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The Wire as a Comic Book?

The artist Dennis Culve has created som amazing illustrations of the Wire characters. Check out the full set on his flickr stream.


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Idris Elba of the Wire take on Morgan Freeman role

British actor Idris Elba, famed for his brilliant role as drug Kingpin Stringer bell, is to play a psyhochologist in an upcoming movie – Cross. The Freeman connection is that Morgan Freeman played the titular role of dr Cross in two previous films of the murder mystery series.


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The Wire – Where are they now?

The Telegraph has an interesting article on the Wire cast and what they are up to now that the show has finished.

Last time i spotted my personal favourite “McNulty” was in Frank Millers 300.


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English Actors in The Wire – Would You Have Guessed?

Did you know that Jimmy McNulty is played by an English actor? Or Stringer Bell? Well, it’s true…

Dominic West, who plays McNulty, was born and raised in Sheffield. According to the book The Wire: Truth Be Told, he got the role of McNulty by sending over an audition tape of him self playing the part of McNulty and leaving out the other persons’ lines with long pauses as he didn’t have anyone to play the part against. This made for a very amusing scene which caught the eyes of the producers. Although he’s usually spot on with the Baltimore accent, in the scene below you can clearly hear his English roots.

In episode 22 season 2 he is also going under cover at an illegal brothel parodying an English man, which makes for a very funny scene considering he’s actually English.

King Pin Stringer Bell is skilfully played by Hackney actor Idris Elba. According to IMDB, he actually uses his American accent when talking to The Wire fans.

“Wherever I go the real hard-core drug dealers come up to me and confide in me. I almost feel guilty turning around and saying: ‘Ello, mate. My name’s Idris and I’m from London.’ I don’t want to break the illusion.”


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The Wire as a Video Game?

The Wire Video GameMedia scholar Jason Mittel of the blog Just TV, has published a draft of what seem to become an excellent essay about the Wire and how it is narratively constructed. A good read for anyone interested in understanding some of the underlying appeal of the show.

After discussing whether or not to assess the wire as a televised novel, he goes on to compare the wire with the narrative structure of a video game. This actually made me think – is this something you would like to see?

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