by sending over an audition tape of him self playing the part of McNulty and leaving out the other persons’ lines with long pauses as he didn’t have anyone to play the part against. This made for a very amusing scene which caught the eyes of the producers. Although he’s usually spot on with the Baltimore accent, in the scene below you can clearly hear his English roots.

In episode 22 season 2 he is also going under cover at an illegal brothel parodying an English man, which makes for a very funny scene considering he’s actually English.

King Pin Stringer Bell is skilfully played by Hackney actor Idris Elba. According to IMDB, he actually uses his American accent when talking to The Wire fans.

“Wherever I go the real hard-core drug dealers come up to me and confide in me. I almost feel guilty turning around and saying: ‘Ello, mate. My name’s Idris and I’m from London.’ I don’t want to break the illusion.”


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