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The Wire Season 5 Episode 1 in Review

I bet you did the same thing as me this weekend – watching the first episode of the wire season 5.I loved the opening scene, bunk in fine form interrogating a seemingly clueless small time gangster, and later using a copying machine as a lie detector – instant classic.  It was also great to see McNulty early on in the episode, I missed him in the later seasons but now he seem to be back where he belongs, in the spotlight and late night binge drinking sessions.

Another bright point was the journo crew at the Baltimore Sun which seem to be just as much of a  motley crew as the gangsters and police.

It was great to see so many familiar faces in one single episode – McNulty, Bunk, Kima, Herc, Marlo, Prop Joe, Bubs, Carter, Carcetti, Chris, Snoop, Michael, Dukie (boy, he’s grown) and lots more. 

I just realized how much I missed these characters, and how happy I am that they are back J

How do you rate the first episode of season 5?



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Felicia “Snoop” Pearson’s Memoirs

Grace After MidnightA hot book book tip in the wait for the Wire season 5 to start is Felicia Snoop Pearson’s book Grace After Midnight: A Memoir.

The book is about her life growing up in east Baltimore to an addict mother, becoming a drug slinger, killing a woman in self-defence, spending time, making dildos in jail, and finally becoming an actress. Sound like intriguing stuff, for sure.


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Snoop Dogg in The Wire Season 5 – Good or Bad?

Snoop Dogg in The Wire Season 5?The rumour that rapper Snoop Dogg is to play a part in The Wire Season 5 has sparked some fury among fans of the show.

The big question is in what form Snoop would appear; playing him self, being a regular on the show or just a short cameo role? In the case of the latter, the blog Hasbrowns and Toast has a few funny suggestions on how this could play out:

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Interview with Snoop of The Wire – She’s Da Man

Felicia “Snoop” PearsonI stumbled upon an interview with Felicia “Snoop” Pearson from the Wire. If you thought the character Snoop was one tuff chick, you might be surprised to find out that Felicia had a life story that would make a perfect fit for the show. Alhough I find it hard to image how someone can find her a “total hottie”, as I’ve seen commented around the web, she’s sure an intruiging character. Growing up on the streets of Baltimore with drugs and violence, she is now on her way to superstardom as an actress (and soon to be rapper?).

Here’s a snippet from the article.

Born pre-maturely to drug-addicted, incarcerated parents, Snoop was raised by a Foster Grandmother. She was dealing drugs by age 12, and was imprisoned at age 14 for an eight-year bid. Snoop attained her G.E.D. and was released after serving six years. While she aspired to be a rapper, she didn’t necessarily have a major plan for her next moves.

Damn, I’ve had a good life… The interview continues: Continue reading


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